I was here that very day it opened for business and despite all the not-so-favourable reviews I had seen on Facebook, I went there again with my missus so she could give the place a try.

Both of us had the kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee)…

IpohTown kopi-o-peng

…and to be honest, we can get something a lot better at a number of the ordinary kopitiams (coffee shops) in town for a lot cheaper than RM2.20.

Somebody complained that he had to wait for over 45 minutes for his order…so I picked something that I thought would come pretty fast – their curry mee (RM6.30)…

IpohTown curry mee

It did not look like the curry mee I had in Penang but it tasted quite good. However, I would say that with its minimal condiments, it was very much overpriced.

My missus ordered the special chicken drumstick rice (RM7.80)…

IpohTown drumstick rice

…and THIS took way over half and hour to be served. Thankfully, it tasted all right – nothing to shout about, just all right.

On the whole, I would say that it wasn’t too bad a place to hang out and grab a bite…if you have the time to spare and don’t mind waiting.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Waiting…”

  1. kopi o looks diluted… burning some oil these last few nights before outta here!

    Where’s here? Indon? πŸ˜‰

  2. I think KL curry noodles is better…
    This place is a good place for the youngster..
    have a meal n hangout with their friends..
    Got wifi or not?

    Yup! Yuppies would love places like this… Dunno, didn’t check but should have, I guess. Many places here have free wifi…even some ordinary coffee shops and food courts.

  3. Food sure seems to be getting more and more expensive there huh. You remind me of the nice Kopi O gao in Sg Merah. That was really good. Btw, I am still dreaming of the mille crepe and the drinks at Noodle House. Have been telling my friends here. Need to try and make the mille crepe one day. Thanks very much for bringing us there πŸ˜€

    I was there yesterday…and of course, I had the mille crepe. Slurpsss!!! Will post on that soon. LOL!!! You went to Choon Seng in Sg Merah for the coffee? NIce, eh? My friend, Philip, in the US would wholeheartedly agree… πŸ˜‰

  4. lol the kopi-o-peng not gao(thick) enough? lol
    yuppp. penang’s curry mee wouldn’t put lime in the first place!
    but i do like the curry mee over there with lime which brings a bit of sour that stimulates the appetite! =D

    …and Penang, everything got hay kor (prawn paste). Come on over and try our Sarawak laksa – you will never look at curry mee the same way again. πŸ˜‰

    1. I agree whole- heartedly Sarawak Laksa is more delicious than curry mee!Tak kenal maka tak cinta ( and this coming from a non laksa lover).

      Hey!!! Have you cooked your laksa yet? I bought you so many packets of the sambal… Wanna preserve for future generations or what? πŸ˜€

      1. I cooked 2 packs dah but so sayang to use all..hahaha..precious,ma.Wait la, when I know when I’m visiting you next, baru I’ll masakkan semua.Now, still on ration!

        Already two? Didn’t see your post…nor your photos on Facebook leh?

    2. huh? no eh! only laksa (asam laksa) got put hay kor! the rest takda!
      yup wait i save enough money den i would go visit u! haha

      Got lah! Or koi…also put hay kor, chee cheong fan also hay kor…everything hay kor. No wonder all the guys so chee kor! Muahahahahaha!!!! Ya…come, come!

  5. Initially, I thought the kopi peng is coke! I’m dun take coffee, but that coffee looks diluted.

    It may not be that great but anytime better than KL kopi – so black, no coffee fragrance…just sweet. 😦

    1. No idea on that. Dun take kopi… have to ask my hubby how Kl kopi is like. I dun prefer to drink tea outside too…not up to my standard… not ‘kick’ enough for me. Prefer to brew it at home…better… πŸ˜€

      Where coffee is concerned, Penang is bad, KL is worse…and you can see coffee stains on the glass. Eyewwwww….

  6. What’s special in the special chicken drumstick rice? Is that bacon I see?

    Yeah, it looks like a nice place, kinda like Old Town except it’s Ipoh Town. πŸ™‚

    Nice place especially for young people to hang out – sit around for a long time to get their money’s worth. Nope, that’s not bacon – just chicken drumstick with slits cut into it (so it will not be uncooked inside, I guess) and fried/grilled…

  7. ehhhh better have kampua la…the price of the food is not equal with the quality

    Yup, kampua wins hands down. πŸ˜‰

    1. I agree with Ling. If only spending some ‘ME’ time wif friends… waiting is okay. But if kids tagged along… waiting too long is a NO NO.

      When my daughter was small and a handful, we did not even bother to go out. Such a hassle… 😦

  8. more than half an hour? whoa.. Will you go back again? I won’t if I were you.

    I wouldn’t know. Maybe when desperate, dunno where to go, I may end up there again to try something else.

  9. Curry mee! Haven’t had that in ages! Prices are certainly not cheap but I guess high class kopitiam usually charges a premium for its aircon and more comfortable ambience?

    I was sitting outside…no aircon and not much ambiance to boast about on a hot Sunday afternoon… 😦

  10. well, i guess when a restaurant opens for the first day, the team is bound to hiccups and sure they need feedback from customers to improve.. but then more than half an hour for that drumstick rice?? seems like they have not improved at all :p

    I tried to peep into the kitchen to see the people doing the cooking…and I think they’re “those people” – work slow-slow one, slow and steady. Even getting a plate of nasi lemak ready would take a long time. Same thing at Old Town, Kuching Airport when we were there sometime ago. 😦

  11. Where’s the drumstick in the drumstick rice?…ohhhh, you mean the almost hancur piece of meat?Why so expensive,anyway? Is it a trendy makan place or what?

    Ipoh Town lah…cousin of Old Town, WEST MALAYSIAN franchise. LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Yup…that was the drumstick, violently cut all over to ensure the inside will not be uncooked when served. I thought only amateurs like me would need to do things like that.. 😦

  12. The curry mee looks nice but pricey considering that small portion of it only. I see nothing special in the so-called special chicken drumstick.

    Both ok…but nothing to shout about. Not something we would think of having again… 😦

  13. The Curry mee looks very dilute. I really dont like when they put the lime like that in to the bowl of noodle.oily to touch when trying to tale it out and squeeze the lime

    Tasted ok…but nothing great and definitely not at that price. 😦 Can go washroom to wash mah… πŸ˜‰ LOL!!!

  14. Agree , that curry noodles look very diluted . Ok , will tell my mum , another place to strike off from her list .I told her it must be something like old town , if want to have better one come KL . Sibu got other better things to try .

    Must try, otherwise how to know good or not good…and one thing I’ve found out is when people tell you it’s good, it may not be so. Many places I’ve tried as people were praising to the skies, but turned out to be so disappointing. 😦

    1. i’m patient with food once in a blue moon (when i’m not that hungry)…haha…sorry but i’m a demanding customer 😦 so when i wait, the taste better be worth it πŸ™‚

      Yup…here, at some places, you will just have to be very patient as some people work at a snail’s pace – it’s their very slow and steady lifestyle. I would not go again unless the food is really worth the wait…and the price is right.

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