Keep me company…

Many people, students especially, seemed to have a problem and would use “accompany” instead of  “keep (someone) company”…and regardless of how I tried to explain, they would keep on making the same mistake again. Sigh!!!

Well, the first day in KL on our recent visit, I accompanied Melissa to Mid Valley as she wanted to meet some friends of hers there. The mum tagged along, of course as she would have the opportunity to do some shopping at the mall. Normally, I would give the place a miss as it was always so crowded and going and leaving would be such a hassle owing to the massive traffic jam all around the place.

When we got there, we stopped for breakfast here…

sbread @ Mid Valley

My missus and daughter had the Penang assam laksa

sbread's Penang assam laksa

…which they did not like as being more like the real thing, both of them were quite put off by the strong fragrance/stench of the herbs/leaves used.

I was somewhat disappointed when they served the mee siam that I ordered…

sbread's mee siam

It was not the mee siam that I used to have and loved in Singapore in the early 70s…but I changed my mind at first bite. I don’t know how they cooked it but it was absolutely delicious tasting something like tom yam plus herbs and spices added. I must try to cook something like this at home one of these days.

I also had one of the nyonya kuehs that they were selling…

Nyonya kueh @ sbread

It was good but at RM2.50 for that little piece, I would think twice about going for the other types of kuehs that they had to offer at the place.

I did not intend to do any shopping so I just loitered around the place on my own. I sent messages to some people but all were too busy to come and keep me company…except Bananaz. He was at a meeting when he got the message but he came over as soon as he could get away. Many have sung praises of this place…

little penang @ Mid Valley

…so I suggested that we could sit there and eat and chat.

Bananaz had the Penang curry mee…

little penang's curry mee

…which looked all right but he did not seem too excited about it so I guessed he could get much better (and cheaper) curry mee elsewhere.

I had the Penang har mee (prawn noodles)…

little penang's har mee

…which was good but not something that I would go back for.

Wile we were there, Philip happened to pass by and we invited him to join us. Bananaz could not recall who he was until it dawned on him that THIS was the Guitar Man! LOL!!!

Philip ordered this lor bak to share…

little penang's lor bak

…and it was all right – how much can one expect from chicken? I think my missus’ ngor hiang is a whole lot nicer.

He had their cendol

little penang's cendol

…that he had had the day before at this same place while I gave their pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) a try…

little penang's pulut hitam

We sat there and chatted for some time and then, Philip had to leave as he had some things to do…so he left. But before he did so, he quietly went and settled the bill. Philip!!! I should have known you would do something like that. Thanks a lot – that certainly was so nice of you but you shouldn’t have.

Bananaz stayed till around 5 something when I got news from Annie-Q that she was on the way to pick us up and take us out for dinner…so we went to sit at the Secret Recipe outlet at that place for drinks before she came. I think it was around 6 when she arrived and off we went – not a moment too soon, I would say, out of that crowded place.

Thanks, Bananaz, for taking the whole afternoon off to keep me company. It was great seeing you again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Keep me company…”

  1. Thank God I know how the laksa at that place taste like… or I’ll probably drool!

    The one my missus and Melissa had? I tried a bit and thought it was quite nice but they’re not fond of the strong bunga kantan and the smell of whatever leaves they add.

    1. Yups, that laksa. I went to makan the laksa over there before… and I did not like the laksa…the fish smell and the bunga kantan smell too strong for me… 😦

      Then you’re the same as my missus and Melissa. I thought that would be the main attraction of Penang assam laksa? The strong smells and taste give it the kick that everybody likes?

  2. ya, assam laksa, curry laksa I think are all acquired taste. I don’t like them initially too,so used to our own laksa but now I am hooked. You are right,your meesiam don’t look anything like the ones I had in Singapore. …I prefer Pavi n Klcc to midvalley anytime. Cooking anything special for Christmas Eve?

    Nope, coming down with a flu – trying hard to keep it at bay. But Lucy has cooked one phak lor duck…so we can always have that. Anytime nicer than turkey. 😉

    1. Hey…but Lucy don’t eat duck lar!!

      She cooks, I eat…and she sits there and sees me enjoying eating, she also happy… Itu baru love mah!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  3. Hey, glad to hear you had an enjoyable trip! Sorry, I was totally caught up during that time. 😡

    Little Penang Cafe, that brings back a lot of bad memories…not coz of the food, but rather someone I was dating at that time. Haha.

