Mary and her hubby, Steven, were originally from Sibu but now, they’re working and living in Scotland. Well, they were back in town over the Christmas holidays to visit their folks here and Mary managed to contact me via Facebook but I was down with a flu at the time. We did get to meet eventually once I felt better and we went out for lunch at this place

With Mary & hubby

They had the sizzling beef kampua noodles and the kompia with meat filling that I had featured in my posts before while I tried the lor mee. Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to find the photograph that I took of it but it’s no great loss really as I did not think it was that great and I wouldn’t want to have that again on my subsequent visits to the place.

Mary had the white coffee with ice cream…

White coffee with ice cream

…which she loved a lot and she kept saying how good it was.

Steven had the Chocolate Godzilla…

Chocolate Godzilla

…and he enjoyed that very much too.

Well, one reason why I wanted to take them there was to let them try the mille crepe and I myself would like to try their new flavour – the matcha

Matcha mille crepe

Both Mary and Steven loved it…and Mary said that she would try to make her own one day. They were saying that they had not come across that in the UK but she did manage to buy some macarons there recently at Harrods at Β£2 each. Good grief!!! SacrΓ© bleu!!! Personally, I prefer the vanilla-flavoured mille crepe a lot more but it was not available that afternoon.

The lovely couple gave me these…

Pressies from Mary & Steven

…and Steven made a quick dash for it and settled the bill before I could even get out of my chair (and as you all know, I am not very mobile…for obvious reasons). Tsk! Tsk! Now, let me get this straight! This is my territory so whenever I go out to eat with anybody who happens to come to Sibu, everything will be on me. When I go to your place, then I will just eat – you pay. Fair and square, don’t you think? Ummm…probably my very dear NZ friend will protest and cry foul as things are much cheaper in Sibu. Hehehehehehe!!!! Heads I win, tails you lose!

Anyway, it certainly was my pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you in person, Mary…and your hubby too. Thanks for the presents and also for the lunch treat. I really enjoyed chatting with the two of you – we seemed to have so much to talk about even though we had just met one another for the first time…and only for a short while or at least, it seemed very short to me. I do hope we will meet again someday…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

54 thoughts on “Mary…”

  1. sounds fare enuf re u pay i eat… hahaha… i can eat a lot one leh… soon soon…

    When? When? You don’t let me know the dates, I tak layan when you all come – I’ve said it already – I don’t like surprises – I like to plan things way ahead of time and everything to fall into place nicely when the time comes.

    1. am giving u two months notice in advance can?

      That should be in April? 9th-17th March, I think my daughter will be home for the week-long break…so room is not available…or I may go over and we may go off somewhere during that time. Not decided yet. So do avoid those dates…

      1. ok, will get my sexytary to liaise with you ya… i am in the Accounts Dept, payments and receipts only…

        Yup…it has happened before, never let me know before hand…and when they were in town, I was not around. A cousin came back to Sibu from Oz, wanted to invite me to anak’s wedding reception…and she called me – I answered her call in Penang. How to attend? If she had told me earlier, I could have arranged things so I would be in town at the time…and that was just one case – many more. That’s why I don’t like surprises. PERIOD!!!

      2. see… by the power of Greyskull, I choose those dates! Muahahaha…

        Humph!!! Now I cannot plan to go anywhere with my daughter – clash with her holidays. Ok lah…will ask her to come back – can go jalan2, happy2 altogether…

  2. the chocolate godzilla looks tempting and also the crepe. I would like my crepe to be plain but with ice cream in between thinly and evenly spread. Yum! how’s the chocolate? is it better than lindt or fererro? πŸ™‚

    They have rich cream in between the layers, not ice cream so it does not melt all over the place… The choc’s still in the fridge…

  3. I love the beef noodles kampua style! look like those dried beef noodles, and sizzling some more which means the meat are dancing! I’m going to dream of that! Lol

    My favourite at that place – but everytime I would have to order something else as I can’t be blogging about the same thins over and over again. So kesian…

    1. Come la..join me in April. Then we go together gether…Ask the lizard pack sekali.

      Ok, April is fine… That lizard…can walk to the plane kah? Will not get blown off by the wind? So thin… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. *mata red liao* Apa lizard lizard ah??? It’s fairy! A fairy la, ish!

        Lizard! Cicak kering! Cicak kubin!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

    2. need to meh… thot the plan is to ambush his place and camp there?

