Much better…

Judging from the comments that I’ve seen on Facebook, this brand-new place in town certainly isn’t doing too well. One complained that he ordered sweet & sour chicken with rice and it took 45 minutes to be served even though there weren’t many customers at the time and looking at the photos somebody shared in that social network, I have to say that we can find similar stuff that is very much better elsewhere. There was one of a plate of noodles with some horrendous-looking pink sausages and the nasi lemak did not look anything like the very impressive giant photograph of it that they put up on the wall above their open kitchen.

The sizzling New Zealand beef kampua noodles here definitely looks more enticing and I’m pretty sure that it tastes a whole lot better too…and even though the nasi lemak at that same place wasn’t all that great as it was not spicy at all, it would win hands down based on presentation alone. Well, if it’s taste that we’re looking for, I would go back to the old Malay lady’s stall at this coffee shop in Sungai Antu here for her nasi lemak

FastCafe nasi lemak special

For RM3.00 only, I would get the usual sambal ikan bilis (dried anchovies) with the rice…

FastCafe nls sambal ikan bilis

…and peanuts, as well as a bit of her masak hitam beef…

FastCafe nls masak hitam beef

…and for one ringgit more, I would get the special, that is, there would be that extra fried egg…

FastCafe nls fried egg

…done the traditional way – fried in hot oil inside a wok so that there would be the golden fibrous fringe all around it unlike those pathetic-looking ones done in a pan or on a hot metal plate using those metal rings. For one thing, I was a bit disappointed that day as the egg was overcooked – I would prefer the yolk still soft and runny and it wasn’t.

There may be much better ones around that I do not know of but this is good enough for me to consider as being reasonably acceptable nasi lemak and with the endless grouses from left, right and centre, unless they pull up their socks quickly, I’m afraid it looks like that West Malaysian franchise isn’t going to be around for long…

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18 thoughts on “Much better…”

  1. I always hate those rubbery kind of fried eggs you get from the non-stick pan. I hate the taste. Mine is always done in the kuali… with alot of hot oil! LOL!

    Yup…the way mama/grandma used to do it.

  2. looks yummy it!

    This one’s definitely! This is the much cheaper old Malay lady’s…. Ain’t nothing like the real thing!

  3. I’m a bit confused here STP, read this post around 5 times, and I still don’t get it. The photos you have up there, the nasi lemak are of this new place, or the old malay lady’s stall at sungai Antu? Did you try the new place in this post? >< sorry just arrived home from an event, mind not thinking straight. lol!!

    Yup! The old lady’s? You’ve been drinking, have you? Bad boy!!! I saw my friend’s photo on Facebook of the nasi lemak at Ipoh Town (and it did not look nice at all) but I did not want to “steal” it and use it here. Maybe one of these days, I’ll go there and eat it myself (and pay) so I can share the photo here… 😦 Then you can see…and compare.

    1. ohhh! i get it now! lol .. and nope, not drinking.. i’m a good boy i tell you! wahaha 🙂

      Hah!!! That, I will have to ask Janice and see what she says… 😉

  4. i just love that fried egg!! yes, exactly this way, with the golden crispy fibrous fringe all around it!! but RM1 per egg is a little expensive right?? anyway, overall RM3 still consider a good choice for breakfast.. 🙂

    That’s the standard price at all the Malay makan places for eggs cooked in any manner…or at least, all of those that I go to. We can understand that they need to charge a bit more as their turnover is less – very few Malays in Sibu…and many Chinese are still not into Malay food (though it is catching on slowly but surely). At Chinese places, an egg would probably be around 80 sen, not much cheaper.

