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I received my water bill for the month and according to it, I had not paid the charges for the previous month. Thus, I would not be able to pay at the post office like what I would usually do and I would have to go to the Sibu Water Board office to pay – and their office is on the other side of town, so very far away…along the road to Durin/Kanowit. On the way back, I stopped by the hotel to make the bookings for those blogger-friends of mine who will be coming next month…and as I was driving home, I saw this place…

Ipoh Town Kopitiam Sibu
*Now! Now! Isn’t that a grammatical error in the “sign”?*

Hey! It was just opened for business that very day so I made a u-turn and stopped by to check the place out.

Word was going round when the mega-malls in Sibu opened that somebody would be opening an Old Town outlet in Sibu but to date, there is still no sign of it…and now we have Ipoh Town instead.Β The place looks pretty presentable and is located at the new shops near UOB Bank and the Sweet Family Restaurant in the vicinity of the Li Hua (Sibu Bus Terminal) Commercial Centre.

This is the counter and straight ahead is the open kitchen…

Ipoh Town counter & kitchen

…and here, behind those wooden panels is the air-conditioned section…

Ipoh Town aircon section

I guess should the need arise, they can always put out more tables all along the pavement – seeing that there are fans all along the ceiling. On the floor, you can see the debris left behind by the firecrackers that they had let off earlier to officially declare the place open – on the 9th Day of the Chinese Lunar New Year or what people say was the Hokkien New Year. Perhaps it was an auspicious date or maybe the builders could not get it done in time – otherwise, if they had opened before Chinese New Year, they would have enjoyed bustling Β business over the week-long holidays.

The service was good. The waitress who took my order was very sweet and friendly and she courteously made some suggestions to help me make up my mind…and the best part was she could speak English – something that is becoming very rare even in those more expensive cafes and restaurants in town.

I had their celebrated Ipoh Town white coffee (RM2.60)…

Ipoh Town white coffee

…which was all right but I have never been a fan of coffee with milk. Somehow, it makes me sleepy so usually I would have my coffee very strong and black…and personally, I think the coffee at Choon Seng in Sungai Merah here is a whole lot nicer.

I was not feeling hungry so I wanted something light for tea and in the end, I chose their ham and cheese toast sandwich (RM4.50)…

Ipoh Town ham & cheese toast sandwich

I thought it was very nice and would not say it was expensive considering the price of those cheese slices these days – around RM1 a slice and they used two – for four slices of bread, toasted and cut into halves…and we must add the cost of the ham as well.Β Be forewarned, however, that there is an additional 10% service tax…unlike at some other places in town. Tsk!!! Tsk!!!!

I did not really check out what other things they have on the menu as I do intend to go back there again and try whatever that they may have that may be nice…and I certainly will blog about it when the time comes.

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34 thoughts on “This town…”

  1. psssttttt…….. tell u a secret those r all fake white ipoh white coffee…
    LOL.. come to ipoh .. try the original white coffee ……. my treat…

    btw … we can pay bills online….
    .. just by the click of ur pc .. and tah dah .. ur bills are paid

    Not a fan of white coffee – I’m a black coffee guy – kopi-o kau-kau! I pay some of my bills online…but some, I pay at the offices. I prefer the human factor – nice smiles and greetings – Sibu is a small town…Except for the water board office, all the rest are just round the corner and no need to wait very long either.

    1. white coffee are not coffee with milk. Those are beans which are not fully roasted, thus contain higher content of caffein and thus, more kau.

      Of course, in US, white coffee means kopi nai.

      Oh? But I want that burnt/roasted taste leh… That’s what makes coffee nice… No wonder did not taste of milk…more like Coffeemate, not as nice as with condensed milk. 😦 I did see many tins of F&N evaporated milk in the kitchen though…

  2. went there last night..think it was a bit overpriced too, including the 10% service charge

    I saw photos of the nasi lemak and the noodles – not that great. Might as well stick to our Thomson Corner, good food…that comes cheap! Or Cafe2 and Noodle House.

  3. Don’t like ipoh white coffee either. Didn’t realise there is also Ipoh Kopitiam, thot only have Old Kopitiam. A lot of similiar cafes sprouting here too, good for us though,more choice and competitive and we can be selective as well!

    There is! Can’t remember whether this one’s the rip-off or Old Town’s the one…but I gather that this one isn’t as nice/popular as the other one in West Malaysia.

