Can’t help fallin’ in love…

I went here…

Payung Cafe Sibu

…for dinner one night with Huai Bin when he was in town.

They’ve extended the sitting area out a little bit and they have put up some new decor – the umbrellas all the way from Myamar…

Payung extended

…and you can see that they use all kinds of things such as fish traps, rattan baskets, dried palm leaves and so on to create a very unique setting all around. It is so very tastefully and nicely done that one just can’t help but fall in love with the place. Huai Bin said it looked like some place in Bali and he was not the only one who said that. When I came with my auntie and her family once, she also said exactly the same thing.

I love how they use the common flowers that one would find in anybody’s garden and the candles also add to the very pleasant ambiance at the cafe…

Payung table decor

Here, Huai Bin was intrigued by these colourful balls made from folds of cloth hanging all around…

Huai Bin & the hanging balls

That night when we were there, they were playing a repertoire of songs by Julio Iglesias including his hit “Moonlight Lady” and his duet with Dolly Parton – their cover of Diana Ross’ “When you tell me that you love me”…and so many other lovey-dovey songs that I did not know he sang such as “Careless Whisper” , “Can’t help fallin’ in love” and “Right here waiting”. I was waiting for his duet with Willie Nelson – “To all the girls I’ve loved before” or “All of you” with Diana Ross  but they never came by the time we had to call it a day and leave the place. But it did not matter much as I loved all the songs and listening to them in that erotic…oops, I mean exotic setting certainly contributed in no small way towards making the evening extra pleasant.

As we were about to leave, I saw the proprietor, Peter, making the otak-otak – one of my favourites on the menu…

Peter making otak-otak

Some people complained of the absence of air-conditioning and the mosquitoes; I have no compliants – in fact, I like the fact that it is not air-conditioned (more environment-friendly) and as it is quite open and has ceiling fans whirling above our heads at top speed, it really is  quite comfortable there – not hot at all. As for the mosquitoes, I never had that problem…probably because they do not like me and avoid me like a plague due to my high cholesterol content! LOL!!!

One thing’s for sure, I certainly would be back…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Can’t help fallin’ in love…”

  1. I dont mind trying the otakotak!! Nice… in fact i just took one this afternoon…
    but before i go to this place, I better sapu my legs with anti repellant..cos mossies do like me! I always kena bitten by them…

    Don’t put on your mini-skirts or hot pants lor… 😉

    1. Reanaclaire,
      You definitely must give the otak-otak a try. I hate otak-otak but Payung ones are very nice. Not much sampah-sarap in it and the taste is subtle and mild…which I like very much 🙂

      Ya…I love the otak-otak too but Huai Bin had it before so we decided to try some other things on the menu that night.

  2. nice place!! i like how the place is decorated, simple but contemporary.. errrr, not a single piece of photo on food this round?? rare~~ haha!! :p

    No worries! Food pics will resume after this short commercial break… LOL!!! 😀

  3. I like Payung very much..the decor very tasteful and artsy and food is out of this world.The udang asam also very nice and the gravy so shiok.Are you bringing the ladies to try out Ruby?Aisey…jealous I!!

    I guess we will have to drop by Ruby sometime as that’s the only place where there’s the yummy butter scotch prawns and their fried cangkuk manis is the best in town. Ya, belimbing prawns coming right up…in my next post. Yummmmm!!!!! 😀

    1. Don’t forget the nice lamb too from Ruby.Actually kan, all the food that you ordered for us at Ruby very nice…especially the midin cooked in the super kaw belacan garvy…slurpppssss!

      Hopefully, they will do it well when we go. Been getting some bad reviews from friends about the place – not nice and expensive! 😦

      1. Next time I go Ruby, must order everything double portion..must makan puas-puas..hehehehe

        Better come quick… Dunno if business is still good or not, who knows how long it will last…

  4. Why they no play the payung song “Umbrella” by Rihanna? The mozzies can’t get through the thick skin of an elephant lah haha.

    Yes, yes…pig skin, can or not? Eyewwwww…not the hor-sua song!!! So unromantic! LOL!!!

  5. Payung Cafe….there goes the concept with the decor of the umbrellas. Nice, cool & romantik ambience. Wonderful colours of the flowers & candles.

    There are also some very nicely decorated cafes in Kuching like Junk or Bla…bla..bla…

    1. Hmmm….Junk or Bla…bla…bla…pass by only. Never step in. Those places are only for youngsters to hang out.

      The lamb shank at Junk is my favourite – haven’t had better anywhere else…
      …and I’ve been back there a few times toe at that…and the food there is pretty good. They say the mango duck at bla…bla…bla… is nice but the time when I went, it was not available.

      1. If I am not wrong I think there is one called “The Living Room” and another one called “Havana

        Havana’s the one. Dunno about the Living Room. Guess I have not been to Kuching for a long time…and even when I did, I was not there long enough – just a couple of days…hello, goodbye kind of thing. Just can’t get away for much longer than that. 😦

  6. No air cond means can smoke there? LOL!

    Yup…but surprisingly, every time I was there, I never noticed anybody puffing away…except ummmm…… Blush! Blush!

  7. Very beautiful! Love the umbrellas. Hehehe.. Btw, thanks for the early warning. I will remember to put insect repellent if I do go there. I am super sensitive to mossies. My blood is super yummy to them haih

    You haven’t been here? Hmmm…you don’t know what you’re missing! Very nice place, very nice food.

  8. wow this place sure does have a very nice decor! love the payungs – so colourful!

    love all the greens too. since i love to take pics, i think i would spend a lot of time snapping around here, nevermind the food! hahahaa!

    Ya, Huai Bin took a long time taking pics of everything…and just as long with the food. Nice, very nice! 🙂

  9. Love this cozy place…..those little ‘payung’ are so nice as part of their decos!

    Yes, it’s very nice. Hope we can go there when you’re here… Maybe for lunch, so very limited time. 😦

  10. love the hanging umbrellas at this place. so nice and colourful.

    Very tastefully done…but I was just thinking – the Chinese have this pantang (taboo) that you must not open your umbrella in the house…and you must not place them upside down as it would ask for rain. Old superstitions! LOL!!! 😀

  11. Oh !! Very nice place and with the beautiful and artsy deco , I like !!! Where is this payung cafe located ? A lot mozzie ar ? Hmmm , mozzie just love me !!!

    I like otak otak .

    Go for lunch – they’re open. So you’ll be safe and can enjoy in peace. I did not see any other diners main silat leh? Neither did we… Dunno why some people complained about that, Secret Garden also they complained the same thing… I guess some people just like to complain. Typical Malaysian negative mentality! 😦

  12. Payung cafe is it in front of Kingwood Hotel.

    Yup….the shoplot along Lanang Road, back facing the multi-storey car park of the new Kingwood extension, corner to corner. You’ve been there?

    1. yes i saw it when I was in sibu last week 23rd-26th Feb. I stay at Kingwood Hotel. Regret didn’t try out their food. Dinner at Fat Mum twice.

      Fat Mom’s the other end of the same block of shophouses. Used to eat there, haven’t dropped by for quite a while. Food’s not bad there before, dunno now.

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