    Merry Christmas!

    LOL!!! So how many places have similarly bad memories for you? Muahahahahahaha!!!! It’s all right, Huai Bin – we’ll meet some other time…and a Merry Christmas to you too. Have fun in Bali… Gee! And I thought you would be having your hands full by now. Still got time to come online? Wink! Wink! 😀

  4. I actually like the asam laksa and mee siam n kopi at Nyonya Colours,, opposite SBread. Their breakfast sets are cheap too. Perhaps you should try the next time.. if you’re game enough for a whole day adventure at Mid Valley 😉
    Wishing you , Lucy and Melissa a blessed and peaceful Christmas 😀 fr.. elaine, amber and danny 😉

    My missus went to Nyonya Colours for lunch and bought a whole lot kuehs back to the hotel – the Penang-style otak-otak was very nice – very pedas. The rest were just so-so…and the pulut with sambal wrapped in banana leaf failed big time – the ones we have at one place here are so much nicer. I think I saw the place when we went to sbread but there was a long queue – I would never bother to go to such places, not me! 😦

    A Blessed Christmas to you, Amber and Danny too… 🙂

  5. Oppss!…assam laksa, curry laksa, whatever…..I still prefer our very own Sarawak Laksa….yum!!!!..yum!!!!… Mee Siam and curry mee does not look appealing to me but then hor, the har mee and lor bak looks good.

    Have a Blessed Merry Christmas, Arthur & family.

    Same to you and yours. Ya…die-hard true blue Kuching laksa lover. I used to feel that same way…but lately I’ve been more adventurous – starting to like Penang laksa more and more – very exotic taste. I love that!

  6. Good morning Arthur:D Aiyah, you did not message me to come keep you company? So I can accompany you to have a cup of coffee mah. Never think of me, don’t want to friend you already. hahahaha

    I should have…but we already made a date for lunch the next day… Good things, must share share mah, give other people sikit chance also. 😉 Muahahahahaha!!!

  7. It was a great pleasure to meet up again and your missus and of course finally itu lah dia your 寶貝 bǎobèi Melissa. Sorry not expressive enough on the taste of that Penang curry mee perhaps it didn’t ‘carry mee’ to say something. Well it was so-so nothing to shout about, BTW thanks to the Guitar Man.

    The feeling’s mutual… Ya, this kind of places, I usually do not expect much – like Old Town or Pappa Rich or Secret Recipe. Usually good but not really great… 😦

  8. Sama sama keeping each other company as long as not bad company haha. Lupp that *blue/purple?* nonya kueh ma favorite when as a kid now also likey with lots of kaya.

    That time, I’m sure it wasn’t RM2.50 a piece… *pengsan!!! Maybe 20 cents only to the most…and people already would say expensive! 😦

    1. That blue/purple kuih is called Pulut with kaya. However, that pulut tekan failed! The blue and white should not mix together and cannot put too much blue also.

      Wah…rupanya you expert in tekan…tekan… Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  9. Haha laughing at Quay Po’s comment lit. Chinese word for word no friend you..lolz. Hm just got back from brunch, Mango had curry mee and Bananaz wanna ‘saw’ black pepper chicken at the kopitiam. Whoa western food now going at RM8.50 from RM6.00 couple of years back.

    OK! Now I know why after ‘stealing’ a few bites from Mango, that curry mee at ‘little penang cafe’ didn’t carry mee becoz the soup was not super hot enough muahahaha.

    This kind of places – cater to the masses…including tourists, so cannot be too pedas one lah. Sure no kick for true curry mee lovers.

  10. wah tried so many penang goodies, should have come up north to visit the island and have the real stuff! 😀

    merry christmas! 🙂

    You in Penang? If I go over, you will take me around or not? Last I went, only Eugene and a few of my non-blogger friends – no sign of anybody else… 😦

  11. mali mali Penang for the real thang! hehe

    No lah… Enough of Penang. Only a few people will bother to meet up – the rest just pretended dunno I was in town… 😦

  12. Oh Arthur, why lar you must tayang each and every food photo? I like them all and I miss them so much. I love Assam assam laksa is bad assam laksa to me…unless if basi lar….sobssss!!! Another favourite of mine is the Har mee..must come with the sambal belacan. Eh, how come the mee siam got no kuah one,ah? But looking at it, I know it must be darn sedap…the colour is good…so taste must be superb. The pulut tekan is another killer!! Aiyoh, apek…how lar to sleep tonight when my brain keeping thinking of these food and my eyes ternampak-nampak!!! Oh…I also don’t like your new camera!!!!

