I’m coming…

It certainly was a pleasant surprise when I received an sms from my long-time blogger friend, Cibol, last Saturday morning telling me that he and his missus would be driving to town for the weekend.

He was the one who got me started in this blogging thing way back in 2008…and I had not met him since 2009Β when I went to KL for my radio family reunion. Actually, he invited me to his wedding last year but unfortunately, I was unable to make it at the time.

Anyway, they got here at around 1.00 p.m. and I took them here for lunch.

Cibol & Lily

Lily, Cibol’s wife, insisted on trying their classic kampua noodles (Rm4.20)…

NoodleHouse classic kampua

…which she did not like as it wasn’t as soft/soggy and wet/oily as the original authentic Foochow kampua should be. Cibol had the sizzling beef kampua that I strongly recommended and he loved it!

I decided to try their minced meat and braised egg porridge (RM5.50)…

NoodleHouse minced meat & braised egg porridge

…which was nice at first bite but unfortunately, being plain porridge, there just wasn’t enough to sustain the pleasure as I ate on. It would have been nicer if they had had pork/chicken porridge to go with the condiments instead

They loved the kompia though…very very much! Lily enjoyed the ones with minced meat filling while Cibol indulged in those with braised three-layer pork. They liked how it was deep-fried to perfection – crusty on the surface, soft on the inside…and the best part was it was not oily.

I ordered this for them to try – the double chocolate mille crepe…

NoodleHouse double choc mille crepe encore

…and it definitely blew them away. Both of them loved it so much!

It was nice seeing you again, Cibol, after all this time and my pleasure to finally get to meet you, Lily. I certainly hope that the two of you enjoyed your very brief stay in Sibu.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “I’m coming…”

  1. The sizzling beef kampua. look so yummy!! πŸ™‚

    Yes, it is very nice. The price has gone up though – used to be RM8.80, now RM9.20….but I guess the price of everything has gone up. 😦

    P.S. Your first time here, I see. Welcome and do come again, thanks.

  2. hmmmm, i think the porridge is ok for me, as long as the minced meat and eggs are good then they are enough to sustain the whole bowl of white plain porridge.. πŸ™‚

    Was ok with the condiments but halfway through, when I had already eaten all those, I had to struggle through the rest of the plain porridge. Wished I had Bovril then… 😦

  3. Oh, surely I need the last picture too! I mean the real dessert… πŸ™‚

    Don’t worry! I’ll make sure that you get to enjoy this…and hopefully, they have the vanilla one too…when you’re in Sibu.

    1. Yes!! Another more week ehh…ahahhaha. counting down the days!!!

      MORE than a week…and you’re coming in a day later. Maybe we will come here before you get here… Muahahahaha!!!!!

  4. The porridge looks nice. A bowl would be good enough for me and of course, mille crepe is a must to have too.

    I am waiting….. 😦

  5. Oooh, that crepe sure can blow people apart. hahaha! But I try to cut down on chocolate nowadays but hard since hubby bought a pack of mini Kit Kat last week. Made in Germany, Arthur! Very creamy. Our Kit Kat sold here “kalah”! ;p

    That was exactly what my friend told me when she insisted that I bought the made-in-Australia Kit Kat? Tasted the same to me, no difference. LOL!!! Now where did I put my made-in-New Zealand giant bar of Whitaker’s? Yummmmm!!!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Did i read Whitakers?? My latest love!! My colleague introudce me this chocolate, once I try, i fall in love with it. Now who ever go to langkawi i will ask them to get this chocolate for me. Yum!!

      Nice kah? Tastes all the same to me. LOL!!! I’ve a bar in the fridge – can’t remember where it came from… Must be from Shereen when she came to Sibu. Not finished yet.

  6. The porridge look so nice..I would have ordered that too if I’m there.Don’t you think that the price of the sizzling beef kampua is a bit pricey?

    Not really…considering that beef is expensive here – imported NEW ZEALAND beef. They’re very generous with the beef…and I always reckoned that if they were to put it all together, it would make quite a big piece – maybe about the size of a steak…and grilled steak here would cost some RM20 or more a plate elsewhere.

  7. wow…millie crepe again. Kampua…….I really wish to try that because i don’t think we can get this in the peninsular.

    You can. Dunno exactly where now but at those places where they call it Sarawak dry mee – they make it looking like Kuching kolo mee but they always FAIL big time. Nothing like it at all but I’ve tasted one good one that came across to me tasting like Sibu kampua mee.

  8. hahahhahah…now i don’t need to click the link i also know where is the place, by seeing that double choco mille crepe and the word sizzling beef kampua!!!

    Hope the KL gang will enjoy the food here. Later they pester you to bring them there everyday. hahahha

    LOL!!! Only a few days here, so many places to go… Cannot lah!!! 😦

  9. Nice to see cibol and his missus here. I used to follow his blog too but nowadays I don’t really have time to read so many blogs. Don’t worry I’m still your fan. Lol..

    He’s not very active now. I hardly drop by his as well… πŸ˜‰ Ya, thanks for being a loyal supporter. Keep on dropping by. πŸ™‚

  10. I remembered that day when Cibol told me about you blogging! Haaa! Memories!

    Oh, the Foochow kampua are supposed to be soft/soggy , oily/wet? Didnt know that before haha… and I thought the ones here not nice because of that… LOL!

    Hahahahaha!!!! And the true-blue Foochows love them like that. Not me though – I’m not like them…so when I say it is nice, they may disagree and insist those elsewhere are nicer. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

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