That’s not the way…

I’ve stayed in many hotels in the country before as I used to travel a lot on official duty when I was working and besides, I would go here and there as well during the holidays and most of the time, the room would come with a complimentary buffet breakfast but unfortunately, I must say that when it came to scrambled eggs, most of them had been a disappointment. Usually, it would turn out like a miserably messed-up omelette like what you can see here…

Hotel breakfast

Some hotels where I stayed even had a special egg counter with a chef to do my eggs in whatever way I wanted and despite my insisting that I wanted my scrambled eggs soft and creamy, what I would get in the end would be something like the above. I never liked their omelette either so most of the time, I would just ask for fried eggs, sunny side up…and even those were not exactly the way I would want them to be – with a nice fibrous golden fringe around the eggs and the yolk still soft and runny.

The best scrambled eggs that I had had was at a hotel in Kuching during the time when it was the Holiday Inn. It has changed management since and today it even has a different name and I have not stayed there for a long time so I don’t know if their scrambled eggs are still as good as those in the past.

The ones at this coffee and tea place aren’t too bad…

CoffeeBean breakfast

…but still have lots of room for improvement…but they’re anytime better than the bits of bland-tasting egg that one would get at those fast food joints for their breakfast meal combos.

Now, this is how I want my scrambled eggs…

STP's scrambled eggs 1

– soft and creamy…and that is how I would cook it every time.

When I shared the photograph on Facebook the other day, some asked me how I could cook the eggs that way. Now, let me tell you a secret – I boiled them first! LOL!!! I would take the eggs, say two of them, from the fridge and pop them in a pot, fill it with water till the eggs would be completely covered and then cook them over a small or medium fire. I would leave the lid off as when the pot is covered, sometimes, the eggs would explode and you would end up with one horrible mess.

When the water has started to boil vigorously, wait for around 30 seconds or so before removing the pot from the fire. Put the whole thing under running water so that the eggs would not be too hot to hold. Crack the eggs open and scoop out everything into a bowl – most of the egg white should be fairly hard by then while the yolk is still soft and runny. When I have half-boiled/cooked eggs, this is the way that I like them best.

That day, I took two slices of cheddar cheese, finely-chopped, and mixed it thoroughly with the eggs as I mashed everything up. Once, I added about two spoons of evaporated milk as well…but this time around, I did not as there wasn’t any in the fridge. The eggs were not as cooked as I would like them to be (I think it was because I used hot water from the kettle instead of the usual cold water from the tap) but it did not matter as I would be cooking it a little bit more afterwards.

Taking out the pan, I heated it and greased it with a bit of butter (for extra fragrance) before putting in the egg and cheese mixture…and I kept folding it continuously over low heat till it had turned the perfect texture that I would want my scrambled eggs to be…before removing it from the pan and serving it.

STP's scrambled eggs 2

There, don’t you think that looks really good? Now, THAT is what I call scrambled eggs… Go ahead! Give it a try…and good luck!