I can’t remember who it was that told me that when I’m at KLCC, I should drop by Aquaria as it is really worth a visit.


Well, we were at KLCC recently…

KLCC Christmas 2011

– me, my missus and Melissa…

Melissa @ KLCC KL

…and the two of them went to Aquaria…

Melissa @ Aquaria

…while I waited at the food court. Entrance was RM35.oo per head for locals.

Melissa had a great time – there were otters…

Aquaria otters

…an albino python…

Aquaria albino python

…water rats…

Aquaria water rat

…all kinds of sea creatures…

Aquaria sea creatures

…and of course, lots of fish of all colours, shapes and sizes…

Aquaria fish

She was thrilled, of course, to get the opportunity to touch the shark!

They told me it is a much nicer place than the Underwater World at Langkawi or Sentosa in Singapore – I don’t know about that but I am pretty sure that it is a whole lot cheaper than Kelly Tarlton’s in Auckland, New Zealand. I wonder what the others who have been to all these places think…

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21 thoughts on “Fish…”

  1. i am one that has never visited the aquaria although i’ve been walking past this place many many many numerous infinity times!! haha.. errr, first it’s the entrance of RM35, second it really doesn’t sound any interesting to me.. :p

    I wouldn’t have bothered asking my daughter to go if somebody did not tell me it was worth going, better than Langkawi or Sentosa, he said. Well, definitely better than the one in Auckland – mostly fake…not worth it and soooooooo much more expensive! NZ$34 – convert that to our currency. 😦

    1. Yea… too expensive la. 😦 I wanted to bring my boy there not long ago, but decided against it when I see the entrance fees. Charge so mahal, better add a bit more go to Sunway Lagoon. Sana oso can see animals…ada mini zoo and can go for rides and swim too.

      The place where I slipped right upon entering the place after buying the tickets – actually, it was raining, the tiles were wet and I was standing there…and I just started sliding on the slippery tiles and slipped off the edge…and broke my arm bone – split into two when my elbow hit the edge of the steps. I went to Assunta – they did not want to do much as I would be flying home the next day, charged around RM200 plus…went to government hospital in Sibu and after TWO months in a cast, the bone did not rejoin…had to go for surgery at private hospital in Kuching, spent over RM1k. Wrote to Sunway for compensation…they paid me RM200 plus 10 free tickets to go to that darn place. I swore I would never ever step in that place again as long as I live!!! But count my blessings – I was not one of those who fell of the rides….read of such cases in the papers at one time.

  2. I was here many years ago, when the entrance fee was only RM20/25.. Didn’t really think it was that great though.. but I guess for first timer, it would be quite fascinating.

    I guess at that time, it wasn’t really much either… My daughter enjoyed herself and was very happy that she went.

  3. Apa? tarak big sotong and crab? Aisay… no fun la… I think they would look delicious, even in aquariums! LOL!

    LOL!!! That’s why I did not bother to go in – the only time I love seafood is when it is cooked and waiting to be eaten. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  4. I visited the place last year, main purpose was to show ocean life to my son, but he fell asleep halfway during the tour… well…. :S

    Must be dark and cosy and cold inside – very sleep-conducive… LOL!!! 😀 My daughter’s into nature – animals, birds, sea creatures…she loves them all – too much National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Me…I’m only interested in them when cooked and ready to be eaten! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  5. Didn’t even know there is an attraction to visit in KLCC. Might put on that on the list for my next visit in 2013.

    There’s also the Science Centre there…but dunno if it’s any good. Went to the National Science Centre once – so far…and so disappointing! 2013? Check Air Asia website and grab some cheap tickets to come to Sibu for a couple of days… I’m sure you’ll love it here!

  6. No wonder you did not want to go. The never ending walk that seems to go round and round and nothing much to do except looking at the creatures in their aquarium. It is definitely cold inside there and once you exit the place: greeted by the fumes from the car exhaust as you make the long walk back to KLCC through the car park. Been there once and that was about 6 years ago. Hope by now, there are additional things there. Been to Underwater world in Langkawi. Feels that it is not as nice as it used to be….

    After my daughter and the mum reappeared, we went out and walked in the open back to Suria KLCC instead of going through the car park – nice – fresh air right after the rain and 4 something already, cool. Well, at least my daughter loved it and enjoyed herself there. I’ve been to Langkawi’s and Sentosa’s – both pretty much the same…but Sentosa’s has a travelator – just stand there and move, no need to walk… LOL!!! 😀 Both better than Auckland’s by a mile!

  7. worth? seriously? =S
    i never been there even though I visited klcc so many times.
    probably due to the price or something.
    but the feedbacks I got definitely not good?
    they said it is for foreign tourists to go, since it is not cheap and not much to see?
    LOL. perhaps i never give it a chance to try. =S

    I guess you’re more into shopping and stuff and birds in short skirts…not into undersea creatures. I would be more into food more than anything else, of course… LOL!!!

