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I’m taking a break now from my KL posts to blog about things that have been happening around here recently just in case some of you are getting a bit bored already.

Well, Philip, who was in KL to attend a relative’s wedding, was back in town too and his son, Michael, was around as well…so I asked the two of them out for dinner on the 23rd of December – in case everybody would be too busy with his or her own thing over the Christmas season.

We, my missus, Melissa and I, took them to the Ming Mei Shi Restaurant that most of you would be very familiar with by now…and since they’d come back all the way from the US of A, I thought I would treat them to something a little more than the usual. I would have ordered a full 8-course Chinese dinner but there were only 5 of us, so I had no choice but to trim it down a little.

The first dish was the Four Seasons plus one…

MMS Four Seasons + 1

If there had been a full table of 10 persons, they would probably have 8 items in the dish. The almond flake-coated fish slices were absolutely fabulous and everyone loved the rolls too – thin strips of ham and cucumber and imitation crab stick wrapped in some kind of special white fibrous skin and probably deep-fried. The scallop balls in the middle were good as well while the Thai-style jellyfish with pineapples and the fish maw with snow peas were at best so-so to me, nothing great but that’s not saying that they were not nice.

Melissa loved the not-to-be-named soup at the wedding banquet in KL and since I thought she deserved something better, I ordered a little bit for everybody…and everybody loved it a lot.

Next came this thick slab of fish, tapah no less, with its special sauce and it certainly won praises all round…

MMS tapah with special sauce

…and so did the butter prawns…

MMS butter prawns

Everytime I posted a photograph of butter prawns, somebody would ask me why we did not have those with the egg “hairs”…so this time around, I purposely ordered that just to show that we CAN get that here too – except that it is very common and we can get it at most other restaurants in town. I used to love it a lot when it first came into the scene many years ago but eventually I got somewhat bored with it and would rather go for other versions of butter prawns. Our friends from America, of course, enjoyed that very much and personally, I thought it was very well done.

Now, this was a disappointment! Fried asparagus with XO sauce…

MMS fried asparagus with XO sauce

…and not that it was not tasty but the asparagus was a bit too old. Tsk! Tsk! They should have asked me to order something else instead…but anyway, by then, everyone was already too full to mind it that much so we just ate a bit and left the rest behind.

Five dishes (including the soup) for five persons – normally, a complete Chinese dinner would have 7 courses for 10 persons plus a plate of fruits or dessert. Can anybody guess how much the dinner that we had cost altogether, inclusive of rice and drinks? Come! Let’s see if anybody can get it correct…

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41 thoughts on “Something more…”

  1. WOW! Am I the FIRST??! That’s surely a FIRST here! 2012 is good to me! 😀

    Yes, you’re first but not because you’re early – you’re too late for the New Year post. I’m rescheduling my programming for the new year… 😉

  2. Happy New Year~!!!
    My guess is RM100 plus minus…???

    Same to you. Wah! Your Agong’s head so big kah! Got one big bowl of the not-to-be-named soup, don’t play play! 😉

    1. Sorry you no tiok but huat chai coming very soon for you. What about my guess got tiok or not? For 10sen Toto pays RM250 got tiok boh?

      Where got I can afford anything so expensive… 😦

  3. Hi Arthur, many thanks for the feast. It was fantastic, all the dishes especially the not to be named dish. We’ll have to do it again this year and next time, it’s on me.

    Anytime… Must go again before you leave. When? I can go and make the booking… 😉

    1. No, this time I make the booking. Anytime. Earlier rather than later. When?

      Hahahahahaha!!!! Older and wiser? Anytime’s fine by me – just let me know, and I’ll be there. Only two of us, no need to make booking…and school holidays are over. Wouldn’t be so crowded.

  4. The way you described…the price must be very reasonable… so my guess will be around RM150 plus minus.. any prize for guessing correct? Free meal when in Sibu?

    No need to guess correctly – some to Sibu anytime, I’ll treat to all you can eat, free one. Where got you want to come here? Bluff only….

      1. You better get ready ah….eh …mana cheap and comfy place to stay ah in SIbu?

        When? When? NO MORE SURPRISES, please! You wanna do it like that, when you come, I just don’t layan.,.. Pretend I do not know.

  5. My guess would be somewhere between RM 130 – RM 160….and the food wah…can make me scream!!!!! Either your brand new camera is darn good or the food memang fabulous. I think kan, next trip back to Malaysia, I’ll definately go and ‘see’ you again. Don’t forget the 8 season dish for me,ah…and don’t worry…we CAN eat a lot..hahahaha.

    Come, come… you or anybody who cares to come to Sibu, sure I’ll treat one – come here…and now I know what’s good at this place, can order the best! 😉

    1. Shereen, I think not so much his new camera lah, old man, hand shaking, impossible to take such nice photos . I think he took blur blur photo and then enhance them with photoshop lah! muahahaha

      Blur photos can photoshop kah? Wah!!! You so clever, photoshop all your photos so will look nice, nice one kah? Come, come and teach me… Usually I will take a few – the blur and not so nice ones, just delete queitly. But this new camera…no need. All very nice… Hehehehehe!!!!

      1. Hahaha…you are so wicked Quay Po!Our old man here won’t be amused…muahahaha.

        Ummm… photoshop too? Sampai I could not recognise you when you landed in Sibu? Muahahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      2. Oh oh you’re in trouble. Wait our old man *for cheok – [canto]* fire burn, then no friend you, don’t play play with DOM..muahahaha.

