Looking back…

Like a passing cloud way up in the sky
Yet another year has slipped by
A year filled with lots of smiles and laughter
Of weddings and happiness ever after

Yvonne's wedding

Of new born babes, anniversaries and birthdays, so grand

Uncle Johnny's anniversary

Of reunions with dear ones from over sea and land

We meet again

Of old and new friends, all very much loved the same

Something old, something new

Especially those, who from places so far away, they came.

Sorrow there was, when a cousin was called to the Lord
Regrets, perhaps a few but far between, thank God
Sickness, not really many that I can now recall
A few sniffles here and there perhaps, nothing serious at all

All in all, the year had been great
Bonds strengthened and brand new ones made
And looking back now at the things in the year gone past
Hopefully the new one will be just as good or even better than the last

With Quay Po & mum

A Happy New Year, I wish one and all today
May God bless us all abundantly, I fervently pray
May the days ahead be filled with blue skies
With sugar and spice…and everything nice