In the dark…

My missus and I went for the evening service on Sunday and when it was all over, we came here for dinner…

Baba&Siam 3

This is their 3rd outlet – their first one is at the other end of the commercial centre and the 2nd one is  right in the middle of the town centre.

This one is very big but I would not say that I like the decor. This part with all the curtains looks like some kind of a boudoir…

Baba&Siam 3 inside

…and sticks out like a sore thumb.

Besides, it was very dark and we would not know what we’re putting in our mouths. My missus had this chicken Chiengmai or whatever noodles (RM8.50)…

Chiengmai noodles

…and there were some slices of something in it and we could not tell what they were. Probably they were carrots and I certainly hoped so – not bamboo shoots! As for the taste, it wasn’t much to shout about – something like the Foochow-style fried noodles that we can get outside at any coffee shop.

I  ordered the pad thai (RM10.90)…

Pad Thai

…and I wouldn’t say I would be dying to have that again. I thought it tasted something like tomato kway teow but spicier and maybe  a little bit better.

The waitress told me that this was one of their signature dishes…

Lamb satay

– lamb satay (RM15.90)…and if this is one of the best, I wonder what the rest that they have on the menu are like. It was quite well-marinated and tasty but I found it very tough and what is satay without the peanut sauce? They served it with some kind of Thai chili sauce instead. Tsk! Tsk! And I do wish they would be more creative in their presentation – other than dumping on every plate a generous helping of those not-very-nice keropok (prawn crackers).

Frankly, no matter how much they’ve put into making the place attractive and impressive, it is all spoilt by the ghastly-looking market, now reduced to half its original size, beside it. Service is good and prompt though – but you will have to be able to speak Mandarin as they are not conversant in English or at least, the one serving us was not and the food comes out very fast. For want of something to do while waiting, I tried my hand at taking some shots in the dark…

Baba&Siam 3 drink

Should I HAVE to go there again anytime in the future, I think I will bring a torchlight…

Baba&Siam3 candle

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “In the dark…”

  1. first again ah… dun quite fancy the food here.. neway, 2 more days, then balik KL lu… tido bangun tido bangun…

    Nope, it’s not in our programme…for for want of something to do, some of you may want to roam here just to look see – very near the hotel…

    1. Cikgu changed time, I no chance to be first lorr, midnight Iusually finishing up my piling projects wan. 😦 Last time 5pm, bolehlah… baru habis clearing up work. 😦

      Kesian… You come in when everybody else has commented and will not bother to click and read the comments for this post anymore. By midnight, they would start reading and commenting on the new post already… 😉

  2. I hvn’t tried lamb satay before..

    It’s quite easily available at the satay stalls but I understand it’s more expensive – double the price of chicken or beef.

    1. I tried lamb satay and venison satay before… but not really ngam me… cuz body becomes quite feverish afterwards. The stuff is too heaty for me, I guess.

      You skinny people also like that – I thought only fat people. Ya…too heaty, will feel feverish… Usually, beef is also just as bad…

  3. In downtown Baltimore City, there was a restaurant with a similar setup. I believe it’s Japanese. It’s been years since I’ve been there. I was in my early twenties.They had a section with the cushions and curtains also. I believe there were four of those rooms.

    They cost a bit more to eat in those rooms, and the curtains were closed (when occupied) to add a bit of privacy. I remember we ate in one of those rooms. I’m sure the staff was wondering what was going on in there since there was a lot of giggling and laughing coming from our location. We were having a pillow fight…

    They have something like that there too? Eyewwwwww…..I thought it was like some kind of bridal chamber or the dais that the Malays here have for their bersanding (wedding) ceremony…

  4. the interior looks somehow like a chinese restaurant to me rather than a thai, haha.. anyway i also don’t find those food very authentically thai from the photo.. perhaps they are already localised..