    1. That nasi lemak definately is better than the one I showed you recently in FB!!..and boy, that masak hitam..meleleh air liur,man!! I love eggs done that way too…with the crunchy ribbons especially!! ( I don’t know that you must fry eggs in a wok to get it like that…patutlah my eggs selama ni not crunchy at the edges..and if it is, the yolk will be too overdone. But so sedih as it means I can never achieve that kind of eggs as a wok has a round bottom which cannot sit on my flat stove top 😦

      Next time you come to Sibu, you can buy that metal ring stand for woks…and take back to NZ – then you can fry eggs the way you want them. The oil must be very hot and you siram on the egg to cook the top part and once cooked and golden all around the edges, remove quickly so the yolk will not be overcooked. I did it the other day for my bacon & egg with kompia breakfast but I think my oil was not hot enough – not really successful.

  5. Just woke up and saw your pic of the nasi lemak.. hv cravings now.

    LOL!!! Don’t bother going to Jalan Alor – I hear the food there’s exactly like that along that street in KL…

  6. I’m in a land right now where it isn’t easy to find nasi lemak … even if I find it, it’s going to cost me a bomb! So your pics here is sure making me salivate … drooooool slurrrppp!!!

    You’re in a land where the prices are the same as at those classier cafes here but in your currency, right? $15.00…Oz, US or NZ? Poor thing. 😉

  7. The nasi lemak looks appetizing. For just is worth the price. Love the sambal ikan bilis and masak hitam beef. Yummy!!!..

    It’s nice…but I prefer those little packets sold at the stall that I frequent in the morning – the rice more lemak and sambal nicer but very little for RM1.50, the condiments also very little and no beef.

  8. Why go to a West Malaysian franchise?
    Support Sarawakian! Go Sibu!
    Besides, why pay RM10+ for nasi lemak when you can get better for RM3?

    Gila la~~~
    Some Sibu young people parents too rich.

    True! True! Unless the Sibu ones not nice or way too expensive… 😦 I’d go to the regular kopitiam anytime but they’re not always open at odd hours in the day. 😉

  9. These places only good for meeting friends only lar, food wise sure lose out to other traditional outlets..

    Yup! For the young and the yuppies… Old people don’t have that much money to throw… 😦

  10. Ipoh Town’s food is not nice lar……given a choice between this or Old Town, I’d choose Old Town anytime. At least it serves nice assam laksa and penang prawn mee – better than what you get from most of the hawker stalls in Penang. Well, the one in Hills Kuching does, don’t know about their other branches elsewhere.

    No Old Town in Sibu… I did not like the nasi lemak at the one at Kuching Airport…but I had some nice stuff at the one at Sg Petani. Never been to Ipoh Town anywhere else…but Pappa Rich, yes. Not bad also.

  11. Hah now only I know that rubbery eggs is due to the pan!
    I had this kind of egg in Old town and thought it was fake egg :/

    Worse still, they do a lot at one time on a metal grill using those rings, an egg in each…so they will be cooked in a flat cylindrical shape. Not nice at all. The KLIA/LCCT nasi lemak also has eggs like that. My missus bought the ring – I told her she could use to cook her own eggs and I would cook my own…my own way. Tsk! Tsk!

  12. If really want to take nice real IPOH food, it is best to come to IPOH town itself.. don’t go for franchise or chain food outlets… 🙂 So after our Sibu trip, do come to IPOH next, OK? Must stay overnight otherwise mission not accomplished! hahaha..

    Like want to eat Sibu food, must come to Sibu…want to eat Malaysian food, must come to Malaysia, tak kan lah go to Jalan Alor in Sydney and those Malaysian places in Auckland or Perth…pay so much for the miserable pale imitations. LOL!!!

  13. the nasi lemak looks good for me. Like the look of the rice which is biji biji instead of lumpy

    Yes, the rice was well done. If only she had added a bot more santan to make it more lemak.

  14. oooh i just love the traditional fried egg. That’s the way to go. I just love the crispy fried edges like you!

    Too bad we don’t get it like this very often these days – most would be those flat and round pancake-shaped ones. 😦

  15. Oh yes, fried egg done the traditional way using the wok – crispy on the outer ring and gooey yolk on the inside. With a bit of soy sauce, I can eat with white rice 🙂

    Yes, love fried egg done that way. Yolk must be runny…

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