Arthur’s theme…

We dropped by Tokyo Street at Pavilion KL…

Tokyo Street @ Pavilion KL

…when we were there that day seeing that Melissa was so very keen on going as she had heard a lot about it – well, who hasn’t? I myself have seen a number of people blogging about the food and the eateries there and singing their praises.

Personally, I wasn’t very impressed nor excited as I’m not into Japanese cuisine and anyway, we were all too full from the dim sum brunch with Quay Po to eat much else. Melissa wanted the ochado

Melissa & her ochado

Don’t ask me what that is – I can only guess that it is some kind of bubble tea and I’m not crazy about those either, much less if I would have to queue for it – no, thank you!

Then I spotted this…

Arthur's @ Tokyo Street

Hey! They’ve a shop by my name – I wouldn’t have expected an English name in the Japanese-themed surroundings, not at all…and this one sells something that I love – mille crepe!

Mille crepe for Christmas

What a coincidence!

There are many different flavours but one thing’s for sure, they do not come cheap! I bought the mocha…

Mocha mille crepe

…which tasted bitter and something like cough medicine.

I also bought a slice of the mango too…

Mango mille crepe

…as Annie-Q told me that she likes it but probably the ones not from this place as this one was nothing great either. I had to fork out RM10.50 each for the two…and it would not have been so bad if they had been really very nice. Tsk! Tsk! Frankly, I would much sooner go for the vanilla-flavoured ones in Sibu that I can get for only RM6.50 a slice anytime…and I hear they’ve a new flavour out – matcha (green tea) at RM8.50 a slice, still cheaper than those two…but I’ve yet to drop by to give it a try. Hmmm…I really must get down to doing that one of these days. Anybody wants to tag along?