Without me…

My daughter left for Sungai Petani on 1st January…without me. My missus has a lot more time on her hands now as she has retired from work so I told her to go with Melissa instead of me this time around. After all, she has a nephew and a niece in Penang and they can help with things once they get over to the island.

They left around 11 something that morning and flew via KLIA to Penang, arriving there at around 4 or 5 in the evening. They went for dinner at this Thai restaurant

Khun Thai, Penang

…which claims to be authentic – the real thing, the newly-opened outlet on the island itself.

Of course, if you go to a Thai restaurant, you must have the tom yam…and this is the “white” or clear soup version…

Tom Yam

Melissa said their pandan chicken was a lot nicer than Ruby’s – chunkier and tastier…

Pandan chicken

…and if that is the case, it must be very very nice. I always think the ones at Ruby are very good already compared to others that I’ve tried elsewhere.

They also had the steamed siakap

Steamed siakap

…and this dish of crab glass noodles…

Crab glass noodles

…besides some fried vegetables and Thai dessert.

Melissa was obviously excited and enjoying herself as she kept sending smses to me all throughout the dinner. She and the mum spent the night at the niece/cousin’s place and did not proceed to Sungai Petani until the next morning.

My missus is back in Sibu now – after a week-long break in Penang…and Melissa has been back in her teacher-training institute for a fortnight already and is gradually readjusting and getting used to the old routine. There’s only one more year to go, anyway…so it won’t be long now.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Without me…”

  1. hahaha!! so this is not what you had.. the post seems so sourish because you can only see but cannot taste, just like what your readers can only do.. hahahaha!! maybe i shall send you my food photos and then you blog for me here~~ 😀

    Hahahahaha!!!! Running out of things to post so since I can steal some pics from my daughter’s Facebook…I just grab some to use as fillers lor. 😉 Who knows…somebody may be on the island and would like to give the place a try…

  2. You didn’t reveal to us what you food you went hunting for after being miserable from viewing all the lovely dishes your missus and daughter had! Wahahahahaha
    The Thai fish dishes is simply wonderful – a must hAve whenever I have Thai. However, I tend to opt for the santan version of the tomyum soup instead of the clear soup.

    I was at the anniversary dinner that same night: https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/coincidence/

  3. Dun have kerabu mango?

    It’s on the menu… Dunno. Maybe they did not order. I would have…and mango/durian pulut too, if they have that.

    1. There is one Khuntai in PJ. Annie also know the place. Next time we go there makan la, Arthur when you come KL.

      Cleff…the kerabu mango there manyak sedap…see one day we can go makan there. Not that pricey also. Got grilled sotong. You saw in my blog, right?

      I went there again recently. Havent got time to blog about it yet

      Yup…I saw in their website – they’ve an outlet in PJ. This is their new one on Penang island.

      1. Can, can… we go makan la… after CNY? That time sure kebuluran and food deprived like hell, so can go baham all my fav food at that place.

        That time, everyone so full and so sick of eating…would rather have plain porridge and salted fish. 😉

  4. Wow way out to Teluk Kumbar and beyond good lah no need to be so crowded in George Town. Lupp the aTOMic Yam or shall say anything Thai haha. Sabai sabai

    You like? How come I’ve met you so many times already but you’ve never taken me for anything Thai leh? 😦

    1. Come to think about it those were the days in Penang and have not been to Thai restaurant for ages coz very rare go for Thai food. Mango swam in from China one can’t take hot stuff think and can’t recall when was the last time going to Thai restaurant leh merely eating in hawker stall like tomyam noodles only. Moreover very cacat with KL, how about you lead the way to Thai next time when in KL? haha.

      So far I’ve only been to Bangkok Jam – very nice, very expensive…but a biot too dark for my liking and when I went, they were out of the Thai mango pulut dessert – so cut 10 marks already. 😦

  5. It looks as though the steamed fish has too many things on it. Can taste the flavor of the fish itself?

    Dunno, I wasn’t there to eat it. But come to think of it, my missus would do that too… Mine’s usually very simple – the bare minimum…but then again, I’m the lazy one – not too keen on preparing a whole lot of ingredients when I cook. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  6. Arthur, I love Thai food, this makes me want to go Bangkok again! I eat lots of street food there. I like them better than the food from the restaurant but there is one Quay Lo and I often go when we were there is a very old Thai Restaurant in Siam Square called Ban Khun Mae. Not 5 star but the place is nice, food taste good and price is reasonable. I love all the Thai desserts they served there.

    Hah!!! My missus and I went there once and I had to buy new trousers – ate so much that I could not buckle those that I brought from home, imagine that! Love the food there! Very very nice…

  7. The crab glass noodles look delicious…

    You think so. I wouldn’t know – never had that before. Your first time here, I see…so a warm welcome to you. Do drop by again… 🙂

  8. Melissa kept sending you sms wanting to make you “lau nuar” not knowing that you are also enjoying your anniversary dinner too, hahaha!!!!…. The pandan chicken looks nice and gosh…..the steamed siakap, so much toppings. All in all, food looks appetizing.

    No lah…she does that all the time – wherever she goes, whatever she’s doing. We’re that close… The food certainly looks good – glad that they had a nice dinner on New Year’s Day… 🙂

  9. Khunthai !! Yes , there is a branch in PJ , next time bring you there , food was awesome and not expensive !!! I think I did post some picture in FB but not blog about it . Authentic Thai food and need a lot rice to go with the dish. Yum !!

    Sigh!!! Can’t wait to go KL again… Quick! Quick! Somebody get married, or have baby and celebrate full moon…or anniversary and invite me. Need an excuse to go over! 😉

    1. This year ten years anniversary for me… but dun tink hubby is the celebrating kind.

      Is it true, what they say – that when one gets married, romance goes out of the window? So sad… 😦

      1. It’s okay, I guess… I wouldn’t be interested in having my outlaws at my anniversary dinner with me. Spoil my mood and kill my appetite aje.

        You don’t have much choice – it’s their son you married… Tsk! Tsk!

  10. hey…u never go to Penang but somehow keeping track of what they ate! Wonderful! So another one more year to go before graduating? Soon we will be hearing that you are here for the graduation ceremony! 🙂

    I certainly hope to make some trips over there before then…

  11. My favorite thai food is pad thai. I have tried tom yam and pandan chicken but not the crab glass noodles! It look delish!

    Pad Thai is what we call char kway teow here (fried flat rice noodles). I have not tried the glass noodles either… Looks a bit too dark for my liking – dunno if it’s any good.

  12. Speaking of salted fish…. kaaaaattt oh, kaaaaattt~ please buy me a few ekor ikan masin when u go back Kt ah. Tak payah keropok lekor… I just wan the ikan masin and the keropok kering.

    Don’t forget service and handling charges, tambah banyak sikit… 😉

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