Feels like home…

Melissa, the mum and I dropped by the Taman Selara Muhibbah (Goodwill Food Park), a hawker centre near my house one night and she was thrilled to bits. She said that she missed this sort of “dining” experience that may be found in every town and city all over the country as they do not seem to have anything like this in New Zealand.

Actually, we went there for the satay but our regular stall was closed for reasons unknown to us – maybe they do not open for business on Wednesdays. Luckily, there was a stall selling that among some other stuff but they only had chicken…

Chicken satay

Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers. Thankfully, the satay was pretty good and the peanut sauce tasted great as well.

Melissa and the mum went round the place to look at what the stalls were selling and ordered a few things that she used to like a lot like these fried dumplings, for instance…

Fried dumplings

…and the fried carrot cake or koey kah

Fried carrot cake

They also ordered these fried meat rolls served with squirts of mayonnaise…

Fried meat rolls

Then, I went around myself a while later and spotted a new stall and I decided to try this fried sotong (cuttlefish) with salted egg…

Sotong with salted egg

…which was quite ok by me but everybody loved this…

Fried brinjal with meat floss

– fried brinjal with meat floss.

Did Melissa enjoy herself? Well, this photo says it all…

Melissa @ Muhibbah

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Feels like home…”

  1. one of the thing i like to do is to go to hawker centers once in a while and have “street buffet”.. look at all the varieties of local delicacies, aren’t they amazing?? i bet you can also find them in posh hotel buffet, but definitely a lot cheaper yet more authentic.. 🙂

    I don’t think it is all that cheap… It came up to around RM30 and here, we can get a very nice meal at a decently good restaurant for that kind of money, air-conditioned some more… 😦

  2. Any satay is a good satay by isaac’s books. hehe 🙂

    It was nice finally getting to say hi to melissa and your mrs that day… Melissa is really sweet!

    She says you’re such a nice guy. Hmmm…something about Penang guys or what? I wouldn’t ask you to come to Sibu for satay – better ones in KL. Drove past Satay Station last night on the way to Look Out Point, Ampang – you live somewhere further up right? The satay there good or not?

    1. Hi Isaac, STP & I ‘gossip’ a bit about you leh, that you are very famous now, extremely active in all blogging functions and activities. Keep it up man! We look you got up *wah lang kua lu eh key* ~ hokkien.

      Yalor, he celebrity blogger now. You better go and join him…then can be famous like him too. 😉

      1. Bananaz, Horrrr gossip what about me, hope its good stuffs, and left out the bad ones. Hahaha 🙂 I’m not famous by the way, just enthusiastic and willing to meet up new bloggers XD

        No worries. Nice guy like you, sure to say good things only lah… 😉 LOL!!!

    2. hahaha, not about penang guys, its exclusive to Isaac only 😛

      I live in wangsa maju, setapak area, some sort near there but not quite 🙂 Satays are my favourite, no matter the location. hehe

      Don’t let the Penang godfather see this – sure he will have a bone to pick with you! LOL!!! 😀 Ok, next trip you take me to Satay Station…or Kajang, can or not? Satay here sub-standard…no so nice, so I would like to go for very good satay when over there. 😉

      1. That means I memang tak salah orang la. I oso live in Setapak and always saw someone who looks like Isaac… so memang betul la!

        You call him lah! He’s very nice, very friendly… How do you expect people to recognise you and acknowledge you? You anonymous blogger one…

  3. Satay, koey kah, & sotong all my favorite.. Eating at hawker place we tend to over order becoz being Asians, we’ve got big eyes small stomach haha.

    Yalor, had to force ourselves to finish…in the end, all bloated. 😦

  4. Hawker centre is hub’s top priority. As for me, I dont mind going there prior I am not tagging the girls. *i scared bringing my girls to the washroom when I am half way eating especially when the toilet is ””eeewwww”’****

    I prefer less crowded and air-conditioned places.

    1. Ahem… Ling ah… the tok arab punya place usually not crowded wan leh. Come la, go makan tgt!

      Still did not get the chance to try Mid-Eastern food. Will have to go to KL again and do that someday. 😦

  5. Yum yum….how much a stick of satay?

    The brinjal with floss should be very nice. Mahal ka?

    40 sen. The other stall, 3 for RM1, dunno now – not open that day. Another place I know, 50 sen each. 😦 The brinjal – RM5 for that…

      1. No idea…no… the satay place that I went to is not in Ampang. It’s somewhere near jalan gombak… and it’s just a tepi jalan stall…. but the satay was good… bought bapak kucing there before and he hentam quite a lot of that. 😀

        I like the looks of Satay Station – very clean. I wonder who will want to take me there if I go to KL again. If not, I would just ask Bananaz, take me to Kajang.