  4. That glass of Ipoh white coffee and ham & cheese toast sandwich looks nice leh….but sometimes looks can be deceiving. A bit overpriced too.

    The sandwich was nice. As for the coffee, I’m not into white coffee…and they do not sell kopi-o. How can a kopitiam not sell kopi-o? Tsk! Tsk! 😦

    1. Simon would be very angry if no kopi-O as he take his not only O but also kosong!

      Not me. I’m such a sweet person…so must be sweet – but must control, limit to once or twice a day. πŸ˜‰

  5. Don’t want to go to this place when in Sibu. This joint is everywhere in KL. I do not like their food. Not nice lah! I pay all my bills on-line. Hate lining up and then greeted with sour faces! Spoil my day! Sometimes, I wonder how these people live a whole life sulking! Pathetic!

    Hah!!! City people. The ones here are very nice…and I will usually linger a while to chit-chat – sign of old age, I think…always love to chat. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  6. Judging from the thickness of the toasts.. I’d say Ipoh Town has better toasts than Old Town anytime!! πŸ™‚

    No idea. Never had the toast at Old Town. Pappa Rich has pretty nice ones though…

  7. We have the same taste,Arthur. Kopi-o kaw is my favorite, the milk will spoil the aroma of the kopi-o.

    If I take milk, I will feel sleepy. Dunno why – probably psychological… 😦

    1. That’s because you are like a baby,ma…minum susu terus tidur..hahahaha

      You habis minum susu tak tidur buat apa? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  8. mmm, ham and cheese sandwiches.. at eateries like these for a price of RM4.50 with big chunks like that is quite worth it! yum, now i feel like having breakfast πŸ™‚

    Go ahead. Lots of such places in KL, better ones even… πŸ˜‰

  9. errr, i think it’s quite the standard price for all these “omg-not-another-one” kopitiam chains.. selling the same thing but at a higher price, but food taste not necessary better than those old traditional shops..

    Yup…nice but not great and a bit more expensive. I think such places are more popular among the younger lot – to hang out and for the free wifi.

  10. The decor of the place looks quaint, although I’m still curious which part of ‘Ipoh’ it’s supposed to have been inspired by :p Am a huge fan of thick black coffee as well, and nothing beats the ones that you get in the sleepy coffee shops back home ; at a fraction of the price here too !

    I certainly agree with you 100%. All glamour & snob appeal. Nothing beats the authentic stuff from those good ol’ coffee shops.

  11. too many of these kind of shops isnt it! and mostly all ends with town town town. LOL
    and even worst, their color almost the same!

    That’s what Joanna said. We have our own original here – Uncle Dom – looks exactly like one of them…

    1. lol but why laaa all wanna look the same. haha. dunno who copy who also. haha

      They must have got the concept or idea from Old Town… Makes no difference actually – most important would be the food is nice…and cheap.

  12. I am also not a fan of coffee though I hail from Ipoh… dont know why that it brings me more harm than good.. hahaha… but i do like the toast bread in the kopitiam…

    These days, they use toaster… Can do it ourselves at home – not the same anymore. 😦

  13. I have never like any of those posh coffee-shop..the food nothing to shout about.The only time we go and have a meal in those places was when we really cannot stand the heat as those places are usually air-conditioned.

    In Singapore, whole of Orchard Road…all the food courts, they call Kopitiam…and not a single one is an authentic coffee shop. All air con, but food so-so…and of course, expensive especially after conversion.

  14. ipohtown? i realise there are more and more oldtown-like coffee houses around to cheat people..

    Latest: Must-Eat Before CNY Ends!

    Not to cheat people…but to cash in on the fact that people are gullible enough to go and spend more on less satisfactory food.

  15. this resto looks really nice. the bread looks like choco flavored bread, it would have been nice except for the ham. πŸ™‚ i like black coffee, too πŸ™‚

    It’s turkey ham – such places in this country usually do not sell pork to cater to the Muslim community.

  16. I am yet to try out food at this new kopitiam…..
    is it Kathy blogger is coming with her hubby n son next mth?….

    Go when you have lots of time to spare – really have to wait very long…over half an hour, at least! 😦

    Yup, mamakucing will be here and reanaclaire too… School holidays, dunno if you will be running off to Medan again or not. Otherwise, leave your contact number in my inbox on Facebook…and I can get in touch with you. We can get together when they’re here.

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