Come again…

There is this coffee shop in the block of shophouses next to the medical centre where my mum was admitted into last week. If I remember correctly, the name is Hao Ke Lai or something like that and if I’m not mistaken, it means, “Good, come again!”  I would drive past frequently as this is one of the main routes to town and I often noticed that the place would be quite crowded most of the time. I  think a few years ago, I had the chap fan (economical mixed rice) once but did not like it very much so I never went back there again.

Well, the other day, since I was just next door, I dropped by again and had the kueh chap at one of the stalls there and it was quite good. I wouldn’t say it was the best in town but it was quite worth having, should you happen to be in that part of town, this much I would say. The following day, I ordered the pork noodles expecting it to be some sort of kway teow th’ng or what I had here but this was what I got…

HaoKeLai pork noodles 1

Instead of whatever noodles that they normally use, I asked for what they would use for their kueh chap…and that was served with two chunks of very tender stewed pork, half a hard-boiled egg and some tauhu pok

HaoKeLai pork noodles 2

…but the soup was a bit too gingery and had too much Foochow ang chiew (red wine), so much so that it tasted something like what we would get when we have our traditional Foochow mee sua (longevity string/thread noodles). Don’t get me wrong though. It was good and people like Annie-Q would probably love it a lot, just that it did not turn out to be what I had expected.

Well, one thing I found out was that the chap fan stall also sells plain porridge and you can pick the condiments of the array of dishes that they have there – I think there must be at least 50 or more to choose from! Don’t be surprised to hear that I’ve gone back there one of these days just for that…

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31 thoughts on “Come again…”

  1. ooolala… nice! hows the valentine’s dinner? cooked anything spesel for missus?

    Nope. Not celebrating. It’s for singles secretly/anonymously courting an admired partner actually – at least the Chinese have it right with the throwing of oranges on Chap Goh Meh (though they did not write their names and hp contacts on the fruits – supposed to just throw and pray for a good partner).

  2. but people like me will not like that.. i really don’t enjoy soup with rice wine, though i enjoy looking at friends enjoying them like no business, haha!! minus the rice wine, that would be a bowl of nice noodles for me..

    Oh? Then you will not like my missus’ cooking…or some of it. She uses a lot of wine…and then she will add some more to her own serving!

  3. Oh no, your mom is hospitalised? I hope she has been discharged and doing fine. I love the Foochow red wine. It’s so good with mee suah. next time I go back, I’ll ask you the shop that adds the most amount of the wine 😀 And porridge with 50 dishes to choose from?? Oh my gosh…I have to go there everyday…haha. No wonder my fiend said that Sibu is the best place to live in the world….LOL So now you know you are one lucky man! 😀

    Yes, she has been discharged and is getting on ok now, praise the Lord. They have mee sua too so I suspect they use the same soup. It’s not porridge – it’s chap fan or mixed rice but you can opt for porridge instead of rice and choose from the unbelievably wide selection that they have at that shop.

  4. kueh chap is never my thing. but one thing for sure, the soup must be super tasteful, otherwise kueh chap is too weird to eat! lol but your two chunks of stewed pork is really tempting!! 50 or more? thats crazy!

    I had kueh chap a day earlier – innards and all and it was very nice. If yours taste weird, one possibility would be they did not/did not know how to wash the innards clean so you will get that horrible smell. Otherwise, it would be very nice. I do agree 50 or more is simply too many – it would be much better just to have a few very nice dishes instead. Quantity does not always equate quality… 😦

  5. Drooling at the tender stewed pork in that foochow red wine soup 🙂 looks yummy ! Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day with your loved ones !

    No plans to hop over here? Claire’s coming soon… 😉 You too, have a nice day. 😉

  6. Ermm…you ordered the pork noodles and they served you something like kueh chap except that there are no piggy innards like we used to have in kueh chap. Gingery and ang chiew, that sounds great, I love it.

    No, no, no…I had kueh chap the day before and this time, I ordered pork noodles…but I did not want noodles so I asked them to put the “kueh” – those thin white pieces of kway teow-like thing that you usually get in kueh chap and they did. I like that better than our local kway teow – thinner and smoother and nicer.

  7. You’ll go back for porridge? I don’t likey.. hehe.. me rather have noodles! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your lovely wife Arthur 🙂

    I love porridge. I had something like that at one of the chap fan places opposite Low Yat – ordered plain porridge…and braised pork belly and salted egg and salted veg…. Oooooo…nice!

  8. 50 or more dishes for porridge? That I have to check out..wah, sure penuh satu meja lauk with a small bowl of porridge ..hahahah.
    Not bad looking the noodle…I think the soup would taste very nice. Anyway, what is kueh chap?

    Kueh chap would be those white kway-teow like pieces of noodle served in soup/gravy from braised pork, innards, tofu pok…. Dark from the soy sauce and the five-spice…but I do not like the five-spice top be too strong.