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!! And this is just the beginning of our KL trip – 1st day, belum sampai malam even. Stick around for more torture, ya? LOL!!! 😀 Yalor…I thought like Singapore nyonya mee siam – got the yummy gravy…made with fermented beans sauce and everything else and the mihun fried with kuchai…and sprinkled with thinly-sliced egg and chillies on top – that one I loved sooooo much but this one’s very nice too. Will try and see if I can cook it myself or not.

  13. Thank you teacher , today I learn a new word and know how to use it next time . :p

    Wah ! Thought you will be boring shopping whole day at Mid Valley but looks like you have a good time there eating and meet up with friends , so happening . Hahhaha

    So nice of Bananaz , keep you company till I come . 🙂

    Yea , I think this is KL style new Siam , remember the one I order for my boys’s birthday , that mee Siam very nice too .

    Here wishing you , Lucy and Melissa a very Happy Merry Christmas !! Have fun !!

    Same to you and your family. Ya…I don’t shop, nothing my size…so I eat lor!!! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀 Yes, the mee siam was very nice – didn’t look nice but really tasted great.

  14. Hi Arthur, I’ve been a daily reader of your blogs, but after those banyak sedap food pics, I have to leave a comment. You know, you might have missed your calling as a food critic…or a Jalan2 Cari Makan host. Anyway, merry christmas, God bless and keep those fab food pics posted.

    And the same to you and your family, Felicia. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment – hope you will do that more often. Ya…I think I would make a goof food critic or a food show host…but then I would not be going round giving courses to teachers…and we would not have had the chance to meet. 😉

  15. Funny, I agree with Shereen, I think your old camera’s better. BTW, great to hook up with you and B. Sorry I had to leave, had to find some red packet. And many thanks for the banquet last night. It was scrumptious! Good to see Lucy and Melissa too.

    Shereen hates the new one because she finds the photos torturing! LOL!!! 😀 Anyway, the old one – the charger has called it a day…and I bought one for some RM50-60 and then the battery would go flat so very quickly after being fully charged using the new charger. I think it has served its time… Yup…last night’s dinner would be up but not so soon…maybe after the new year as there are lots in the queue.

  16. So nice to meet up with our KL bloggers.. I am sure you had a good time there…maybe one day someone will organize a meet up and all of us can come together and have a blast!!

    Nah!!! You say only…could have stayed the weekend to meet everyone…but you drove straight to Singapore… Wah! So long there… Must have spent a fortune on food and everything… So rich lah, you! 😉

  17. wah so “cham” meh nobody to teman you?. See! at least Bananaz come and teman you mah…Really tabik Bananaz lo. Next time if he goes Sibu ah, you must belanja him kao-kao coz to brave the traffic to Midvalley at this time of the year..well..lets just say he is really “kao friend”.

    Yes, and he stayed the WHOLE afternoon…even though I kept telling him he could go first and even Mango called him, probably wondering why he was late getting home. Sure, if he comes to Sibu…must give VIP treatment one.

  18. The Penang har mee looks good, why you no likeee it? I like mee siam and especially when had with curry sotong or beef rendang. Hungry.

    Ok lah… Not really a fan, not really great – not even those in Penang. I think there are nicer things to enjoy, even here in Sibu. Yet to try and cook my own version of the mee siam… Drool!

  19. pulut hitam reminds me of champorado — glutinious rice with chocolate. I saw that in sg and i decided to try it–I forgot the taste but i guess there was some mongo bean there 🙂

    Not this one – this is a traditional dessert – all black glutinous rice boiled in water with sugar added (and pandan leaves) and when serving, add coconut milk. You must be talking about those Taiwan or Japanese desserts – no, thank you!

  20. Wow…u get to meet Bananaz too. Who else…who else? Faster reveal them…LOL!!

    I’ve met Bananaz before on my previous visit to KL and then in Penang – this is the 3rd time already… Who else? Stay tuned – will blog on everything slowly…

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