On our way home…

This post is long overdue, I know. Time does seem to fly, doesn’t it?

Well, if you still don’t know, should you happen to be flying on a domestic flight via KLIA, there is not very much that you can eat once you’re inside the departure lounge. They’ve closed down the Burger King outlet and the adjoining one selling Malaysian food. I was told that they would be opening a MarryBrown outlet instead…but when Melissa and the mum were on transit to Penang on the 1st of January, there was still no sign of it at all and should you be feeling hungry, there is no other choice besides the Jonker Walk Kopitiam.

So if you’re very hungry. you should grab a bite at one of those eateries outside at the departure level…or go down one level to the arrivals. For one thing, it is not cheap, not in the least…like that day, I had the nasi lemak special at the Asian Cafe…

KLIA nasi lemak special

…and that cost a whooping RM23.80!!!

Melissa and my missus had the assam laksa

KLIA assam laksa

…which was very much more reasonably-priced – at RM10.50 each. Melissa had that on our previous trip and she liked it a lot so she wanted to have it again that day. All in all, the bill, inclusive of drinks, came up to RM55.10 for 3 persons, believe it or not.

Our flight back home to Sibu left on schedule – no delays, thank God….and in no time at all, the stewardess started serving the in-flight meals and drinks…

MH hospitality

We had the chicken satay with fried rice…

MAS chicken satay & fried rice

…and though I wouldn’t say it was anything to die for,  it  really wasn’t too bad at all – we did enjoy it somewhat.

The cake was pretty good despite the fact that it may not look so great in the photograph…

MAS cake

…and there were those Cadbury chocolates as usual.

Hah!!! What’s with the so-pleased-with-yourself expression, Melissa?

Melissa - Ooooo!!!!

Oh? They’re serving ice cream on this flight, are they? LOL!!!

MAS ice cream 1

Chocolate-coated vanilla…

MAS ice cream 2

Yummmm!!!! We did not get any on our flight to KL…and neither did the two of them on their flight on New Year’s Day.

All in all, it was a pleasant flight and I sure am glad that they have resumed their services between KL and Sibu in place of that not-so-reliable (and they say not-so-good/comfortable) Firefly. If you book way ahead, you may get very good fares – like ours was only over RM300 return per person…or if you want it any cheaper, you can always use the other airline – as their tagline says, “Everyone can fly!”

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “On our way home…”

  1. yeah, it’s really a pity we don’t have much choice for food in airports, furthermore things are so overly charged!! wow, not bad huh, they even serve you magnum ice cream on a domestic flight?? 🙂

    Only during school holidays, I think…and for flights going out of KL. We did not get it when flying Sibu to KL. 😦 Ya…things are really unreasonably expensive at Malaysia airports…even at the lousy cafe that we have in Sibu. 😦

  2. Magnum ice cream!! i love these ice creams, but specifically the almond flavoured one 😛 .. will go everywhere to buy one when the craving comes.. #pregnantisaac.

    Oh gosh! You’re pregnant? Gee! What is this world coming to… LOL!!! 😀

  3. i flew with mas a few times before. and yeah their service and food is definitely better than the “everyone can fly”. but then i succumbed to the latter cos of their muchy more affordable fares. what to do, i am still a student ma.

    “Everyone can fly” has very good food now…but of course, you have to pay. Not too bad – between RM8.50 and RM12.00, anytime cheaper than at the airports…and the service is much better than when they first started. I don’t mind flying Air Asia now, can buy seats…not like when it was a mad rush like running for the bus.

    1. For me, AA’s Lasi Lemak and sandwich tasted nicer than Mas’s.

      I like the nasi lemak and the bryani – never tried the sandwiches. I bought the focaccia for my missus on her flight back and she said it was very nice.

  4. Wow wow wow what is the difference a whooping RM23.80 and your RM1.50 nasi lemak in Sibu? Both also got kacang, kang hu kia, telur, sambal gravy. Ah the nasi could be of different grade and the dearer one is per biji basis and not per bowl compared to the RM1.50?

