Something for me…

Oh? There was something for me too? Golly gee! I didn’t realise that! Well, if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, this blogger-friend of mine, [SK], was giving out some awards to his readers and commenters recently. I did take a peek at the list of winners and I did see my name in there but not in the top positions, so I just reckoned that I would not be getting anything. Imagine my surprise when I checked my emails one fine day – I don’t do it regularly – and saw I had one from him and he asked me for four of my favourite songs. Of course, I wasted no time in responding…

…and on the eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve (Saturday), the postman came knocking on my door and handed me this…

From [SK] 1

Inside was this very colourful and beautiful cd…

From [SK] 2

…with not four but eleven of my favourite songs…

From [SK] 3

I was pleasantly surprised that [SK] took the trouble to find out what other songs I love and include them in the cd. He must have spent a lot of time getting it done and I do appreciate that a lot, [SK], thanks.

This certainly was a great start to my new year. I really love the cd very much…and I am enjoying myself every day since – listening to the songs again…and again…and again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Loves listening to the radio. Digs both the latest songs on the airwaves as well as those from days gone by. Enjoys food and cooking but mainly the simple stuff - mum's favourites mostly...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Something for me…”

  1. I am so glad you like it so much, and yeah I did research on your FB to find out the other songs, haha.. hmmm, not listening to those “dung dung chiang” CNY songs but this?? hehe.. :p

    I do…and I’ll never get tired of listening to those songs really. Chinese New Year songs? Eyewwww!!!! Give me a headache, so noisy!😉

    1. SK, got prize wan ar, commenting on your blog. I will start doing that too!! hehehe. Gong Xi fa Cai to you and your family.

      Go…go and comment regularly and frequently – you’ll win something next round.😉

  2. Congratz! Yeah truly agree [SK] too so much blood sweat and tears and all the trouble in getting the CD’s done and love his hand writing like type written. Thought my writing is geng until I saw [SK]’s which is very the lagi geng, salute!

    He must have put a lot of effort in getting the cd done. I certainly appreciate that very much.😉

  3. Aiyayo dunno much about your songs leh though knew 45% of the singers. Sometimes could forget the names of singers/songs. Lupp song #7 Tiga Kali A Lady haha.

    I love that song but some ladies take an offence to it – lady tiga kali ganda, plus size! LOL!!!

  4. Oooo… I like those songs too!A great way to start the new year.. By winning something.Huatttt arrrrr!!!!!

    Yup…hope this is the first of many great things to come in the year! 😉

  5. Congratulations!!!!!…a good start for you in the year of the Dragon. Though I am not a good listener to English songs and since you have been listening over and over again, I am sure they are pretty nice too. Once again, congratz!!!!!….

    Thanks. Hope this is the start of greater things to come in the year ahead… 😉

  6. Arthur, what a great start for the Dragon year for this lovable and cute cuddly Dragon! hehehe

    Yalor…perfect timing! I certainly look forward to more like this in the year ahead…😉

  7. wwaaahh… so nice .. so good of SK!!! So envious too! hahahaa… one day I must compete with you all… hahaha… wait … one fine day first!! wait till the day I retire and then I will have more time to comment, here there and everywhere! hahaha..

    No need lah! You want I can burn a copy for you…but of course, I dunno how to make the cd so nice and colourful the way [SK] has done it. Me kuno, jakun…dinosaur! LOL!!!

  8. Song No. 10, Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”….mmmm, so ‘lum’ (lovey dovey, mushy mushy…nice!), I like! Come, sing to me, AW, in your very deep, croony Jim Reeve voice 😉

    Yup! I love that song…so sensuous, so sexy…and I love singing it at karaoke but most people do not like – so slow – they find it boring. Humph!!! They have no taste in music – no class at all.😦

    1. Yoong,
      I askay-botak kay Mr Arthur Wee!I comment earlier than you but hor, he never reply my comment pun *sulking*

      Oops!!! Missed yours out…not on purpose! You come and see me now – bald already from pulling all my hair in frustration! Less than a minute disconnected…and have to reconnect, only can get back online after a few attempts…and then disconnect again! Must be all those people home – badly jammed…😦

      1. Good, merajuk/sulk more! Stress the ‘old’ dragon out! Gong Xi Fa Cai !

        Always marah, grow old faster wor…😉

    2. Such beautiful lyrics mah, what boring. If you sing this song to me, I will be your slave😉 heh heh!!

      Ooooohhhhhhh??? @.@!!! Bring out the chains and the whip! Muahahahahaha!!!!😀

      1. …and scented candles – don’t forget I like waxing people!

        Like waxed duck? Drool….nice with porridge! Yum! Yum!

  9. Really huat ah!!! (Prosperity in Hokkien) Congrats that you won a CD listed with your fav songs. Just by commenting on SK blog.

    I wish Huat lai for me soon for an IPhone 4s.🙂

    Hope your dream will come true…😉

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