Mary and her hubby, Steven, were originally from Sibu but now, they’re working and living in Scotland. Well, they were back in town over the Christmas holidays to visit their folks here and Mary managed to contact me via Facebook but I was down with a flu at the time. We did get to meet eventually once I felt better and we went out for lunch at this place

With Mary & hubby

They had the sizzling beef kampua noodles and the kompia with meat filling that I had featured in my posts before while I tried the lor mee. Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to find the photograph that I took of it but it’s no great loss really as I did not think it was that great and I wouldn’t want to have that again on my subsequent visits to the place.

Mary had the white coffee with ice cream…

White coffee with ice cream

…which she loved a lot and she kept saying how good it was.

Steven had the Chocolate Godzilla…

Chocolate Godzilla

…and he enjoyed that very much too.

Well, one reason why I wanted to take them there was to let them try the mille crepe and I myself would like to try their new flavour – the matcha

Matcha mille crepe

Both Mary and Steven loved it…and Mary said that she would try to make her own one day. They were saying that they had not come across that in the UK but she did manage to buy some macarons there recently at Harrods at £2 each. Good grief!!! Sacré bleu!!! Personally, I prefer the vanilla-flavoured mille crepe a lot more but it was not available that afternoon.

The lovely couple gave me these…

Pressies from Mary & Steven

…and Steven made a quick dash for it and settled the bill before I could even get out of my chair (and as you all know, I am not very mobile…for obvious reasons). Tsk! Tsk! Now, let me get this straight! This is my territory so whenever I go out to eat with anybody who happens to come to Sibu, everything will be on me. When I go to your place, then I will just eat – you pay. Fair and square, don’t you think? Ummm…probably my very dear NZ friend will protest and cry foul as things are much cheaper in Sibu. Hehehehehehe!!!! Heads I win, tails you lose!

Anyway, it certainly was my pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you in person, Mary…and your hubby too. Thanks for the presents and also for the lunch treat. I really enjoyed chatting with the two of you – we seemed to have so much to talk about even though we had just met one another for the first time…and only for a short while or at least, it seemed very short to me. I do hope we will meet again someday…