One more…

In my post the other day on my ex-student, Johnny, I mentioned that his mum gave me two big fish…and we had one of them steamed…

Mrs STP's steamed fish
*recycled pic*

– the ikan tenggalan/menggalan, an up-river freshwater fish which I understand is very expensive and not easily available.

There was one more, a different kind of fish, and we did not know what it was. I think it was not a river fish as there were no small bones and the texture was different. It looked a bit like a red snapper but it was not red so I guessed it was a black snapper.

Whatever it was, my missus deep-fried it and then prepared the tau cheo (fermented beans) sauce for it…

Mrs STP's fish with fermented bean sauce 1

…with lemon grass, ginger, chillies and all. If you’re familiar with peranakan/nyonya cuisine, the gravy would taste something like what you’ll find in their ayam pongteh.

It was very nice, very fleshy…

Mrs STP's fish with fermented bean sauce 2

…and it was so big that we took two days to finish all of it.

I must say that it was even nicer the next day when the gravy had gone into the fish and brought the taste to a whole new level.

Mrs STP's fish with fermented bean sauce 3

Now that both of them are gone, I guess we’ll just have to go back to the smaller and cheaper fish…but don’t get me wrong! They are also very nice and I love eating those as well. What about you? Do you like fish? What are some of your favourites?