State of mind…

Annie-Q insisted on taking us out for dinner again on our second night in KL and since we were at the Mid Valley Mega Mall the whole day, she said that she would pick us up from there and we would go to a place in PJ (Petaling Jaya) State as it would be easier for her to do so and we would not have to make our way back to the hotel to wait for her…and since we had Indian the night before, we would go Chinese this second time around.

She ordered the stewed pork belly…

Stewed pork belly

…which was very nice but I think  the ones we have in Sibu are nicer. I really must take Annie to try when she next comes back to Sibu…so, when will that be, Annie? Make it soon, eh!

The braised pork ribs were very good too…

Braised pork ribs

…and so was the steamed chicken…

Steamed chicken

It seems that the place is famous for its chicken…and this is one of its signature dishes.

Everyone loved the deep fried tofu

Deep fried tofu

…especially Melissa who really liked it a great deal. I think they had a lot more ingredients in their own-made bean curd and that made it a lot tastier than the ones we have in Sibu.

The fish maw soup was very nice too…

Fish maw soup

…but I was wishing they would give us those small soup bowls to help ourselves to it.

The kangkong with belacan was nicely done as well…

Kangkong belacan

I don’t know, however, how much dinner cost and I don’t think Annie did either for it so happened that her father-in-law also dropped by the same place with friends for dinner and he so kindly took care of the bill.

Thanks, Annie for this dinner and the one the night before and for all the things that you gave me while I was in KL. I will  be blogging on those soon in another post…

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26 thoughts on “State of mind…”

  1. ermm where is it?

    In PJ State… Forgot to take note of the name of the restaurant or snap a photograph of the shop sign. Must have been too tired and hungry after spending the whole day at Mid Valley, and I missed my daily ritual…a nap in the afternoon.

    Will have to wait for Annie-Q to drop by and answer your question, she goes there frequently… Annie, where are you? Still asleep? All worn out after the grand Christmas bash you had last night?

  2. I think I know where Annie took you but I can’t remember the name of the restaurant. If it is the one I am thinking, it is a very old restaurant and has been well known for good food. There is another one nearby the one I am thinking of and their food is equally good there too:D Today, my old bones are aching so I am going take the day easy. How about you? Have you been able to chase your flu away?

    Getting better but thank goodness I am not having my annual Christmas gathering tonight – I don’t think I would survive. Ya…it looks like you’ve got the right place in mind. Annie did point out to me another place nearby (forgot the name) that looked popular and crowded too…but she said she had never tried the food there.

  3. Lupp all the dishes especially the deep fried tofu aiyo can pass the stewed pork belly haha.

    Ok…next time Annie takes me there…will ask you to join us but you will have to come all the way from Kajang. May be easier to fly to Sibu and enjoy the one we have here – nicer… LOL!!! 😀

    1. Let me get my calculator first my mental math not too korek. Toll to & fro Katlumpor, plus petrol plus tyre wear and tear plus parking totalled less than RM50.00. Book a flight AA, hotel Renaissance Sibu, taxi fare to/fro airport jumlah about RM500.00. Sorry woh accounts not right, balance sheet lop sided..haha..Gotta wait have to save extra hard to squeeze in the extra zero to eat nice good stewed pork belly in Sibu muahahaha. Btw Edmund asked about you in his email, said STP is getting younger, slimmer and more gaya. Feliz Navidad lang feilo.

      Oh? I did not get any email or sms from him… 😦 Grab AA zero fare…or cheap offer – in Sibu, free transfers from and to airport, free lodging at STP Hotel, free tours…and free food – only need to pay bus or train to LCCT from KL Sentral and return. Now you use your calculator and see how much that will add up to. Not much, eh? Cheaper to come to Sibu, right? LOL!!! 😀

      1. Korek Korek Korek! Betul juga banyak pandai kira, you used what brand of calculator or abacus?

        If come to Sibu, use fingers enough… Not so much to count. LOL!!! 😀

  4. All the dishes I like except the stewed pork belly. …eh, too fatty for me. You really have a great time with great company in KL. Guess you must be missing them. So when is your next round to KL again. Pretty soon, rite.

    Certainly had a delightful trip – lots and lots more to come…but I don’t think I will be going over again anytime soon…unless I have a very good excuse to get away. Don’t think there’ll be any anytime in the coming year… 😦

  5. I’d think the chicken should be very good. The yellow-ness and firm-ness of the chicken skin looks really good. PJ is not my favourite place but for good food, we’ll GO !
    Happy Boxing Day ! Have you unboxed your goodies ? 😀

    It was nice but then again, we can get good steamed chicken at many places – there’s one here in Sibu too. Very nice, very sweet, juicy and tender…but the Cantonese guy’s from your side, not from Sibu. 😉

  6. Oh I love Indian food, I make it often in our house — along with Carribean food.

    Naturally everything looks delicious. I see cauliflower in one of the dishes. I love that, and use it in a vareity of dishes.

