Like I said…

Like I said a couple of posts ago, I would go back to this coffee shop…

TOTO Cafe Sibu

…to try the mee sua (thread/string longevity noodles) served in chicken soup cooked with ginger and traditional Foochow red wine, the reason being the fact that I saw a lot of people eating it that day so I took that as an indication that it would be really very good.

I ordered a bowl (RM5.00) of that…

TOTO Cafe mee sua 1

…and I must say that I was a bit disappointed when it was served. I think I would get something a lot more substantial elsewhere but then again, the price may range to up to RM6.00 or more…and RM9.80 here.

The meat was well-marinated and was thus reddish in colour…

TOTO Cafe mee sua 2

…but I did not really enjoy it as it was way too gingery for my liking. I know a lot of people do enjoy that – having that very strong ginger taste in the soup but not me.

That same day, I also bought some of the deep fried or koi (yam cake) that they were selling at that shop at 40 sen a piece…

TOTO Cafe deep fried yam cake

– 5 pieces for RM2.00.

They were pretty good but I remember the time when they would probably be sold at 10 sen per piece or 4 for RM1.00. Well, never mind! The purchasing power is in my hands and I have the choice not to buy if I think it isn’t really worth it. I think I’ll just wait for my mother-in-law to make and then I can fry my own – after all, I’m not really crazy about those Chinese cakes…

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26 thoughts on “Like I said…”

  1. hahaha, i like that name, so cute!! and the plague is even cuter, so retro and reminded me of those metal basins used in the 30s.. hmmm, this is something i do not eat at all, don’t like the taste of rice wine.. but the yam cake is ok for me, especially the fried ones~~ 😀

    Oh? They often have wine in Chinese cooking… I prefer yam cake, steamed.

  2. toto cafe! give me some good numbers and wish me luck.. i want to strike it rich at TOTO!! 🙂

    I am wishing for the same. Heard somebody won over RM50 million in TOTO – the TOTO supreme or something… Some guys have all the luck! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

    1. yup.. but before i can win, i’ll have to start buying it first. lol!

      Go, go and buy! There’s always what they call the beginner’s luck… Buy me a free air ticket to KL if you strike, ok? 😉

    2. TOTO is Tipu Orang, Tolong Orang. When you kena, that means Tolong Orang but if not, then Tipu Orang.

      I’m always in the TIPU group unfortunately… 😦

  3. I wonder if go makan at this toto place, can get good luck and menang toto or not? LOL!

    Dream on! The Hokkiens say: Mai kong bay sai, bay phui pun bay tiok…meaning no need to say horse shit (consolation prize), horse fart also can’t get. 😦

  4. The owner is a punter? Huhu
    40cts for a slice of that is dirt cheap. Cheena kuihs here cost a bomb now! :s just bought 2 teeny weeny slices of kuik talam last week for Rm1.50.

    Dunno. I guess there’s a pop group by that name too…and the dog in the Wizard of Oz as well. Not necessarily referring to the gambling den. WHAT??? So expensive over there? Good grief! I guess those two or three slices of deep fried carrot cake at the dim sum places don’t come cheap either… 😦

  5. The mee sua can’t compare with your missus one, Fail big time. So sikit only. I like gingery smell.

    Usually women do… After all the overdose during confinement, somehow they still do.

  6. I am still trying to get the recipe from my neighbor for that type of mee suah soup. Hers is super delicious. Ask few times, she said, will give, but no sign of giving. Maybe time to go “cari” my own. Oh, so you are not a fan of Chinese cakes but big fan of Quay Lo cakes right? Another banana! LOL!

    Just fry ginger slices (or if you want it stronger, pound it first) in sesame oil…and add chicken in bite-size pieces (I usually marinate in the Foochow red wine first for a couple of hours)…and dried shitake (soaked, stems removed) and a handful of wolfberries. Add water (and more red wine if you want added fragrance) and chicken stock or a bit of salt and msg…and simmer to get the sweetness out of the chicken. That’s it!!! So easy… Boil mee sua and serve with the soup, chicken and all… You can add more red wine or brandy or XO prior to eating for that extra kick… Yummmmmmm……

  7. Oh it’s been ages since I had mee sua! Sibu has one of the best… i tried one at this chinese stall behind Wisma Sanyan, that long stretch of coffee shops, sedap! of course, i asked for more wine …

    Of course lah! It’s a Foochow dish…and Sibu is a Foochow town. There are quite a number of places here that sells very good mee sua…

  8. Man, I’d really love to try the famous Foochow mee sua. Although this somewhat fell below standards, it still looks really good. Fried yam cake with sambal is awesome :p … That said, I need to kick this non-breakfast-eating habit …. *stomach growls in protest

    It IS good – just that serving is small and too much ginger – many people would like that but not me… 😦

  9. I like pan-fried yam cakes. They are delicious with chili sauce (the chicken rice type, not Heinz / Kimball / Maggi).

    Homemade own-pounded chili and garlic with lime… Yummmmm!!!!

  10. I enjoyed ginger-ish taste in my soup but after taking mee suah i will usually “pening”. Hahaha! Too hot for me to handle. :p

    You’re not drunk from too much wine, I hope! LOL!!! 😀 The heatiness comes from the ginger – I get stomach upset if my missus adds too much ginger – I would insist on just a couple of thin slices.

  11. Mee Suah looks not bad, but quite a small bowl, and it cost RM5? tsk tsk tsk
    Better we cook it at home.

    Cantonese like to put a lot of ginger..i also don’t like mine with strong ginger taste.

    I love to eat that deep fried yam cake with chili sauce, very nice. Yum!!

    No wonder! My missus has some Cantonese blood… Ok, when you come back, I must buy that for you. Best eaten piping hot… 😉

  12. Typo error you go to to cafe twice..? hehe

    Where? Where? Ya…I went twice – the first time for the lor mee…and the second, for the mee sua and I also bought the or koi. I think I will go again soon as there is something else that I would like to try.

  13. Long long long time bo chiak ark tooi mee sua in Island Glades, Penang. So the to to got no relation with the kuda? haha.

    No lah…no kuda luck at all… 😦 I have yet to taste good mee sua anywhere in the peninsula – so far I just had a horrible one at Jalan Alor. They’ve quite good ones in Kuching…but those would be the Foochows who have moved there (and everywhere) from Sibu…

  14. OOhh that fried yam cake looks good!! And so cheap too.. I really wanna take a bite of it right now! haha

    Yes, it was good but cheap? 40 sen for a slice? Gee!!! But I guess things are no longer as cheap as they used to be… 😦

  15. happy new year! i wonder how that yam cake tastes like. I think i can eat that but it looks like a tofu which I don’t like. 🙂

    Thanks, and happy holidays to you. I hear it’s a public holiday there now…

  16. since you’ve been going there quite often, you have to buy at least a Toto lottery ticket during this CNY.

    Been buying…and buying…but never strike. Must stop after Chap Goh Meh! Can’t afford to throw away my money like that… 😦

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