This is home…

This is the coffee shop at Rejang Park here in Sibu that I go to quite frequently to buy the braised chicken feet aka phoenix claws that my mother loves to eat…

My Home Cafe Sibu

A long time ago, I used to drop by once in a while for the kampua noodles in the afternoon and I remember that they were pretty good and I liked them a lot. Sometimes, way back then, I would skip lunch especially when I had a late breakfast…so by 3 something in the afternoon, I  would be quite hungry…and this was one of those few places in town that would still be open for business. Most of the rest would close after lunchtime. Somehow or other, I never went there again for the noodles until the other day when I decided to stop by and have a plate – white (with chio cheng/light soy sauce) tossed in chili sauce…

My Home kampua noodles

…and at the same time, I also ordered a small plate of pian sip (meat dumplings), dry…

MyHome pian sip

If I’m not mistaken, they charged me RM1.50 only for the latter…and I must say that I enjoyed both of them very much.

So, if you’re in town and you’re looking for authentic Foochow kampua and pian sip, this is one place that you can check out.

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23 thoughts on “This is home…”

  1. am i the first?! hahaha… clearing up all my work… leaving to airport 5am to JKT, 3pm to KL… the claws, the piansip, the noodle I WANT! the meesuah u can have all of those…

    Nope. Somebody was here 2 minutes ago. LOL!!! 😀 Well, you will just have to wait till March… All those things will be right here waiting for you…

    1. I wanna try all the local food there if possible… all those which I could not get here in IPOH! 🙂

      That’s for sure. No point coming all the way here and eating things you can get in Ipoh…and probably nicer there too. 😉

  2. My favorite one is the one at Pedada. I eat there almost every afternoon. Haha! 🙂

    Same thing, one kampua (large) and pien nuk.

    BTW I tried Tom’s T

    Where at Pedada? Soon Hock? The one near Chopsticks chicken rice? Dunno of any place that’s open afternoons though – I think they all close after lunch hour.

    1. oo just now.

      I didn’t bring my iPad so I asked what their famous burger was. The waiter said chicken so I had that. Pretty good! 🙂

      They only have chicken there… I think I would rather go to Secret Garden if it’s burgers that I want.

  3. There’s nothing like a good plate of authentic tasting kampua noodles. Miss it lots!

    You’ve had kampua before? When? Where? You’re not originally from Sibu, are you?

  4. The kampua looks kind of plain but those are the most delicious. Will have to try it when I get back to town, with the pian sip.

    I find that the plain looking ones are more authentic – more like what we used to eat during our younger days… 😉

  5. The other day I saw kampua noodles sold at a hawker stall. Claimed to be ‘original’ and handmade worr… but they are so expensive, Rm6 per bowl.. so I din buy it and go for fried rice instead.

    Hawker stall? Or a stall in a coffee shop? Here, it’s around RM2.50 a plate…but KL prices, of course not the same what! 😉

  6. haiyoh, chinese new year coming leh, don’t eat kampua noodles anymore, doesn’t sound that auspicious right?? hahaha.. must eat something else like longetivity noodles, kekekekeke~~ 😀

    Will certainly have that 1st thing in the morning on the 1st day of Chinese New Year. That is a must – for longevity and prosperity… You’re eating too? 😉

  7. Though a noodle lover but not much into kampua. Ermm…the pian sip looks like nice. If you din mention it is pian sip I woulld think is wantan. Any difference between them?

    Wantan skin firmer and more yellowish – pian sip skin very soft, melts in the mouth. Taste, although similar, may be different too.

  8. For a change Dragon Year should address you as Mr Arthur Kampua Wee muahahaha. Pian sip looks good with the thin skin. Yum!

    Why? It’s the Sibu thing mah! You go and see my wall on Facebook – all those friends home for Chinese New Year…all out eating kampua!!! True blue Sibu-ians! 😉

    1. Sibu is Arthur, Arthur is Kampua, Kampua is Suituapui, Suituapui is Wee, for Wee’s a Jolly Good Feilo..and so say all of us..~;).

      Ooi!!! Not yet… New Year’s Eve is tomorrow night. Don’t tell me you’ve started drinking already. LOL!!! 😀

  9. the light version of the noodles reminds me of the spaghetti agli olio style!

    That’s one pasta dressing that I’ve never tried… I would prefer it creamy…or with lots of sauce.

  10. Mmmm….i want the pian sip.

    Anyway, will be away for a few days. Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you and your family 🙂

    You will! And sama-sama to you and you family… 🙂

  11. pian sip is pansit here 🙂 it looks like spaghetti noodles 🙂

    tomorrow i’m gonna eat chinese food 🙂

    Good for you! Chinese New Year’s Eve! Dunno if we’re talking about the same thing – pian sip is something like wantan – minced meat wrapped in very thin skin.

  12. my mami had a nightmare with piansip when she teman-ed me during orienttion at Bintulu last time haha

    she saw how people at coffee shop served wantan mee. and she had KFC for the next three days before she left!

    Dunno what it’s like in Bintulu but my friend, Shereen from New Zealand loved the pian sip she had in Sibu…and the kampua too…and she never liked wantan or wantan mee!

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