Morning has broken…

On the morning of the 2nd of January, after they had spent the night at my niece’s house on Penang island, Melissa and my missus went with her and her brother – my nephew and his wife for a dim sum breakfast at this place called Old Winston along Anson Road (opposite KDU) before they sent Melissa to the teacher-training institute at Sungai Petani in Kedah. I’ve been told that it is very popular and that morning, the place was very crowded but looking at the photographs, I would not say that I’m very impressed.

These were the siew mai (meat dumplings) that they had…

Siew mai

…and just look at the egg tarts! I certainly have seen much better pastry than this…

egg tarts

The chee cheong fan looked pretty all right…

Chee cheong fan

…though I would not say that I would be drooling over it, not at all.

Judging from the skin, I guess these were lor bak

Lor bak

…but of course the test of the pudding would be in the eating.

They also had the dry version of the yong tofu

Dry yong tofu

…and the century egg porridge – I think Melissa loved this but then again, she has always been a fan of porridge served in whatever way…

Century egg porridge

They also had some fried dumplings that did not look very appetising either so I don’t think I would go through the trouble of including the photograph here.

I had some pretty good dim sum at The Red Garden, Penang Road and they definitely looked a lot better than these – the only thing was that the place was only open at night. I asked my missus whether this one was any good and she said that it was all right – nothing sensational. Well, there is one here that is immensely popular and is always crowded – all the things will run out by mid-morning…but personally, I do not think the dim sum there is all that great – the only reason for the crowd, I would think, is the fact that it is very cheap – RM10 for any three baskets/storeys. Perhaps that is the case here as well but I wouldn’t know…as I wasn’t there.