Without me…

My daughter left for Sungai Petani on 1st January…without me. My missus has a lot more time on her hands now as she has retired from work so I told her to go with Melissa instead of me this time around. After all, she has a nephew and a niece in Penang and they can help with things once they get over to the island.

They left around 11 something that morning and flew via KLIA to Penang, arriving there at around 4 or 5 in the evening. They went for dinner at this Thai restaurant

Khun Thai, Penang

…which claims to be authentic – the real thing, the newly-opened outlet on the island itself.

Of course, if you go to a Thai restaurant, you must have the tom yam…and this is the “white” or clear soup version…

Tom Yam

Melissa said their pandan chicken was a lot nicer than Ruby’s – chunkier and tastier…

Pandan chicken

…and if that is the case, it must be very very nice. I always think the ones at Ruby are very good already compared to others that I’ve tried elsewhere.

They also had the steamed siakap

Steamed siakap

…and this dish of crab glass noodles…

Crab glass noodles

…besides some fried vegetables and Thai dessert.

Melissa was obviously excited and enjoying herself as she kept sending smses to me all throughout the dinner. She and the mum spent the night at the niece/cousin’s place and did not proceed to Sungai Petani until the next morning.

My missus is back in Sibu now – after a week-long break in Penang…and Melissa has been back in her teacher-training institute for a fortnight already and is gradually readjusting and getting used to the old routine. There’s only one more year to go, anyway…so it won’t be long now.