On the move…

They had a stall at a shop beside a traffic-light junction along the horribly-congested Lanang Road and my daughter and I did drop by to eat a couple of times but I was never really keen owing to the heavy traffic and the parking problems in the vicinity. Then they opened another stall at this coffee shop in the town centre called Lot 10…and it was even worse where traffic and parking were concerned…so I never did manage to go there to eat. Now, they’ve opened their own shop…

Ah Sian, Sibu

…in the Tunku Osman vicinity (below Kasturi Restaurant and next to the nyonya restaurant in the same block).

A number of people had asked me but it was the sms from a friend (from out of town) asking me if I had gone to try their beef noodles that caught my attention. I told him I had not but I had had them before at their original location. He said that he heard the noodles were really good and of course, after that, I made a beeline to the place to see what the excitement was all about. So there we were early one morning – my missus, my daughter and me.

My daughter had the soup version with the beef and noodles and nothing else…

Ah Sian beef noodles, beef only

…while my missus had the special – with the beef tendons (gu kin) and the stomach (gu tor) added…

Ah Sian beef noodles special

I had the kampua kosong (without meat)…

Ah Sian kampua kosong

…and the gu bak cheng (literally meaning “clear beef soup” – that is the soup without the noodles)…

Ah Sian gu bak cheng

We all liked what we had…and in fact, my daughter went back there to eat again with my missus a day or two before she left for Sungai Petani.

I would think they were pretty good too but what put me off was the car wash next door – when they started vacuuming  the cars, it got really noisy…and I could not wait to finish eating and get out of the place…and besides, at the end of the day, after one has eaten the ngui chap in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, I don’t think any beef noodles anywhere would ever come close (even though they tell me that they use buffalo meat there) – I wonder when I will ever get the chance to go over and enjoy that again… Sighhhhhh!!!

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44 thoughts on “On the move…”

  1. kampua! STP’s all time favourite eh? Have you done a post comparing side by side all the past kampuas you have had? It would be interesting to see the difference in photos.. XD

    They’ll look more or less the same. LOL!!! The difference is usually in the taste – what looks good may not taste good.

  2. hmmm, looks good.. the kampua noodles seems to be springy and this is the 218th time you are posting the photo of kampua noodles in your blog?? haha.. i think it’s nice to go with the beef soup huh??

    They serve it like this in Kuching too – dunno KL or elsewhere. Well, springy isn’t the word – kampua noodles are not meant to be springy as they do not add when we call “kee” (a lot in yellow noodles – that’s why ours not so yellow). The secret to good kampua is not to overcook or overboil it. Must be just right. A bit too long, it becomes soggy…and undercook it, the texture’s not soft enough. This is what “draws the line between the boys and the men”. 😉

  3. Used to be my favorite, the one at Penang bus station in Weld Quay but not any more, it was a trade off with the fag. Stopped puffing same time stopped beefing..very strange..~:).

    Wah!!! No wonder so slim and fit! No nicotine, no red meat… What else? Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. Bananaz’s vegemeatarian. No lamb, no beer, no iced drinks, probably no pork in future..haha.

      Aiyorrrrrr…..I don’t have the discipline. So you’re very healthy, never fall sick one lah? 😉

  4. A new beef noodle place! 😀
    I know the place.
    It shall be the first thing I check out when I come back in a couple of days.
    I can’t wait! 🙂

    P/S – Ngui chap is made with buffalo meat? I didn’t know that! Interesting.

    Give me a tinkle. Will join you if I can get away. Well, that was what they told me when I last had it – so nice…and cooked by Filipino workers – very common in KK.

  5. I don’t think I have ever tried beef noodles in Malaysia although the Muar or Tangkak beef noodles is very famous and popular in Melaka. I never like eating beef in Malaysia due to the strong smell. Does this taste like those Taiwanese Beef noodles..a bit spicy? One more thing, aiyer..why so oily one the soup?

    Nope, we have those Taiwanese beef noodles – they have at Rasa Sayang. Didn’t I order for you people to try? I personally do not like those. Not oily lah – beef noodles, they do not add oil. It must be the fluorescent lights – we went very early and that morning was wet and gloomy so all the lights were on. That’s why I prefer to take photos in natural light – none of those unwanted reflections. 😦

  6. Kampua anytime!! Ngow Chap.. I can leave that behind.. hahaha… Yearning to eat the kampua noodles and the pian sips?? Did I get it correct? 🙂

    No worries! You’ll be here long enough…so you can have all you want.

    1. Claire..sibu’s pan sip very nice leh..the best!! very lembut n soft. when u telan cannot even feel it slide down ur throat!!

      Yalor…much nicer than wantons!!! Hehehehehe!!!! ‘)

  7. I LOVE beef noodles. I always crave for those I had in my hometown, Ipoh. I have never tasted any like that in KL in the past 40 years. Those beef noodles look like to die for. Can’t wait to taste them.

    The stall at the kopitiam below the hotel where you all will be staying is quite good – I had it once…but it’s more expensive than elsewhere – RM5.00 then, dunno now… 😦

    1. I LOVE beef noodles, too! And ngau chap! The ones from the photos do look yummy.
      Quay Po Cooks:There are a couple of stalls in KL which are not too bad (at least the best that I can find), but I’m sure there are better ones elsewhere. Where are the good beef noodles in Ipoh?

