Nothing like the first time…

Last Sunday, my missus and I went back to this place for lunch after the church service.

I did not realise it then until somebody asked me that I did not mention where it is situated. Well, it’s along Wong King Huo Road here in Sibu among the shops to the left of Medan Mall, in one of the blocks behind Courts Mammoth.

We liked what we had the first time and felt that everything was reasonably priced. This time around, I was hoping to try something else on the menu in the hope that it would be just as nice or even better.

I picked the grilled fish with sambal (RM5.90)..

Anson grilled fish sambal

…that was served with fried rice by the side.

The fried rice, of course, was disappointing (even though my missus said that it was nice) – nothing like my own cincaluk (fermented prawns) or whatever fried rice or the kampung fried rice with ikan bilis (anchovies) that my missus would cook sometimes. For the fish, they used the frozen Dory fillet sold at the supermarkets here and I have never been a fan of that as I do not like its soft texture that will make me feel geli (queasy) when I eat it. Just give me grilled kembong or sardine anytime. The sambal wasn’t exactly tasty but the saving grace was that it was extremely spicy.

My missus ordered the terrayaki chicken chop (RM7.90)…

Anson terrayaki chicken chop

…and she did not want the french fries so she also got the fried rice. I did not sample any of the chicken but she said it was very nice. According to her, the chicken went very well the slice of (canned) pineapple.

I glimpsed through the menu and was amused by some of the names of the ice cream…

Anson ice cream menu

Topless, eh? And wham, bang…thank you, m’am… LOL!!!

By the way, I noticed that they’ve taken down the “wifi available” sign and also their pasta menu. Perhaps their pasta dishes were not popular so they have decided to discontinue those. Dunno about the wifi though – I didn’t ask.

Well, I still haven’t dropped by for the breakfast and there are still a number of other things on the menu so I guess I may go there again sometime…in the hope that they may redeem themselves the next time around.