        DOM Benedictine kah? The wine women drink during confinement? LOL!!! 😀

      3. Shereen, not wicked lah, you know Quay Po, very direct one, just stating the obvious! tsk! tsk! Sori ar, Arthur, you won’t fault me for speaking the truth right? Teach you photoshop ar? Better not, after when we make you “for cheok” (fire burn) like what Bananaz said and you photoshop me with my head on a pig’s body, how? I scared, scared wor! hehehe

        Bananaz, Arthur can take joke one, he knows we play play only and mean no harm. He got a big heart one, big body must have big heart right? wahahaha

        Not pig’s body…but body like a pig! LOL!!! Yalor…no joke, no fun! Life is too short to be taken seriously – just enjoy!!! 😀

  6. Your guessing game ni got prize ah if win?..a carton of curry flavour Mee daddy perhaps?

    Can…but must come to Sibu and collect yourself. No delivery included. LOL!!! 😀

    1. least Quay Po and I not so Arthur Old man only.You lagi cialat..hahaha DOM. Mati you kena cili mulut by Arthur!!!

      Itu kim cheo…name already obscene one – Muslim women cannot touch… Apa lagi, he’s older then me. So who’s the DOM? Hehehehehe!!!!

      1. Wai little bro you no big no small? Talk to ko ko like that spank you only you know hahaha.

        Spank??? Oooooo…..Shereen would love hat! @.@!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!

      2. We both DOM mah like to eat ‘chow tau’ bad beans *petai* which are for chow lang one.

        You a bit more DOM than me… Here, I seldom eat chow tau. LOL!!! 😀

  7. Arthur, I agree with you, the prawn and the egg hair look overcooked. I like the first dish. I have never seen those white roll in the four season dish in the restaurants in KL. Next time I go Sibu don’t forget to take me there eat ar? I am not a big fish fan, so forget this also nevermind. Now come to the price. I think it is RM180 plus minus. If I guess right I must be clever Quay Po because I have never been Sibu. If I guess wrong, it must be the air-head Lucy (not your wife). hehehehe

    I love Wang Sar & Yeh Fung – the two Singaporean comedians. They used to say, “Ee mia kio tiok Lu See (Her name is You die)!” LOL!!! So when are you coming? Come, make it soon… I assure you you’ll love it here. You ask Shereen lah! Now, she’s dying to come again… 😉

  8. ooh, yummy!! I love that four seasons but not the plus one, I suppose it’s that “saucy” thing on the right that looks like the thick slab of fish??

    Nope…the plus one is the scallop thing in the middle. 5 items altogether on that plate – over you side, only 4. Oooo…the fish is VERY nice. I ordered that again for our New Year’s Eve dinner – it was that good! 😉

  9. It is not good coming to your blog with hungry stomach. You always post pictures of delicious food!! Very cruel of you 🙂 It has been a long while I had this type of full course meal especially the 4 season first course. Maybe when I go back to Malaysia next year Shereen and I can go and visit your ha ha …welcome or not?

    This was not full course leh? Only half… You’re coming back to Malaysia. When? When? You MUST come to Sibu…with or without Shereen. I assure you that you will not regret it.

    1. Gert,
      Very good idea…kita pi serang Arthur! Bring extra luggage to lug back all the ikan masin,belacan,ikan bilis,udang kering etc..hahahaha

      When? When? At least, give a hint…or roughly when, so I can plan. Nanti I renovate my house, all in a mess and you all come…baru you tahu!

      1. Wah, renovate house to welcome us kah?Hmm.. retiree without side income you claimed.Now,I wonder if there’s any truth to all you’ve claimed!!!!

        Renovate…make a few extra rooms…and then charge people when they come to stay – like B&B mah… No income now, must find alternative ways of making money. Muahahahahaha!!!

  10. Yummy!!…that thick slab of tapah fish. Look at the sauce!!…slurppp. My guess would be between the range of RM150 -180.

    Hmmm….not bad, not bad at all! 😉 That fish was so good that I had to have it again…. Watch out for the post. 🙂

  11. I came back from holiday back home, very surprised to find that my internet is running much faster! What joy! I think finally they have done it. Our road is the only one in this community where the internet is running slow. Now your blog is downloading fine….phew! 😀

    And all those food…….my gosh…looks so delicious! Make me miss home 😦 Sibu is really like heaven when comes to food….cheap and best.

    Now, I don’t think I can guess that. Now I am thinking in £s….haha. May be at least £100 here for 5 people. Chinese food at the restaurants here are very expensive. But cooking at home is cheap. See, that’s why I have to work so hard to learn to cook, and cook better 😀

    And mine is killing me! So slow… I hope it picks up tomorrow once all those monkeys go back to school. Tsk! Tsk! £!00? That’s RM500-600… *faints! I wouldn’t be able to afford anything so expensive… 😦 And this is Sibu – everything’s cheap, remember? 😉

  12. Wow the 1st dish looks so filling. I would have loved having the tapah fish just lightly steamed with a dash of soy sauce, sesame oil and ginger. Yumz! 🙂

    Yup…but that’s another recipe. My daughter isn’t into steamed fish that much so usually I will not order that.

  13. Oh, Wishing you and your family Happy New Year 2012! May your year be filled with more fun, more nice food, more blog posts, more more more……… Most important a very healthy year 😀

    Thank you…and the same to you and Stephen and all in your family. 🙂

  14. RM 165

    Hmmmm…you give out 4D numbers or not? LOL!!! Btw, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Another visitor from Perth, I see. Welcome, welcome…

  15. Awesome dinner, i like!!!

    That is a big piece of Tapah, and look delicious. slurp slurp.

    I understand what you said about the asparagus, last night we had the fried potatoes leaves, oh no, it is so so old!!!! Eeeeeeeeeee..we just leave the one whole plate there untouch, but no one ask us is there any wrong with the vege. 😦

    I guess the dinner, around RM170?

    Yup, inclusive of rice and drinks…so the food should be around RM160 or so.

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