      If you three only, just right for my guest room (and just nice to take around in my little car)… If coming in a group, tak muat lah… Somebody will have to sleep in the bath tub…and will need to hire a van or a bus to get around. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

      1. Ok Ling.. April also can.. wait for you!

        Come in group kah? Hmmm…I’d better clean the bath tub now, never used one. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

      2. Alamak…u mau bagi us sleep bath tub ke? **chamzz**

        If you all insist on coming in one biog group, somebody may even have to sleep sitting on the toilet bowl… Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

      3. U make sure find some cheap n clean place for us to tidur else mengamuk nanti…..LOL!!

        Grrrrr!!!! Check the links in my replies to kucing’s comments… All there already. No need to go and browse other websites – I know what’s best! Others VERY expensive if you do not have government rates or corporate rates… If Claire’s coming, can use her name to enjoy government rate lah…but still RM100 plus, more expensive.

  4. It doesn’t matter who pay the bill, anyway not always on one side πŸ˜‰

    Sometimes it may turn out that way – always on one side… 😦

  5. Sounds like a fair deal to me. Let me know whn u r in Sydney.

    …and let me know when you’re in Sibu! πŸ˜‰

  6. the drinks look good even for a non-coffee lover like me, hmmm, and i love the name godzilla, hahahaha!! so nice you got two blocks of chocolate, and treated for this nice meal.. πŸ™‚

    Hmmm…you need new glasses? One’s a box of tea…the other one, chocolate. LOL!!! No plans to hop over to Sibu – I think Air Asia is having a sale right now – RM49.00 only…

  7. Great food, awesome company! How to come visit u if u insist to pay all the treats?! XD

    My territory mah! I’m the host, you’re the guest…of course, cannot ask guests to pay mah… πŸ˜‰

  8. Looks like a trend, ice-cream on top of everything. For me, ice cream kills all the flavor, plus it adds too many unnecessary calories. Much better with just shaved ice…methinks.

    Actually, I love ice cream… Not so much into chocolate. Ice cream and nice rich cakes… Yummmmm!!!!

  9. Wah, a dedicated post to Mary… title also MARY..I JEALOUS LIAO!!! When will I see a post dedicated to me and titled QUAY PO? (tak malu punya Quay Lo). I did not know Mary and hubby from Sibu? No wonder she is like you, very humorous and warmth person. I knew her to another very nice blogger, Lequan of Love to eat. We have chatted on FB for a few occasion and she is our Laugh Club President, did you know?? Now I begin to think that all Sibu people are like that wan. You don’t like surprises? Okay, once ticket book, will let you know. I must bug Nick when he go to Sibu and I tag along. All makan paid for ar? Serious or not?? Then I better stay one month to betul betul eat all the nice food you tayang in your blog. Today, I must go on a serious diet, start just drinking water and juice only. I have to be as skinny as Cleffairy before I go to Sibu. Otherwise when I return, I won’t fit into the Air Asia seat. I also don’t like surprises, I must plan, plan wan…muahahaha

    No lah…you will never be that big – I saw you nibble-nibble like tikus, want to eat more also shy…so not full also, don’t dare to order more liao. Muahahahahaha!!!! Must eat like Shereen…like that baru enjoy plus-plus but bring pants and skirts with elastic waistbands. She came to Sibu two days only – could not squeeze into her skirt. Sikit lah mau pakai sarong back to NZ… LOL!!! That of course is an indication for you and everybody how good the food here is… Ummmm…all my titles are names of songs – so you have to ask Nick to write and record a song entitled “Quay Po: and only then will I be able to name a post after you… πŸ˜‰

    1. Ok…together we go on diet first..LOL!! By that time, we will be as skinny as Cleff. When we reach the airport and greet by Arthur, first thing is his eyes will pop out for sure…aahhahahahah. Ini, mana mari punya Somali.

      Using Air Asia, you have a looooooong walk to the plane…and the jet of wind from the aircrafts may blow you all off to Timbuktu… So skinny!

      1. Ling… wanna be skinny like me kah? Senang aje… after makan, terus tidur… alot ppl say makan liao kenot tidur cuz will kumpul lemak ma… but they are wrong leh… we burn more energy and fat while we are sleeping wan… so from now on, after makan, must jadi ular sawa!

        Habis makan, terus tidur…itu MALAS! 😦

    2. Quay Po, i also from Sibu, now you know all nice and sweet people are from Sibu lei. hahahahhahahahhahahah (very thick skin hor) but i know you will nod your head and agree with me.