    What type of vegetables are in that last dish? Is it some type of dark leafy green?

    I don’t like the cauliflower here – I think they’re imported from China. Very bland…not fragrant like those that I had in the UK. I could just boil and eat – so very nice. The leafy veg? We call them kangkong – water spinach that used to grow naturally on the surface of the water in streams…but these days, they are commercially grown. Sometimes, we may just blanch them and eat with sambal (some kind of chilli dip that we have here)..

  7. Yummy food! Again, you make me hungry looking at all those food pictures! Lol.

    This is just the beginning – 1st day in KL so brace yourself for the rest of our stay there. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  8. Mmmmmm…thumbs up for the 2 porky dishes. Hungry. 😉

    Eat! I’m sure you can get these at the Chinese restaurants there – maybe a bit more expensive but you so kaya… Can afford, no problem. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  9. Hahahaaa! Forgot to change back to my own name. Will sms and tell you why name changed to that, muahahaaaa!

    Wah…so mysterious! I wonder what you’ve been up to… Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  10. Happy Boxing Day!!!

    Yes , I really need a good rest, had been so busy lately 😦 . Today I only woke up at 11am!!! Yuhoooo!!!

    Oh ya , the place is called ” Sam Yu”, just two shops away from the famous PJ state stew duck porridge / rice . The stew duck place is also a nice place to visit .

    Actually there are some other places serve good stew pork , but a bit far and too little time to try others . Next time you come again , will bring you go and try . 🙂

    11 a.m.??? Omigawd!!! How lucky! LOL!!! 😀 Ya…must be so tired after the grand party at your place last night… You’re going to blog about it. I hope… Next year, if I go to KL, I’ll stay back for Christmas…and gatecrash your party. 😉 Hmmm…dunno when I will be able to go to KL again – waiting for you to come back to Sibu first. Come to Sibu Chinese New Year and see the 3rd World War raging on and on all day and night… You can’t get this anywhere else – only in Sibu!

  11. Oh no !! We went there for dinner again just now . Hub said he want to go there for dinner, I told him , last week i just bring you there and today you blog about it . LOL

    Tonight we try the steam egg , simple and very nice , got very strong soya taste . Yum !!

    LOL!!! He tak nak kalah… Steamed egg? Ummmm…never had that outside before.

  12. Such coincidence that Annie’s FIL dropped by and he is so kind to foot the bill! The food looks really great.

    It seems that the family members go there to eat very often – they all love the food there.

  13. err… i think i must drop by to visit Annie too one of these days!! hahahaa… im a “wai sik” cat.. guess u dont know what i mean… ask any cantonese bloggers and they know! so.. after this..what’s next on the menu?? 🙂

    You went for the best in Singapore and in Johore, where got want to eat these anymore? Sibu, no need to say liao lah…nobody wants to come one. 😦

  14. Looks like you had a wonderful trip to KL. Glad you had such fantastic KL-lites to take care of you and your family. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

    Yes, too many wonderful people, too little time to slot in all… 😦

  15. ooh, i wonder what place is this?? those dishes looks good, and yeah, i love the tofu everybody seemed to like.. the pork ribs is also looking yummy to me~~

    See Annie-Q’s comment – she has given some indication as to where this is.

    1. *vomit blood* at the “Aren’t all in-laws nice?” . Tsk. mine are nice la… very nice… in a twisted way, that is!

      Unfortunately, you married their son and your son inherited their genes… No running away from it! Hehehehehehe!!!

  16. stewed pork belly! y u no bring me eat all these .. hmph

    Somebody else inviting mah! Come, next time I go KL you take me three – my treat. Or better still, come to Sibu – eat all you want, I belanja… 😉

  17. My family and I like this restaurant too.The food is good and the price not too crazy too.Give me these type of food anytime than dim sum…lol!!

    You’ve been here too? This kind of food for dinner mah…dim sum, I will usually eat for breakfast only…or brunch.

  18. Oh, Sam Yu restaurant. Been there before, food not bad at all 🙂

    Oh? Looks like it’s very well-known after all… 🙂

  19. Kakakaka… so nice of Annie’s FIL to settle the bill for her. Looks like the place is one of their family’s regular lurk?

    Not just theirs. Sounds like a lot of people have been there. Rather popular, it seems.

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