Oriental sadness…

No, no…don’t worry! This isn’t going to be about my China Doll mistress who has absconded with all my hard-earned and saved money. LOL!!! It’s just that when I was at a bakery in Sungai Merah the other day, I saw these…

Sg Merah oriental wife biscuits 1

For reasons known only to them, they were labelled as “oriental wife biscuits”.

I was somewhat amused by the name and I thought that they would be something like the sun biscuits from Taiwan that my ex-student/friend, Alex, gave me sometime ago when he went there on vacation so I bought two of those to try. Unfortunately, they came nowhere near – in fact, I would say that they were not nice at all. It was mostly pastry (with a not-too-pleasant floury texture) with some hardly-visible almond essence-flavoured butter filling…

Sg Merah oriental wife biscuit 2

At RM1.20 a piece, I don’t think it is value for money, not at all.

Actually, I dropped by that bakery because I wanted to get those buns (also RM1.20 each)…

SgMerah tau sar bun 1

…that my friend, Philip, in the US loved a great deal.Β He would buy a couple and go over to the coffee shop next door to enjoy them, washed down with the best coffee in town – kopi kau (extra strong coffee) with a generous scoop or two of condensed milk.

The bread is nice and soft and for one thing, they’re quite generous with the very smooth and fine tau sar (black bean paste) filling inside…

SgMerah tau sar bun 2

The last time I had those was when Philip bought me a few to try and I had not had them since…so I thought I would get myself a few that day and enjoy them for morning or afternoon tea. Personally, I would say they’re pretty nice, not bad at all…and something different for a change from the usual noodles and stuff.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Oriental sadness…”

  1. Is it red bean or black bean paste?
    Black bean is it those black bean dry fish can ?

    Oops!!! Sorry for the confusion. This is made from red beans – in Hokkien, we call this “or tau sar” or direct translation, black bean paste…as opposed to pek tau sar (white bean paste) made from other type of beans. Nope, they’re not made from (salted) black beans that we find in canned fish or we use to cook fish nor the ones we use for cooking soup.

  2. I’ve had those sun bisuits from Taiwan on my last trip there, bought the famous one, and it was crazily delicious.. yum..

    It’s good there are generous amounts of tau sar inside. More often than not, I find some fillings really lacking..

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    Yup, those Taiwan ones are really very nice. Anybody else going to Taiwan? Wouldn’t mind asking them to buy some for me… πŸ˜‰

    1. I had the chance to sample those ‘Tai Yang Bing’ (Sun Biscuits) from Taiwan when my BIL went there for travelling. They were good. Fragrant and not to sweet.
      They looked so ordinary that we did not think to try them but we had all those pineapple biscuits and other titbits first. Once I started eating those sun biscuits, I was hooked and finished the whole box by myself.

      You had a box!!! Lucky you!!! I only had two pieces – and I had to give the other piece to my missus to try. So very nice!!! All the rest, like the pineapple and what not – so-so only… Nothing to9 shout about.

  3. You are lucky they are generous with the amount of tau sar. Mostly, only a little bit of tau sar filling. Love tau sar and milk butter bun and also tau sar pau.

    Yes, that’s why my friend, Philip, likes this bakery – they certainly have a lot of tau sar in the buns. My missus does not eat tau sar though – her head will start spinning, she says, dunno why – allergic to black tau sar. That is why I have not gone to buy after all this time since the first time I had it. 😦

  4. I never fancy those type of biscuits! hehehe! Always wonder why it is called wife’s biscuits. When asked my hubby, he said during older days, wives make those for hubby to bring out for their lunch. True or not??

    Dunno. Didn’t eat those when I was younger…dunno if they existed then or not. Kids those days, so deprived. Did not have much to eat, not like kids today… 😦

  5. oriental wife biscuit?? so it’s those HK style wife biscuit right?? but you are expecting almond in it, i thought wife biscuit is filled with winter melon paste..

    Oh? Is that what it is supposed to be? I haven’t the slightest idea! Didn’t like the pastry and could not see any filling inside but I did taste something like almond essence. Didn’t know what it was.

  6. when i first held the Wife Cake and Husband Cake, i was curious of its names, i didnt eat them, takut nanti i kena pow ka apa ka, like paksa kawin ka after eating them. Hahaha. never quite understood why it was named those, but the packaging was really nice.

    You’ve seen these before? My first time… πŸ˜‰

  7. Over here we have “wives’ biscuits”.. very legal ones….. not china dolls mistress..

    You have? Me. so jakun…dunno these Chinese pastries. 😦

  8. The bun certainly looks nice and fluffy πŸ™‚ I’m not a big fan of tau sar bao because I think it is too sweet for my liking. I would prefer any meat bao.. I can be quite a carnivore sometimes πŸ˜€

    Personally, I prefer meat too…but sometimes, it’s ok – something different for a change.

  9. Never like the wives biscuits that we can get in Malaysia and as for the Taiwan ones, we missed trying that out as we were in LA when Justyn’s piano teacher came back from Taiwan and bought some for us.Looking at your tau sar bread, make me mengidam to eat some although all of us is not a fan.Since the weather is so nice and warm today, and since we are not going out as big boss is not around, I just might make some later for afternoon tea.

    It’s real bad hor… I saw Claire’s kway teow th’ng and that triggered a craving for it. Tsk! Tsk! You know these wives’ biscuits too? Looks like I’m the only one in the dark. 😦

  10. No, I did not think you would tell us about your “China Doll” mistress. Furthermore you are too smart to let them abscond your money. Maybe the other way round? kekekeke

    Wah! You think I am so cunning kah? Wink! Wink! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  11. that biscuit is really expensive πŸ™‚ but that bun looks nice. the pastry reminds me of this pizza we had at FISH & CO here. it tastes nice.

    I like Fish & Co. They’ve pizza there? Can’t remember…

  12. I like the red bean paste ones. Also, now we have the durian custard buns (this means a happy me). A cup of scalding strong black coffee with either a red bean or durian custard bun, life is good πŸ˜‰

    Durian custard? Hmmmmmm….I think that would be nicer with pastry. πŸ˜‰

  13. it’s also called “wife biscuit” right? The one that is very popular from HK? I love that.

    I’m sure the ones in HK taste a lot nicer than these. I wouldn’t want to eat these again… 😦

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