Thanks for being there…

I am truly blessed that I have such wonderful friends who will always be there whenever I need them…

My daughter had just gone over to Sungai Petani around three weeks ago so she was not keen on making the journey to and fro all over again just to come home for a week or so for Chinese New Year. Besides, she had a lot of assignments to do so she being the kind of person that she is, I am sure she would definitely not enjoy herself even if she came back.

Thankfully, my dear friend, Eng, who lives and works in Bukit Mertajam, offered to come over to SP  to pick her up and take her to Penang (island) to join his family for the reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Melissa has a wonderful time with them – nothing like being surrounded by the warmth and happy feeling among the family and their loved ones all around, that’s for sure. They had steamboat and after dinner, they even had games and she won three of the prizes…and from the photograph that she shared on Facebook, it looked like she got some ang paos too! They sent Melissa back that night itself and she got back around midnight – when she called home, it was already around 12.30 a.m.

Then, on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, Mandy said she would drive over from Butterworth to Sungai Petani and offered to take her out for lunch. Well, Melissa had a friend who stayed back with her (instead of following one of their friends home for the festival) – Myra, a Kadazan girl from Sabah…so I asked Melissa to ask Mandy if she would mind if Myra came along for the lunch. Of course, Mandy, knowing the kind of person she is, did not mind at all…and good grief! She took them to some expensive Chinese restaurant and they had fish…

Fish in SP

…and prawns…

Prawns in SP

…and ooooooo….pork belly with mantao

Pork belly with mantao in SP

…and vegetables.

Vegetables in SP

I don’t know if it’s the usual price or whether they jacked up the price because of Chinese New Year but I understand the bill came up to over RM100 but not exceeding RM200 for three persons!!! *faints*

I truly am indebted to the two of them for what they have done…and for friends like them and also for many of you out there who would have done the same if you had the chance, I am most grateful and will give thanks and praise the Lord each passing day.