What can I do…

I wake up early some, if not most, mornings and I open the fridge door to see what’s inside and think about what I can do with what I can find for breakfast.

The other morning, I found a tupperware of yellow noodles, enough for one or two. My missus must have bought 1 kg and she used most of it to cook some mee mamak for lunch one day – I would cook all of it and dump the leftover in the fridge to heat up for breakfast the next morning. Perhaps she had other plans for it but never mind, she could always go and buy some more. Taking the noodles, I tossed it in mushroom soy sauce (according to taste) and added a spoonful of sugar to counter the salty taste.

There were some finely-chopped garlic in the fridge, half a Bombay onion, half a fresh chili, some leftover pounded belacan (dried prawn paste) dip from the ulam we had had and there was still some of the own-made chili dip…so I took all those. I fried the garlic in  a bit of oil till golden brown before adding the onion, sliced…and a spoonful each of the belacan and the chili dip. After that, I put in the noodles and mixed it well with all the ingredients. Finally, I added two eggs…and just before serving, I threw in the fresh chili, sliced…and since there were no spring onions in the fridge, I used the daun sup (Chinese celery) available, chopped, for added fragrance and colour.

After stirring for a while, it was ready to be served…

STP's lakia mee 1

I guess this is what people call Iban or lakia mee (Dayak noodles) which usually has a lot of chilies in it and I remember the ones at the canteen in my former school had belacan too.

STP's lakia mee 2

I would have loved to add some taugeh (bean sprouts) too but there weren’t any in the fridge that morning…and I was too lazy to defrost the prawns for use. Still, I enjoyed it a lot…and I certainly would not mind if I could do it exactly like that again.