      Yes, *nodding head….I agree 100%! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. Sibu people also very perasan one..muahahaha!

        Muahahahahaha!!!! As they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. These days, don;t blow your own horn…nobody will blow it for you one! Oops!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

    3. need diet lar. Once you diet, perut kecut even though you want to eat also cannot already. Must practise eat a lot- a lot before going to Sibu so that once you reach there, you all champion makan. That is how those serious contenders from The Guinness Book Of World Record practise…and it works..hahahah…how I know?…sebab I also did that πŸ™‚ Balik KL only diet lar..but mustn’t forget skirts and pants with garters…hahaha

      Muahahahahaha!!!! Or pakai sarong… Can adjust waistline one. πŸ˜‰

      1. Pakai kain batik sajalah…apa susah susah… all go nyonya style… pakai kain batik… but if kenot fit in the kebaya, just pakai the shapeless baju kurung kedah or t-shirt… sure comfy wan.

        Yalor…if I were a woman, I would wear a kurong anytime. So loose and so free… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. See, in my mind, I always want to blame somebody, I tak malu, I go blame Quay Lo. Do the wrong things, I blame Lucy!!! Next time wear clothes 5XXXXX after visiting Sibu, blame Arthur Wee,,,mauahahahaha

    I’m XXXL only… You will have to eat a whole herd of babi hutan to go any bigger than that! LOL!!!

    1. Pandai… of course must find scapegoat la… else very cham la, kip feel guilty for indulging.

      Human nature…and it’s always human nature to fall into temptation and feel guilty afterwards… Hehehehehe!!!

  11. that should be fair but sometimes those who are better off should ‘belanja’..

    Even so. Not really easy to earn money so not very fair for those better off to treat all the time – better take turns.

    1. I agree with the taking turn thingie…I am not so well off but if I let ppl belanja all the time, I feel very paiseh…

      Yalor… If cannot balas, then turn down all invitations. I know some people verty thick skin one – will always invite people out to eat…but will never pay one.

      1. Agree…I like to go out makan makan with friends… very therapeutic…sometimes they pay, sometimes I pay, sometimes we split the bills. I think it works for us… cannot let one person pay all the time just because they’re much more well off… and even if they say belanja, must at least offer to pay your portion ma (unless they oredi say it’s their treat beforehand and dun allow u to pay la). Else… paiseh la… how to go out makan again next time? So malu… shame shame!

        I’m not that crazy about splitting the bill but I do that sometimes – if that is what the rest want, I will just toe the line.

  12. Chocolate Godzilla & mille crepe looks heavenly…and what more to say about the two blocks of chocolate. Yum!…yum!!…

    Come on over for a few days – your son’s on holiday…bring him over for a food tour…and you can get to eat all those stuff too. Yummm!!!!

  13. Hey.. that is Mary Moh!! I was scrolling down and then when the familiar face appeared, I scrolled up again to have a second look! Yes, read from her blog that she is back in Malaysia… so Mary and hubby are from Sibu too…
    What is all these about the host or hostess paying? If I go Sibu for 4 or 5 days, I cannot expect you to pay for all my meals… likewise when u come IPOH for that period of days, I cannot be paying for all your meals.. hahahahaa… just kidding!

    No problem…4 or 5 days only. If one month, maybe I’d charge for food provided lah… Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€ Shereen will tell you things here are all so very cheap… Dunno how they make business. You know Mary? Not personally, I guess…just in blogosphere. Her older sister was my classmate in school – such a small world… Of course she’s from Sibu – all the nice people are from Sibu. Hehehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  14. HA! Now must be YOU pass the flu virus to me??? 😦

    Mary Moh, i didn’t know she is from Sibu, only know she is from Sarawak, i read her blog quite sometime ago, but lately so busy, hardly got time to blog hopping except yours!

    Ok, when next trip back, must go and try noodles house. During my last trip, my mum did ask me want to try noodles house or not, i told her don’t want. hahahahhaha

    Look like now you’re into mille crepe a lot ya? Which one nicer? I think vanila one still a lot nicer than green tea one right?

    I like vanilla – not into green tea…so I don’t like things with green tea flavour – like the kuaci! You got flu? Not from me lah…must be the stress – your twins going to primary school…cannot sleep well at night. Yup…Mary’s from Sibu. They studied in Tung Hua too but I guess they’re many many years your senior – late 70s & early 80s.

  15. Arthur, maybe one day you should check with Noodles house, they get this mille crepe, air flown from KL or they made it themselves.