    Actually, the ones I usually have in Sibu taste a whole lot nicer… I guess somebody is having very fat well-stuffed pockets… 😦 But in comparison, it’s less than NZ$10…so it is much cheaper than when you eat at Malaysian restaurants in New Zealand. Ouch, Shereen Ghwee! Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. this reminds me that I havent had nasi lemak for a long time already…hmmm…tmw must go cari nasi lemak kakaka

      Actually I think I’ve had enough over the whole of last year – not that keen on nasi lemak anymore and that would be another reason why I would not have bought it, other than the price, of course. Will not be having it for a while…

  5. I am still flabbergasted as to why that little building is still allowed to serve the most expensive lil’ foods and snacks on the basis that if a person has money to fly, he/she could bloody well afford to pay excessive prices. Even the McD outlet is allowed to charge much higher than all the other McD outlets in the country.

    Yup…and it isn’t so bad if it’s KLIA or even an airport like Sibu’s but at the rectangular godown-like building they call LCCT, it is absolutely ridiculous.

  6. What ? A whopping 23.80? I’d rather starve n wait for inflight food. I don’t understand why KLIA won’t improve on their food offerings. I know rental is expensive but I do think they can do a lot better.

    Penang Airport not much better – they’ve only got McDs…and the very expensive Coffee Bean. At least LCCT now has Old Town…and Passage to India and the rest – dunno about the prices though as I did not go there to eat.

  7. You photographic skill is great, making even lousy airline foods look appetizing. It looks like you didn’t use flash so what camera did you use?

    Canon iXUS 120. I never use flash unless I do not have a choice – don’t like. Photos come out looking very unnatural.

  8. I will not pay that kind of money that plate of nasi lemak. Way too expensive. You can get the same plate from the mak cik stall for RM 2.00. Price of food is really expensive at KLIA.

    I wouldn’t either. My missus went to buy… 😦

  9. Air Asia surely will not have all these goodies.. cakes and ice cream! Anyway, I seldom eat on the plane.. unless long long journey..

    You can buy…but not cakes and ice cream. They’ve sandwiches and pancakes.

  10. Wah…you have expensive taste leh these days! $23.80 for a nasi lemak and you didn’t bat an eyelid at the price? OK, no more crying ‘ poor ‘ from now on, AW! You’re a quiet filthy rich towkay! Hah!!!

    Oh no!!! Not me!!! My missus! She went to buy the food… Kinda worrying as she has retired but does not seem to have adjusted and changed her spending habits. Now on pension like me – not that much money to go round anymore so should scrimp and save… 😦

    1. Yoong, This is a good one!! Ya lor, every time said he poor man, cannot afford this and that but willijng to pay RM23.80 for a nasi lemak. I am the poor one here. I won’t eat anything at KLIA unless I am starving!! hehehe….

      Nah!!! You’re so rich, can afford to fly 1st class one… You would not eat because everything sub-standard, no class one…not up to your expectations. Muahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

      1. Now that we know he is really, really a very, very rich man, this tycoon should take care of all his friends’ makan bills from now on, heh heh! I will also sayang him a little less, too, from now on….rich lah he,muahahaaaa!!

        No problem, no problem at all…just that I would have to starve for a month or two after that! Where got rich, this poor retired teacher…surviving on my measly pension from day to day? But no hutang people money, good enough already lah… praise the Lord. 😉

      2. Oh Oh STP you’re in trouble, spilling your own beans kena wikileaks sendiri. Later all of us would not be surprised to know STP owns almost half the land in Sibu or half of the landed properties in Sibu don’t play play. If that is the case RM23.80 is just like RM2.38 to him only ai ya yo chicken feed lah wet wet the water.

        You know me lah…such a simple man. You look at me…you say I’m rich or not? Sure you will say ok only lah, can get by and definitely not rich. These women ah!!! Give a bit of spark, they’ll start a whole big fire! Luckily we men are not like that hor? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      3. No rich person would admit he/she is rich.

        Haiyar! Show me an ordinary teacher who is rich – not unless he has some sideline like opening a tuition school or some kind of business outside. Many of them do that but unfortunately, not me. I’m not so enterprising… 😦 In Hokkien, they say this about teacher’s income – “Ciak bay pa, gor bay see!” (Eat not full, starve wouldn’t die) 😦

      4. Oh, you are wrong, we live on credit one and we cannot afford to pay cash for the tickets so we redeem wan. Not like some retired teacher so cash rich!! muahahaha

        Not cash rich…just got a bit to go from one hand to the other….kocek kosong! 😦

  11. I won’t pay RM23.80 for a plate of Nasi Lemak. Kill me better! If I am traveling alone without my Quay Lo, I usually stuffed myself at home before I get on the plane. I don’t even eat the food on the plane if on short flights because they are tasteless. For long flights, I have no choice but I have yet to eat something on the plane that I can say it is delicious, not even in first class. They are better than those in Economy class but I still cannot bring myself to say the food is delicious lah.

