On our way home…

This post is long overdue, I know. Time does seem to fly, doesn’t it?

Well, if you still don’t know, should you happen to be flying on a domestic flight via KLIA, there is not very much that you can eat once you’re inside the departure lounge. They’ve closed down the Burger King outlet and the adjoining one selling Malaysian food. I was told that they would be opening a MarryBrown outlet instead…but when Melissa and the mum were on transit to Penang on the 1st of January, there was still no sign of it at all and should you be feeling hungry, there is no other choice besides the Jonker Walk Kopitiam.

So if you’re very hungry. you should grab a bite at one of those eateries outside at the departure level…or go down one level to the arrivals. For one thing, it is not cheap, not in the least…like that day, I had the nasi lemak special at the Asian Cafe…

KLIA nasi lemak special

…and that cost a whooping RM23.80!!!

Melissa and my missus had the assam laksa

KLIA assam laksa

…which was very much more reasonably-priced – at RM10.50 each. Melissa had that on our previous trip and she liked it a lot so she wanted to have it again that day. All in all, the bill, inclusive of drinks, came up to RM55.10 for 3 persons, believe it or not.

Our flight back home to Sibu left on schedule – no delays, thank God….and in no time at all, the stewardess started serving the in-flight meals and drinks…

MH hospitality

We had the chicken satay with fried rice…

MAS chicken satay & fried rice

…and though I wouldn’t say it was anything to die for,  it  really wasn’t too bad at all – we did enjoy it somewhat.

The cake was pretty good despite the fact that it may not look so great in the photograph…

MAS cake

…and there were those Cadbury chocolates as usual.

Hah!!! What’s with the so-pleased-with-yourself expression, Melissa?

Melissa - Ooooo!!!!

Oh? They’re serving ice cream on this flight, are they? LOL!!!

MAS ice cream 1

Chocolate-coated vanilla…

MAS ice cream 2

Yummmm!!!! We did not get any on our flight to KL…and neither did the two of them on their flight on New Year’s Day.

All in all, it was a pleasant flight and I sure am glad that they have resumed their services between KL and Sibu in place of that not-so-reliable (and they say not-so-good/comfortable) Firefly. If you book way ahead, you may get very good fares – like ours was only over RM300 return per person…or if you want it any cheaper, you can always use the other airline – as their tagline says, “Everyone can fly!”