  8. Aquaria? Ooops boh chai. Never visited the friends there. Great have to wait for someone all the way from Sibu to tell this Bananaz of Jupiter my oh my…~;). tQ for being the local guide haha. BTW Bananaz lupp to watch animals on TV maybe just too comfortable to be in the cave.

    I’m not even crazy over those shows – had to subscribe as my daughter loves to watch. Now, all cancelled already. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  9. I have been to Underwater World at Langkawi many many years ago.Back then my hubby was in gov’t service and he had 3 year passage. Entrance fee to Underwater World was pricy too but I forgot how much it was liaw. I think it looks more or less the same.

    I also enjoyed that same privilege – free passage every three years…and that’s why we went to Langkawi a few times…but to Underwater World, once only. Once enough already lah, all the same… It was quite good unlike many other attractions in Langkawi e.g. the Butterfly Farm. Not well-maintained, really miserable then…dunno now.

  10. What a coincidence , we went there last week foe the second time as boys requested . First time I found it look ” wow wow” to me . But after visit the one at Seoul, I think this one just so so and smaller . I’ve been to Sydney And Langkawi one . KL consider not too bad la .

    Wait , my post still not coming up . 😦 have to find time and now I realize my Korea trip still not finished . Aaarrrgggg!

    Your Korea trip? Aiyorrrrrr….!!!! History lor! That seems like sooooo very long ago. LOL!!! I still have bits and pieces from my KL trip… Maybe I’ll just forget about it. Too long already…

  11. I went to Aquaria several times (mostly for events) but once I went with a couple of friends coz they wanted to go. I didn’t think it was very special, maybe coz I’ve been there heaps of times before.

    Definitely not down my alley. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all… As far as I’m concerned, I can think of many better ways to spend the money.

  12. Eeee..why u put that snake pic up?…geli lar!! Been to Aquaria n it was free as we followed my sister’s school trip. Been to Langkawi’s,Perth’s,Melbourne’s n Sydney’s, bangkok’s n phuket’s too but in my opinion Kelly Tartlon’s one is the best just because of the penguins enclosure and also the stingray’s display.Even the travelator around the main aquarium is pretty good now.I can stand infront of the penguin’s enclosure for hours!!!

    Kelly…what tart? Muahahahaha!!!! Your homeground, so must support kao-kao? Dunno now…but when we went, I myself thought it was such a disappointment – Singapore and Langkawi were much better…and when Melissa came out of Aquaria that day and I asked her how it was, she said immediately that it was better than Kelly Tarlton’s. For one thing, it was sooooo very expensive – for the three of us, with the money, we can have a full-course Chinese dinner here in Sibu – and that’s how I like those sea creatures best – cooked and eaten! LOL!!! 😀

  13. I have been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in US but not the aquaria in my own country (Malu lah). Actually dollar to dollar, the ticket cost the same. USD32.95 vs. RM35.00 for adults.

    Pengsan! That’s one reason why I did not go in – and since my missus wanted to go, I just let her go with Melissa… Even RM35 is way too steep for someone like me who’s not really interested in those things…unless they’re cooked and ready to be eaten. 😉 Would be such a waste of money, I think…

  14. hey! you did not go in? WHY? :O .. should go in for the experience

    No interest, VERY expensive…and the word “walk” does not exist in my vocabulary! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  15. Such a beautiful place! I love the Christmas decors and the huge Christmas trees!

    KL is nice around Christmas and Chinese New Year…but they say, Singapore is nicer. Used to go to see the Orchard Road lights…but not any more. Too expensive to go there… 😦

  16. I also wont go in… RM35 is too much for a local to pay… why dont they lower the rates so that we locals can enjoy what our own country is offering…. anyway, educational for the young to go in… I will be like u… let the young explore.. after all, we are veterans already.. hahaa… kiamsiap!

    Not kiam siap lah… Just sensible and wise. Money does not come easy so shouldn’t spend anyhow. Ya…they should have cheap rates for students…and senior citizens. Here, only RM10 difference – non-Malaysians pay RM45. At the Sarawak Cultural Village, I think the Sarawakians pay a lot less than visitors from elsewhere.

  17. i have never been there! but i have the hands-on experience of them when i was at Sabah. i even touched a blue starfish ❤

    Yup, we had that in Sabah too – Pulau Gaya…you can touch anything as much as you like…free of charge!

  18. ermm..i thought is 20 plus? Well, i guess that was many years back because i remembered when I was there, I still need to bottle feed my little girl…ahahhahah

    Everything’s shooting up to the skies now… 😦

  19. we have not been to aquaria too, because entrance is kinda mahal hor…

    It certainly is… I guess it’s ok for people with kids to be entertained. I wouldn’t wanna go there myself… 😦

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