  9. I thought you would put up something western today…. a candlelight meal perhaps? Or will you post it up tomorrow? As for me, hawker food tonight.. hope to get them posted up by tonight…

    Nope…and I don’t think you’ll get any tomorrow either. Can’t exactly remember what’s on the schedule… 😉

  10. When i read “kueh chap”, hmmmmm…ok, i am not so interested and when i read till the part ” too much foo chow ang chiew” , wah, that will be taste very good, i sure will like it!!! hahahhahahhahhaha…

    You know me very very well!! hahahahhaha

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Lucy, have a romantic and sweet sweet day!!

    You will definitely like this, I assure you… I know you very well now. Ya, the same to you and Cougar. Where are you going to dump your twins? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Sweet Annie…if I were in living in KL, I’d babysit for you, and let you play lion-dancing with your Cougar 😉

      You and your lion dancing… Hmmmm….I wouldn’t trust the kids with you, that’s for sure. Dunno what you’ll teach them.

  11. I am so hungry and I haven’t got an interesting lunch today – just my usual tuna wrap (so boring..). Your bowl of noodles, especially those 2 pieces of pork, aiyoh…yum yum loh! Maybe I’ll eat my tuna wrap whilst looking at your noodle photo – and imagine the taste of the tender pork 😉

    Oh dear! So pathetic. Never mind… You must be saving tummy space for your extra special Valentine’s Day dinner with your Oonie tonight… 😉

    1. Arthur,
      Yoong and Onnie where got time for dinner-dinner one.They’ll go straight for ‘raw sushi’…no rice one!..muahahaha

      Wei! Wei!!! Racangan ini sesuai bagi semua lapisan masyarakat. Eyew!!! I wouldn’t wanna eat sushi again. Salmon?

      1. Shereen, muahahahaaa, ‘raw sushi’….ssshhhh, you don’t tell people our (yours and mine) secret lah! Yah, we are going out to dinner tonight, but not becoz it’s Happy VD (Happy Valentine’s Day..), but becoz the Yoong Kitchen is closed, heh heh heh!!!

        Wife lazy to cook… Humph!!! 😦

      2. Yoong,
        Yalah, Yoong’s kitchen is closed but ‘The DOWNUNDER Restaurant” will be opened..tonight!!kih!kih!kih!

        Adoi!! Ladies! Ladies! Control yourselves!!! What is it about Valentine’s Day? Making you all go horny… Tsk! Tsk! 😦

      3. The title of Arthur’s post also very ngam for today…”come again”!!

        Chesh!!! That one you spell “cum”… Muahahahaha!!!!

      4. AW – Shereen should be barred from your blog for a while. Aiyoh, she is such a misbehaving makcik! You and I have spoken, you’ve heard my voice – sweet, gentle, gwai-gwai (goody goody), yes? There is no way I think naughty thoughts like Shereen, no lah! Send her to the naughty corner! (where she can be naughty, muahahaaa!).

        Yes, she will have to be punished. (Oops!!! Now, don’t you get excited now, Yoong!!!) I think I’ll post something on Facebook after this…just to torture her! (Oh dear! Put away your chain and whip, Yoong!!!) Muahahahahaha!!!!

      5. Yoong,
        You don’t forget that I have also spoken to you…and no way you are sweet, gentle, gwai-gwai etc! In fact, you lagi terrible..spank!spank you!!!Right or not, Arthur? Also, don’t forget who likes candles and knows a thousand ways to use it!!!

        Dua kali lima…Birds of the same feather flock together. Now, how on earth did a nice and decent guy like me get involved with the likes of you two?

      6. We are hogging AW’s posting today! Very very bad leh, you and I !! Sorry aahh, AW. To apologise, I send you Valentine’s Day kisses x x x. AW…where are you? No replies yet leh. Buying flowers, baking cake or what for tonite?…as if so busy, you not replying yet.

        So shocked! So dumbstruck! I’m speechless….. Gosh! Will have to block you two if you don;t behave… Tsk! Tsk!

  12. …and I hope you will be cooking your lovely missus something yummy tonight 🙂

    Did you buy Lucy some roses today or did she have to sing “…you don’t bring me flowers, any more…” 😉

    No money to buy and no flowers in the garden. Maybe some lemon grass leaves with pandan will do ? 😉

  13. A friend love to eat Kueh Chap. I didn’t know what is Kueh Chap till last year went to Penang with her baru tau.

    You can try the one here when you’re in town…not bad also. 😉

  14. My apologies for my recent disappearance. The noodles certainly looked great. The pork looked as if it would melt immediately in da mouth. 🙂

    Yup…I was wondering where you’d gone to. Welcome back… It was ok, the pork’s nice and tender.

  15. wah 50 over dishes? that’s heaven!

    Not really…if they’re not nice. I did not try so I’m not in the position to say anything. I would think it would be nicer just to have a few…but very very nice dishes.

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