      I think the good ones are around the Jalan Petaling area…and the one at Lot 10 Hutong is a famous one too…and then there’s this roadside stall at Tengkat Tong Shin. Never tried any of these – never had beef noodles in KL since the mid-80s when I used to go to the coffee shop – same block as the original Popular Bookstore, Jalan Petaling – the other end of the block. It was VERY nice….

      1. Arthur, the one at Lot 10 Hutong is a branch of the original shop in Petaling Street. But they’re famous for the dry version. Their soup version is lousy. There’s another in Petaling street, a stall situated in a coffee shop that serves good soup version of beef noodles. That’s my favourite. Hhmm, the one you mentioned – same block as Popular, I believe it no longer exists – or moved somewhere, dunno.

        Yup…it’s no longer there…for a long time now. I went back to look for it maybe in the 90s or 2000+ but it was nowhere to be found. The coffee shop was still there at the time, dunno now.

    1. Me dun take pork and those geli amphibians like katak. In other words, I more ngam wif halal food. Ling dun take lembu because she’s a buddhist, against her religion to take beef. But very easy to feed the kucing’s family. They semua pun baham. LOL!

      Yalor… Me too but no katak for me as well! Eeeeeee!!!! LOL!!! 😀

  8. i don’t really mum beef nowadays due to religion beliefs. so yeah, no tempting. pfft.

    Oh? I thought you’re Catholic. Lots of Catholics in Malacca… So no steaks, no beef rendang…all the yummy stuff? Kesian!!! 😀

    1. Jahat lah u… leave Annant alone. Kesian her. =.=”’ Come, Annant… dun cry, Auntie sayang sayang u back. This evil man memang liddat, jahat wan…

      What? What? I’m only stating my opinion mah. KFC chicken burger, where got can compete with McD’s beef burger? Chicken satay…also not as nice a s beef satay… What to do? Some people cannot eat because of health or religion…like our friends who cannot eat pork.

  9. Oohh the stall seems to be doing very well eh? From stall to own shop!! The kampua noodles look good!! I still haven’t had the chance to try it yet 😛

    Humph!!! Tired of asking you and Saucer to come to Sibu liao… Went to Thailand instead, I see… 😦

  10. This beef noodles is the same one as the one at Lot 10? I have tried Lot 10 one, very nice, i like. I am like you, order the clear beef soup and with a plate of kampua, so nice and yummy!!!

    I don’t take stomach or or what ever, so everytime i will just order plain beef meat.

    Aarrggg…look at the plate of kampua, look so good and nice. I am hungry!! Must go and find something for my stomach now.

    Yup! Same one…but on your next trip to Sibu, you must come here. Somebody else is running the beef noodle stall at Lot 10 and I hear that they’re not good. Ya…kampua’s calling youuuuuu!!!!! LOL!!! 😀

  11. Mmmmm…nice beef noodles; I also like the Vietnamese pho with raw beef, do you?

    I’ve tried the Vietnamese ones a couple of times but did not find any that I really liked – kind of very mild. I prefer the beef broth thick and fragrant…like the ones in KK – you can smell it from a mile away. Yummmm!!!! Ours also pale in comparison. 😦

  12. All looks equally nice. Am a great fan of noodles, being it beef, kolo, fried, you mentioned them I love them all. Used to eat Ah Mui beef noodles at Open Air market but now it is not as nice as before.

    Yes, Ah Mui was my favourite in the 70s…until once when I went one night and the soup tasted like salted veg soup. Never again. I think the one at the coffee shop at the end of Harbour View Hotel block is related – theirs isn’t too bad either. I also like the stall at Peterson Cafe (next to Satok Market, fruits section)…but I would usually go there for the hay pia – best in Kuching, best in the world!

  13. Not a beef person, but won’t mind hv a big bowl of Kampua and the clear soup really appetizing, my husband will love it!

    Come on over! Any plans of doing that anytime soon? 😉

    1. Dun be surprised if Alice oso jumped onto the plane. She’s also one of our makan kakis, Cikgu.

      Then I cuci tangan liao…. Everybody can arrange everything themselves. I cannot cope with so many people.

      Just like my students during CNY visiting – coming in big groups of 30-40…glass also tak cukup and no maid, hope to cope with the washing and the serving. But they liked it that way! One group in the house, another group coming – sit on the floor also ok – passing cakes and cookies around themselves, mess up the whole floor…and another group waiting outside. Thank goodness I’ve retired…

  14. Mi sapi! sedapnya. One of my personal favourites. but cannot too often.

    Oh? You’re very health-conscious, I guess… Yup, not too much red meat and not too often. Same goes to satay and the usual suspects.

  15. Bananaz:I couldn’t agree with you more that the beef soup noodles were good before at
    the food court in Weld Quay. I found a place better that is across Jalan Perak, adjacent to Penang Buddhist Association.

    I go Penang so many times, nobody ever took me to eat the nice beef noodles there leh? I’m sure not as nice as KK’s…. 😉

  16. Is ur anak eating well in SP? My dad been complaining that SP tak banyak nice place to eat. He even said KL had better food.

    Rubbish! I like a lot of places in SP – the food anytime nicer than KL and a whole lot cheaper…even cheaper than Sibu. Only thing is the places are scattered all over – no transport, very hard to get around. Taxi – all jalopies, no aircon…and yet charge so much…and buses not reliable…plus it’s not a very clean place. All in all, in comparison, Sibu is heaps better….

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