    Air flown and selling for RM6.50 a slice? Bankrupt lor like that! πŸ˜€

  16. Matcha flavor would be like that japanese green tea flavor right?
    I need a piece of mille crepe now 😦

    Come on over… I’ll make sure you have all that you want to eat.

  17. I like those stuff on the table but I still prefer those authentic ones…like kampua you order for me rather than those fusion or claypot and what not .Maybe if I live in Sibu I’ll still order those new wave version but since I only get to eat these food once in a while, I rather eat the original. Betul tak?
    I have read Mary’s blog and I know she’s from Sibu but I have never leave any comment in her blog. It is nice to see her in ‘person’.
    First thing in the morning today, Justyn came to my room and told me that Uncle Arthur posted a choc godzilla!! So, now thanks to you, our friend has been bugging me!!!

    Muahahahahaha!!!! Godzilla!!! Size does matter!… Ya, that place is nice…as nice as most places but more expensive. It’s ideal when people are here for a day only – no time to go here and there and eat this and that – everything under one roof. I was down with flu and could not meet here earlier…and that day, I had to see her…as she would be leaving the very next day so no choice, had to go to Noodle House…and she loved the place. She grumbled that she had gone here and there to eat and everything wasn’t quite to her satisfaction – didn’t do her homework and bookmark all the must-go places in my blog when in town.

    1. That Godzilla really looks good. Hmm… I dono why macarons are so expensive? Taste like cubed sugar most of the time to me. =.=

      You haven’t had macarons till you’ve had Quay Po’s… Ooooooo!!!! Heaven is a place on earth! Slurpsss!!!

      1. is darn cheap to make mac but mo buat tu yang leceh.You can be a very good baker but if luck is not on your side, all will go into the bin.The weather, the temperature and blah blah blah must co-operate with you when u buat mac.

        I love Quay Po’s macarons! Yours look really good too, Shereen…but I have not tried so cannot say actually good or not. Hint! Hint! πŸ˜‰

      2. One of these days… one of these days, i go and make welfare face at her and ask for macarons. LOL!

        *run, Quay Po, run…run far far away! Muahahahaha!!!!

    2. Shereen is right, each time make macs, 80% luck, 20% skill. Guess that’s why it is expensive.

      Eli, you are right too, all my friends who have tasted macs said the same, it is a mouth full of sugar but mine is more balance because I use a filling that is without sugar so it is more balance. Will make some for you someday, I promise but you have to hide them from you boy! hehehe

      Arthur I try to bring some to Sibu but you must pray to God now so when I made the macs the day before I fly to Sibu, I have 80% luck on my side! LOL!

      What try? You must!!! And don’t bother giving Eli or anybody else. What they do not know would not hurt them! Once tried, no peace for you, I tell you. I know those people – exactly like me! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  18. Wahhhh… speechless with all the comments above. I probably cannot make it during that time of the year, but I do hope you all with have fun. πŸ˜€

    Kesian… Sobs! Sobs! EVERYBODY’s coming my way! Yaaaaaaa!!!!! Muahahahaha!!!

  19. *will*

    Wahhhhh!!! So upset and depressed till type pun salah? Or Quay Po’s Lucy has got into you too…Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Sedih lo…cuz I’m hooked up with classes. Also volunteering to teach underprivileged kids too this year… oredi made the commitment, dun wanna back off la… tak baik. Nvm la… u all have fun…and can kirim kirim to me oso. Hahahaha… I always meet those people you’re going to meet punya. I meet them more often than my own family, in fact. LMAO.

      Masak hitam paste still out of stock… Hopefully, will be available between now and then. I understand the Malays will simply buy and use – no need to go through the hassle of preparing their own ingredients as it is good as it is…or even better than what they can churn out themselves.

  20. This is the first time I see white coffee with ice cream. A local version of affogato? hehehe

    My first time too… Not into white coffee – I’m a kopi-o man!

  21. love the crepe cake!! hahaha u macam aunt Claire la. Last time when I went to ipoh n paid the food, she also said the same – this is my territory!! hahahahaha!!

    Ummmm…I think all old people are like that… Oops!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  22. So sorry, Arthur! I must have missed this somehow. Just saw it from FaceBook!….slow huh….haha. Thanks lots for taking us out. It was wonderful meeting up with you. Will see you again soon…..more food and chat πŸ˜€

    Oh? That was so long ago. Looking forward to seeing you and Steven back in Sibu again – we must go out a lot more often the next time around.

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