The last leaf…

This place is just round the corner from my house and has been open for quite a while now…

MapleLeaf Sibu

…but I’ve never bothered to drop by because there have been mixed reviews about the place – some good, mostly not that great.

But the other day, my young blogger-friend, ah^kam_koko’, was in town for the weekend and we wanted to go to the char siewΒ (barbecued pork) place next door. Unfortunately it was already around 3.00 p.m. and the stall had closed for the day. That was how we ended up there…and since ah^kam_koko’ was conversant in the language, I let him do all the talking…but despite how he explained that I wanted iced coffee…but black i.e. without the milk, this was what I got…

MapleLeaf iced coffee

At RM5.90 a glass, that certainly did not come cheap! It was only RM2.60 here and I could already feel the pinch and theirs tasted better as well.

We decided to try the fried durian (RM12.90)…

MapleLeaf fried durian

…which is currently the craze in Kuching ever since somebody started selling that at the Kuching Cultural Festival last year. I don’t know if theirs is anything like this as I’ve never had that before so I am in no position to make any comparison. These would have tasted quite good if there wasn’t that very strong smell of the cooking oil that they used to fry them in – in fact, it was so strong that I was quite put off by it.

The turkey ham croissants (RM6.50 for two)…

MapleLeaf turkey ham croissant

…were all right, no complaint about those but they did not get me jumping up and down with delight either.

We did not eat anything else so we cannot really say much about the food but at those prices, I certainly would have second thoughts about going there again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “The last leaf…”

  1. I think the shop is using SOP .. (standard operation procedure)..
    So black kopi o kau kau is not in it list .. so cannot do le .. LOL…

    Very typical of young people today – not flexible…one-track mind. 😦

  2. AHA! So this is where it is. I was about to meet a friend at Tom’s Too or Maple Leaf and I didn’t know where the latter is so I went with Tom’s Too.

    Now I’m regretting it, would have loved the deep fried durian.

    No worries, I’ll be back sooner than expected (for a short while) if elections are held as expected. πŸ˜€

    Nope, I think Tom’s would be a better bet than this place. Did not come across as very promising, not at all. Ya…hope to see you around soon. πŸ˜‰

  3. Fried durians? oh… they dun look like fried nangka or cempedak… the durians paste was wrapped in some sort of edible paper? o.O I never see before.

    My first time too…and I don’t mind one3 bit if it’s my last. 😦

    1. Initially, I thought the fried durians is some sort of popiah.

      It isn’t. The wrap is something like some nice ham rolls I had at Ming Mei Shi except that these aren’t half as nice.. 😦

  4. if 5.90 for something that you ordered is still okay, but paying for the wrong one definitely sucks! hmm how come the cooking oil could be so strong? they use lousy one? or they use recycled oil? lol

    Must be using oil that they’ve used before… So put off by the smell. 😦

  5. The durian fried looks nice but if the cooking oil is strong, then I wont go for it.. sensitive stomach.. hahaha…

    Not THAT nice, believe me… Not something that you mustn’t miss…and with the smell of the oil, no, thank you. 😦

  6. sometimes these cafes are overpriced.. what to do, we’re paying for the exclusiveness? πŸ™‚

    Yup…can’t eat the decor, can we? I’d rather go to a not so impressive place and have something nicer and cheaper…

  7. Cafe Cafe (or any of its branch) and Payung are any time better than this place. Had the mee mamak coz western cuisine wasn’t available then (according to the waiter mee mamak is spicy) and Thai-style baby octopus. Quite disappointing though – what mee mamak, just the normal mee goreng & not spicy at all and mee goreng at that Malay stall next to old Courts Mamoth is any time better while the octopus was flooded with sauce, not good.

    Should have gone some place else in the vicinity… Even Red Carrot would be a lot better,I’m sure.

  8. LOL, surprise. Surprise, despite the exorbitant drink and dessert, the croissants come at reasonable price.

    Like Secret Recipe. The drinks more expensive than the cakes… 😦

  9. So expensive! Nothing there got me excited..not even the fried durian:( You should have gone to Payung instead! ( macam lar I terror sangat..hahaha)

    Yup…Payung’s better…anytime. Well, tak kenal, maka tak cinta mah…so must try lor.

  10. This place is quite popular now but I agree with you it’s not worth it. I waited an hour plus for my chicken chop. It would be okay if it’s good but it wasn’t. However, the boys may go back to try their luck with the waitress *winks winks πŸ™‚

    Hmmm….no wonder some people are making a beeline to the place. No much of an attraction for old folks like me. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  11. Hahaha!…you also know the craze of the fried durian in Kuching. Long queue and I won’t bother to do that….so ended never tasted I have seen my friends posted in FB how nice and fabulous it is. Oh..oh..that glass of iced coffee, sooooooooooo expensive. Looks nothing great

    Yeah…regretted ordering that. 😦 I hear the fried durians in Kuching are nice. Never seen them so I don’t actually know what they’re like. Something like cucur cempedak?

  12. Oh dear, RM5.90 for a drink is certainly expensive even for KL standards!! And I also dislike the oil smell in deep fried items.. this only happens if the oil they used is not of good quality, or worse, recycled!!

    Obviously… Wouldn’t see me going there again, that’s for sure. 😦

  13. sayang ho… for a place that looks so nice from the outside, but the food is nothing to shout about. Wow cucur durian! first time i’ve heard of it!

    What? I thought it was a craze in Kuching…and is currently selling like hot cakes at some place at Spring or somewhere?

  14. No wonder my mum told me, now Sibu got a lot this type of cafe, but she haven’t walk into one. I better tell her not to go to this one. LOL!

    Eeeeeee…fried durian…aiyerr…..i don’t like.

    Yes, tell her that! This is one place she should avoid. Better stick to her Noodle house. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  15. Fried durian? No such craze over here (maybe no one introduces it yet?). I think I’ll stick to fresh durian πŸ™‚

    Not in Sibu either. Only in Kuching…

  16. the resto looks high-end from the outside so it’s no surprise the food is expensive. but i’m sure you enjoyed the company of a friend πŸ™‚

    No, there are many other places we could have gone to – equally nice and the food a lot nicer. As far as I’m concerned, this one’s to be avoided at all cost in future. Never again… 😦

  17. Never been here but don’t think I’ll be dining her anytime soon. Many other alternatives (i.e. better food and/or more affordable) around the area.

    The word going around is that this place is (partly) owned by the rather high profile “home church” whose members come from a variety of professional backgrounds.

    Dunno… Never mind, who owns the place – not going again – not at those prices plus what I had was not good enough to get me to go back there again. 😦 I thought Julia says you guys wanna go there cos there’s a cute waitress or something like that. πŸ˜‰

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