I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation from John, a schoolmate of mine – we were in the same form in school but he was in the science stream while I was in the arts. His parents were celebrating their platinum jubilee  (70th wedding anniversary) and his father, his 90th birthday as well on New Year’s Day, 1st January…

Anniversary & birthday dinner

Coincidentally, they were Julia‘s maternal grandparents – some of you may know that Julia would comment quite regularly in my blog and she’s currently studying in Perth, Western Australia and is presently home for the summer holidays. I guess John would be her uncle then?

Well, in keeping with the tradition, dinner commenced with the longevity noodles – the mee sua, the fried version…

Kingwood fried mee sua

…with the “golden” eggs.

Then, there was the chicken soup…

Kingwood chciken soup

I was wondering why, since they were serving the soup, they did not serve the mee sua with it instead of frying it separately.

This was followed by the Four Seasons…

Kingwood Four Seasons ++

…but it looked like they had multiple seasons as they had a whole lot of everything in the dish.

Then came the duck stuffed with glutinous rice…

Kingwood stuffed duck

…which was quite all right but I had better ones elsewhere.

The steamed fish was very nice though…

Kingwood steamed fish

…and despite it being such a huge chunk, it was nice and soft.

I did not try the fish maw with vegetables…

Kingwood fish maw with vegetables

…but I had quite a lot of their cereal prawns…

Kingwood cereal prawns

– I thought they were pretty nice.

Lastly, they had the fruit platter and the traditional Chinese deep fried pancake…

Kingwood deep fried pancake

All in all, the food was good enough – I understand it came up to over RM450 a table. I do believe that for that same amount of money, we would be able to get something much better at a smaller restaurant but those smaller ones would not be able  to cope with such a huge crowd – 80 tables altogether in the grand ballroom of one of the leading hotels in town. Service was lacking as they only had a few part-timers trying to cope desperately with the serving of the food and also the drinks.

There were some entertaining moments for example when all the grandchildren, including Julia, went up on stage (and filled it to the brim) and sang and danced to the song “Celebration”  (KC & the Sunshine Band). I was sitting very far from the stage and was too lazy to walk all the way to the front so lucky Julia – I did not manage to snap a photo of her in action. LOL!!! There was a very good jazz band in attendance – and I thought they must have brought them in from Kuching or some place as we do not have one in Sibu or not that I know of  but Julia said that they were her cousins, all still in school… Gee! That certainly was a surprise – they were really very good!

I certainly had a delightful evening and a great start to the new year that evening – thanks so much, John, for the invitation…

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30 thoughts on “Coincidence…”

  1. i am berry looking forward to many hearty chinese melas when im back for CNY hehe

    Back to Malacca for CNY? Week-long break like in the schools and colleges?

  2. Wow, they’ve been together for quite some time. My parents have been together for forty-three years or is that forty four. They have a way to go before they catch up with them.

    Everything looks wonderful. I’m fascinated with the four seasons dish. Do you know why they call it that?

    No idea. It seems that’s the name used in the western parts of my country where they would only have four selections in that dish. Here, we either call it leng pua” (cold dish) where it would be served cold – in the old days, they used to have cold cuts of meat, steamed chicken and so on…and this one here is heated underneath and kept warm so we call it sio pua (hot plate). Ya…I would have to live up till 100 to celebrate my platinum jubilee – doesn’t seem too promising, I’m afraid… 😦

  3. Aiseh… this year my hubby and I baru 10 years together…kenot celebrate big big like this.

    Still a long way to my golden, much less my platinum… 😦

    1. Eh? U got married late issit? How long have you been married? My parents have been married for 28 years going on 29 this year.

      More or less the same time as your parents…in my late 20s, my missus in her mid-20s. I think people marry a lot later these days…if they have the choice.

  4. to be able to live past 80 is a real blessing, what more 90 smth.
    four seasons…. i thought we only have two seasons here – rain or shine. 😛 looks good!
    seems like a lot of kids from sibu are pursuing studies overseas – lucky batch! 😀
    that deep fried pancake is my fave. reminds me of the triangle ones over here…

    The triangle? Those samosa’s? I guess they’re more or less something like that. Yup…many students here get to study overseas either on government scholarship or FAMA (father and mother’s account). Sigh…I wonder if I will ever make it past 80 or not… 😦

    1. the samosas with sweet yam fillings…. not the curry potatoes filling – though i lovvvve the latter too.!! 😀

      if u practise healthy eating and living, for sure u can make it way past that number 😉

      Not a fan of samosas…nor these fried pancakes. I prefer the or nee – the sticky yam paste pudding – that one I like! Hmmmm….the living part’s fine with me – be happy always…but minus the eating, how to be happy? Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. can find lots of or nee in brickfields 😛

        Oh? Here, only when we go and eat full-course dinners at restaurants and even then, not all the time. 😦

  5. hmm, so it’s a small world right, you probably only know your relatives from the cyber world, haha.. wow, what a big occassion!! love the stuffed duck and the steam fish, delicious!! 🙂

    Not really. My relatives and I do keep in close contact…but via cyber world as cheaper than smses or calls – we have our own closed group on Facebook. I have not had the stuffed duck for a long while – maybe not really the trend these days. Used to get that very often in the past as banquets like this one.

  6. How wonderful to be able to stay married for 70 years!! I wonder what is their secret? Nowadays people find it hard to stay married for even 2 years, can pass 7 years itch, consider a big achievement.