    It’s supposed to be fusion, serving baba and thai cuisine…but personally, there are other places in town that I very much prefer. Did not think the food was really great. 😦

    1. hmmm, then that means baba and thai aren’t good combination huh?? :p

      I never like CONfusion. Wanna be baba, be baba…and wanna be Thai, be Thai – now, when you find that it’s neither one nor the other and not really authentic, they say it’s fusion. 😦

  5. We can skip this.. hahaha.. the ambience looks more suitable for those “ghostly” effects.. hahaha…
    Maybe this place is more suitable for those who are on their first date… don’t want to see their face too clearly yet! hahaha…

    Who knows…you may bump into some rich Foochow tycoon in Sibu and then the two of you would like some place dark…all to yourselves. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. hahaha, Claire you crack me up. Ghostly effect?…. you are so imaginative, seen a lot of horror movies lately? First date, don’t want to see their face too clearly? If me, I want to see the face VERY clearly so that I can run the other way if look like ghost! hehehehe

      Ummmm…like they always say, love is blind mah! So no need to see… Other things more important! Muahahahaha!!!!

    2. Yalorr, Claire… this kind really ngeri wan la… like horror movies… red lights.. OMG!

      Tambah see you there…sure run till tail straight!!!! (Hokkien expression: chau kau boi tit) 😀

  6. I don’t like to dine in this kind of place with dim light….as you said we ll need to get a torchlight…teheheheheh

    Yup…could hardly see what we were eating… 😦

    1. spotlight better…..kekeke

      No lah… Very hot! And if it’s shining down from above, you can see right through my hair…and see my scalp – like in the hair saloon! 😦

      1. yea yea…agree with Quay Po, for youngster, dating or valentine’s night, people want romantic romantic, with dim dim light.

        Like you last time, also like that, is it? LOL!!! 😉

    2. Annie, you also youngster mah, so quickly lah book a table at a romantic restaurant for your birthday dinner – pak tor with your hubby 😉

      Lots in KL. I remember I went to Bangkok Jam at Bukit Bintang – also so very dark…and I read somewhere somebody saying that he went for steak at The Ship – also so very dark. Thankfully, the steak was nice… I’m sure Annie knows a lot of other dark places…for their romantic dinner. LOL!!! 😀

    3. I kinda agree with Ling and Kat… not romantic to me lah this kind of place. Romantic duzzin have to be at dim places like this. Alot of people thinks that candlelight dinner is romantic, but I dun tink so. U wan romantic, get on a cruise, can go u jump, i jump on it… lol… now that’s romantic.

      To me, romantic…must have dance floor…soft sensuous soothing music…and slow lamsing!!! (lam = hug tight2) 😉

  7. Oh, u dun eat bamboo shoots, I tot it’s tasty. U can speak mandarin? Awesome!
    Hrm, I dun like dining in the dark too, later tertelan lalat also dont realise. I reckon the senses play a major roles in enhancing the taste of food, without proper sight, it might be a let down.

    My missus loves bamboo shoots…but I don’t eat them in case I end up woth gout. I’m conversant in Mandarin, not exactly good at it but forced to learn and use…as most of the younger lot here can only speak that ONE language – the dialects have died out…can hardly find anyone who can speak Hokkien…and don’t hope that they can speak English! That will be the day. Yup…no point having nice presentation we=hen all one can see would be shadows… 😦

  8. Looks like a romantic hideaway. Chiengmai chicken and boudoir, somehow the two seem to go well together. And the dishes look marvelous too. Good to see how Sibu has progressed!

    Eyewwwwww….. I would rather go to that place where we went to anytime – the food is a lot nicer…and it’s bright! Plus the waiters can speak English! 🙂

  9. hahaha…..u make me laugh! Dark = romantic. But I would prefer a well lit restaurant too…. just in case there are some foreign things inside my food and I could see clearly before putting into my mouth! hahaha

    Yalor… Perhaps they believe in the maxim that what you do not know wouldn’t hurt you…until you end up in the toilet! Tsk! Tsk!

  10. ish.. i saw QuaChee having PadThai yesterday.. u two memang sehati sejiwa lah..

    Where got? He had some Thai cuisine with rice – I saw the photo on Facebook…and anyway, I had the pad thai on Sunday… Hehehehehehehe!!! 😉

  11. speaking of Thai food, i can’t resist tomyam! whenever there’s tomyam stall while having lunchy, my friends don’t have to ask me “eh what are you ordering ar!”