    Sigh!!! I don’t even know what 1st class looks like…much less what special food or service there is. Poor people like me – food in economy class, I also say very nice and I always enjoy eating. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  12. RM23.80 for a simple plate of Nasi Lemak and without any drink ? That’s really cutting throat. With that amount, I would rather have a nice and hearty meal in Coffee Bean.

    Yes, I’ve had breakfast at Coffee Bean – more or less the same price…and free flow of coffee. Much nicer, more worth it…but no Coffee Bean at KLIA – only at LCCT. 😦

  13. Cut throat price for the nasi lemak. That is what we called airport food mah, No surprise it cost that much. I would never have my meal at airport. Anyway I like the ice cream.

    I will usually eat…to pass the time and if there are things that we cannot get in Sibu but I would not pay so much for some sub-standard nasi lemak. My missus lah…always follows the heart, not the mind. Once she’s decided that’s what she wants or what she thinks I want, that’s it! 😦

  14. Wow!! RM23.80 for nasi lemak?? Almost like Madam Kwan’s nasi lemak price!!

    I always said, why those eateries / restaurant in KLIA, taste not good and expensive. Not like other country, airport serve good food, althought it is “airport price” at least we enjoy the food and willing to paid the price. That’s why everytime, we will just had it at Mcd, at least the taste standard, but of course we still have to paid a little extra. 😦

    I love magnum, the one coated with almond, nice!

    I would go to KFC…just slightly more expensive than outside but my daughter wanted the assam laksa and mana tahu, my missus went and bought that very expensive plate of nasi lemak…and it’s not even great! Wah!!! Madam Kwan’s also so expensive kah?

  15. Yeah, daylight robbery indeed! Wonder what’s so special about the nasi lemak…With that price, I’ll rather have the nasi bojari at madam Kwan’s 🙂 If the food is super delicious, understandable…but F&B in Malaysia airports, KLIA & LCCT, are so expensive – and not nice! Unlike HK airport, the food are nice, even passengers on transit longed to eat there! I just had nasi lemak with paru and kerang, RM3.50 from the market this morning. And to tell the truth, it looked more delicious than the nasi lemak special 😛

    What to do? When you have to check out of hotels at noon…and take a cab to the airport…no time for breakfast or lunch first and the flight isn’t till later and no car to go and eat at any place around there – no choice lor…just have to fork out the money and eat something. But of course, if it had been me, I wouldn’t roder that expensive plate of nasi lemak – my missus did it, not me!

  16. ice cream on flight! super nice:D if only they do this more often. yet to come across ice cream in any of my flights. grrrrrr.

    These little things sure mean a lot… And imagine – you pay the same fare or sometimes even more to fly KL-Penang, and all you get is a drink and a miserable little packet of peanuts – can count how many inside… 😦

  17. oh…takde business in KLIA sampai outlet also can tutup?

    Rm300 for flying such a short distance is quite pricey eh. Sigh…income not increasing but our cost of living over here is damn scary now.

    Short, you say? Two hours…and sometimes you pay more to fly from KL to Penang. Everything inclusive…. Air Asia may be cheap, but you buy this and that…sometimes it may be more expensive. Chinese New Year tickets over RM800 one-way, my dear…and some unlucky ones booked over RM1,000.

    P.S. If it’s bad for you, it’s worse for poor pensioners like me… Where got can have holidays overseas – at best, can go KL… 😦

  18. wow a plate of nasi lemak is around 24 ringgit? that really burns your pocket :/ i hope it tastes heavenly good, at least to satisfy you lol

    Latest: CNY Buffet; Eat ALL You Can!

    Not really – just the usual. I’ve tasted many a whole lot better. My missus went ahead and bought at that ridiculous price – I would do no such thing. 😦

  19. rm23.80 for a Nasi Lemak!? Surely that’s overpriced.
    Our recent Sibu-KL return flights were about RM600 per person. Talk about inflated CNY prices!

    Last I checked, the cheap airline – over RM800… I hear there are people paying over RM1K one way. At those fares, I would rather not come back – can use the money for other things…a lot nicer.

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