    Yes, marriage was a lifetime commitment in the old days – for better or for worse. These days, better think carefully before taking the plunge… 😦

    1. Tell me all about it, Quay Po… I think… I’m lucky enough to be still shacked in the eternal bondage. Hahaha… I’ve been together with my husband for 9 going on 10 years now…I dunno about other people’s recipe for staying together for so long, but mine is because I am a God fearing person. I dun believe in divorce…so whatever happens in my marriage…I’ll try to work it out, and whatever I’m not happy about, I let off the steam on my blog, on fb, etc, but never at home. And another thing is…never go to sleep angry. It make a lot of difference in every relationship.

      It takes two – two hands to clap…

  7. 450+ per table isn’t high! >< the prices here start from rm790 onwards up to RM1500 per table

    70th wedding anniversary is awesome! i can't wait for my 1st anniversary.. hehe

    Oh? So you’re going to celebrate in KL? Invite me, ok? I’ll hop over to join in the celebration… 😉

  8. 70 years in marriage??? Can register in the book of records… (Malaysia one!) nowadays malaysian divorce cases are so sky high… staying married till old can be considered a BIG achievement already!!

    By the way, I like the duck with the glutinuous rice…. in fact, I like a few dishes up there.. *slurp*

    Hmmmm…let’s see if we can have that when you come over to Sibu. My missus does not eat duck though – I wonder who else doesn’t… 😦 Yes, and people these days do not live that long either – I think it’s the lifestyle, I guess…

    1. Live fast, die early…as they say. Hahaha… so must slow down abit, only can live longer? I know who else duzzin eat duck. My MIL! She apa daging pun tak makan. Strict vegetarian punya. Telur pun tak sentuh.

      A number of people I know… Wouldn’t touch lamb either…

      1. You can’t take lamb? I like to eat lamb… but it made my body feel feverish afterwards. 😦

        Of course! I love lamb…and yes, it’s heaty. Beef too…

  9. The four seasons looks like very soup could it be due to the influence of flood in Bangkok, East Coast and latest Rio de Janeiro? Can arrange for Bananaz to get the part time job as waiter there, don’t have much patience to wait though?

    Yes, too much gravy…everything drowned in it. 😦

  10. The longevity noodles. 🙂 We also had such belief when it comes to noodles. The long strands of noodles signifies long life. ^_^

    Ya…Chinese tradition. Looks like we’re the same… 😉

  11. Not only multiple seasons..but terus banjir…muahahaha!!! And so kesian the duck..tergolek sekor-sekor like that.I guess their food presentation is not their strong point…look kind of sloppy and not very appetising looking. When they have to prepare and serve 80 tables, quality is not their main priority. Sometimes, it is better to have a small celebration rather than a big bash.

    And this is just the grand ballroom, mind you. They also have two function rooms in the same building and one more at the river side block plus the Chinese restaurant proper – all fully booked. It’s like this end of the year – annual dinners and everybody in a hurry to get married. Ya…I would prefer quality over quantity…but sometimes no choice – so many to invite and you need a venue big enough…and if you do not book way ahead in the year, it may not be available – I heard of a couple having the wedding reception in the ballroom in the afternoon, as fully booked that particular night.

    P.S. The waiter was in the process of cutting the duck up and arranging it wide open on the plate… LOL!!!

  12. Ermm…having four seasons few times in a row. This one looks more soupy compared to the previous one. Both steamed fish & duck with glutinuous rice looks heavenly.

    Yup, too much gravy/sauce… The duck was ok, but not great. The fish was good, very nice.

  13. Wow, 70th wedding anniversary! Awesome! A fine example of a life-time of true commitment and tolerance, huh. Must have gotten married very early 🙂
    The duck stuffed with glutinuous rice is interesting. Should be nice. And the steam fish looks nice too. The others, I’ll pass. 😛

    In the old days, everyone got married early…and had lots of children. The celebrants have ELEVEN…and you can imagine how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren they have. Filled the whole stage…and it was a big stage! 😉

    1. Yeah, those days, people got married early. And this couple is so “good life” (translated from cantonese) to live to see two more generations. Truly living a blessed life. God bless.

      Yup…especially when they’re so healthy – really blessed and “good life” – other Chinese dialects also have the same expression.

      1. My maternal grandmother married young too. I think she was 14 or was it 15 when she got married. And she had 7 children. I suppose it was really a common thing a few generations ago.

        Quite unheard of these days…unfortunately. Weddings and funerals in many families in the future will be very quiet affairs… 😦

  14. The singer of the band sang really well too. I enjoyed her singing 🙂

    Yes, the girl was very good… Michael says the son’s the drummer and the band is available for bookings. Certainly a whole lot better than that karaoke singer from some Chinese association who started the ball rolling. Eyewwwww!!!!!!

  15. he he, RM450…..can good real good stuff at normal seafood restaurants……lol!

    Hotel restaurants, what to expect…but many people like – like my colleagues in school last time – got class, they say! 😉

  16. I mean, can you take lamb? =.= haiyarrr… mengantuk liao… almost 48 hours din sleep… I better get some shuteye dulu… cakap pun tak betul liao!

    Go to sleep… >.<

  17. Wow!! 70th wedding anniversary , I still got a long long way to reach 70 . Hahhahha , maybe I should celebrate 20 , but another 6 years more only reach 20 .

    Food look ok , but I think if outside rest will have cheaper price and food will be nicer . That’s why on my wedding how I wish it can be at a hotel but father in law prefer outside Chinese rest , he said he prefer good food for the guest instead of look ” class ” for the guess . 😦 Oh ya , I miss that ” or nee ” as dessert . Yum !

    Your father-in-laW is very wise. Problem here is at the smaller restaurants, the venue will not be big enough for so many table…and using Dewan Suarah or Sacred Heart Hall, the food also not so good already…. Usually they have many restaurants catering as one cannot cope with so many tables. You can have a grand celebration for your 25th – your silver jubilee.

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