    You’re into hot and sour stuff, eh? I’m not a fan of tom yam – a lot of local ethnic dishes that are similar, minus the smell of the bunga kantan and what not – I think I prefer those.

  12. Huh already 3rd outlet in Sibu, thought Sibu is only a pretty small town with less than 500 population and only one main street hehe. *gatal gatal cakap nanti kena marah pulak* haha. No order aTOMic Yam kah? This shows Sibu people also hot stuff lupp spicy food too.

    Ya…you’ll be surprised. Let’s wait till all those people come and then see what they have to say about Sibu. Shereen loved it here…a lot!

  13. That is why they called it candlelight dinner, Arthur. I also dont like dining in the dark because I want to see and enjoy my food. :p Dont know what goes into the mouth in the dark.

    You two? I thought only old people like me have this thing about eating in the dark… If open air, even worse! Anytime, you may get bird shit in your food… Ewekkkk!!!!

  14. Has dining in the dark reach Sibu finally? i read that it was popular in part of western Europe!! You get to dine like a blind man and were shown what you ate in the oat exit door. The chef use a combination of smell and taste in the cooking.

    Welcome to dining in the dark, Sibu!!

    It certainly looks like it – there are a few places here now…that are quite dark. For one thing, it is hard to take nice photographs of the food in the pitch darkness. Don’t mind it a bit of dim but not so dark till we cannot make out what we are eating. Tsk! Tsk! Hmmm…your first time here, I see. Welcome…and do drop by again soon. 🙂

  15. Arthur, Rose is right, this is called candlelight dinner. Romantic ma? You should hold hands with Lucy while you eating the meal. People who goes there to have a romantic time will not care what they put into their mouth. Love is blind ma, no need lights wan. hehehe

    Exactly what I said in reply to your earlier comment. I’m sure people who go to such places – food is the last thing on their minds. True or not? 😉

  16. What la you Arthur, this is a romantic place, you said you want to bring a torch light pula. hahahahhahah

    Eh, never know Sibu also got this type of cafe or restaurant, not bad, and this is the 3rd outlet, must be doing good.

    That Chieng Mai noodles do look like Sibu style fried noodles. Your pad thai look good. Lamb satay should be taste good, but it will be better if they serve the peanut sauce instead of thai cili.

    Not really nice… I wouldn’t bring you here when you come to Sibu. We’ll go to the other nicer places instead…and no need torchlight one! 😀

  17. Beware of dark eateries, coz you’ll never know what lurks inside the noodles! mwahahahaha
    Yikes, the pad thai looked horrendously smothered in tomato.

    Exactly what I told my missus – like tomato kway teow…but I did detect a little bit of extra taste – still, I don’t think I’d go back there to have that again. Not that nice…not at all. 😦

  18. Well if you bring the torch light .. it’s more checking the Identify card (IC) .. LOL.
    The satay lamb seems to be a bit burnt.
    I guess that the dim light is to not let you to see properly at the dark side….

    It’s all right with me – I like satay a bit burnt but they say it’s not good – all the carbon is supposedly worse than smoking. 😦

  19. I wouldn’t go to this kind of place. OMg, so dim. Bawak anak go there sure can jatuh wan, cuz tak nampak jalan. Dahlah I rabun teruk… later they put what on the table oso I tak nampak.

    I wouldn’t want to meet you there either – so skinny like skeleton, hair so long…. Eeeeeeeee!!!! I pengsan! Will think that 7th Month Hungry Ghost sesat – lost track of time. Muahahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  20. The ambience looks scary. Too dark. Looks like ladies finger in the chicken chiengmai. I don’t think I will step in this kind of place.

    Hah!!! You in my same category – old! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Romantic people like dining in the dark. We, not romantic, hehehe.

      No lah…to old to hiao liao!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  21. I hear the food here isn’t very good. Pricey too!

    Pricewise, quite ok…but tastewise, I think I’d rather go elsewhere…

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