Born to be wild…

I think I have blogged about this before, probably a long time ago when I was still using my mobile phone to take snapshots for my posts so if you have missed that one, this is what we call (buahpakon

Pakon 1

…or sua liew lian in Hokkien, meaning wild durian, probably because as the name implies, it actually does grow wild.

Pakon 2

This is easy to open – you just step on it (make sure you’re wearing shoes or slippers though) and the whole fruit will come apart – no need to use a knife or whatever else. It has a smell similar to that of the durian except that it is milder and not so pungent.

The flesh is not as mushy as the durian so when you eat it, you will not get your fingers all dirty and smelly as when you’re eating durian.

Pakon 3

The taste is a little bit like durian but not exactly – it has a taste peculiar to it and itself alone.

It used to be cheaper – for RM10.00, we could get at least 4 – 5 of the fruit tied in a bundle but these days, they can cost up to RM10.00 or more a kilo at a shop near my house. I’ve not been to the market lately so I’m not too sure whether they have this at the market right now and how much they’re selling them for there – I hear they’re going for RM12.00 a kg). At such an exorbitant price, I certainly would think twice about buying. You would too, wouldn’t you? Sigh!!!