  6. Eat all you can in KL? Hope you all enjoyed your stay.. myself here.. I feel very fatigued and lack of appetite (which is very rare).. I think this holiday really tires me down.. or maybe year after year, it is different.. i can feel the difference already..

    Must be you have not fully recovered from your recent illness – should have come to Sibu. Great place to rest and relax and enjoy eating…without worrying about the prices – all cheap!

    1. 😦 Take care ah Claire… now musim sakit la… so many people fall sick easily in this bad weather…

      Like old car, mesti go slow sikit… Me, the same. Muahahahahaha!!!

  7. Aaahhh, Melissa, you look such a sweet indulging daughter…allowing your dadda to take a pix of you when what you really want to do is makan, no??!!

    That fried brinjal with meat floss – at first glance, I thought it was tarantula served, heh heh!! Looks like so many hairy legs!

    Ask anyone who has met her on our KL trip – is she sweet or not? 😉 Hmmmm…you have an over-active imagination. LOL!!! 😀

    1. Hmm… Melissa looks very prim and proper…and quite on the quiet side. The father more jolly and chatty kind, but I think she won’t be so shy around people whom she knew better. 😛 From the way I see it, she would be the no-nonsense kind of teacher. The kind who cakap one time, all murid will listen one… that is how I see her la.

      Yes, she’s very gentle…and always complains that I have so many friends. I told her must open up, make friends with everybody, small talk with people around…and sometimes, not all the time, friendship will grow and bloom.

      1. Hahaha… dun worry la… Melissa is the ‘diam diam ubi berisi’ kind. She gives good impression to people, I’m sure many would be lucky to have her as friend. 😀

        Yes, she’s good – a real true friend… Too bad the world out there is not for people like that – always tell her to be a little bit bad. Have to, then only can survive…

  8. Taman Muhibbah, I only go coz it’s close to my home and it opens relatively late. There’s a reasonably good char kueh tiaw over there and the owner is quite chatty if you sit inside. I love the sotong mayonnaise.

    I didn’t know they have that brinjal with pork floss thing. Looks delicious! 🙂

    Yup, just a stone’s throw away from our houses. I seldom go there as it’s always crowded and parking cn be such a pain unless you park far away. This brinjal thingy is from a brand new stall at the place.

    1. Melissa would make a very good makan kaki for me.I also love anything that’s fried. My kawans all dub me Hantu Goreng… cuz I fry fry fry my food all the time

      Anyway, that day when Melissa said she knew who I am, I was really shocked! =.= I never thought she would be able to guess who I was because u were not there to introduce me and I only said that my name is Elizabeth. =.= Kat said I was an author and Melissa immediately able to guess that I’m Cleffairy… cilaka, terkejut me… my reputation must have been really notorious! OMG!

      Not so healthy wor…sore throat after eating! You another celebrity blogger mah, so famous 😉

      1. Hahaha… I famous for mengacau orang only. Kat always call me ikan bilis…online that time bising bising, kacau people around, but when ask me come out… will macam penakut and will only warm up to ppl after second or third time met them. =.=

        Me too! Me too! Online, jahat…but in person, so nice and sweet, such a gentleman. Muahahahaha!!!!

    2. Chris… u so health concious… cholesterol fest like this is not for u. Ur tummy ‘old’ liao… so u must makan steam steam barang all the time. My tummy and Cikgu’s tummy still ‘young’, so can baham all these cholesterol all we like.LOL…

      Ya…he old man, not just the tummy old. And everytime we see him complaining – sick! Keep too healthy, body no resistance, no immunity…

      1. I saw his pic in Claire’s blog before. I think he’s around Eugene’s age? Abit younger than my dad only. My dad baru in his early 50s leh. LOL! *jahat mode*

        I’m sure he’s actually very young. Anak still so kecik leh…more or less like you people’s anak. I’m sure he’s around the same age as you people.

  9. Is it an “in” thing that mayo is squirted all over deep fried stuff instead of it being on the side? No personal quantity-control leh like this.

    Seems they all do it like this quite a lot here.

  10. satay, yum yum. Sometime i like to go food court too, more choice and can eat all the food in one time. But most of the time, the food are not good! 😦

    Fried brinjal with meat floss? Something interesting, taste good?

    I think i never been to this Taman Selara Muhibbah before. Didn’t know there is a food court in Sibu, i only know bandung. kekekekkeke

    Got lah. The Malay one – Harmoni…and the one you went to on top of the Sibu Central Market. A couple of others…but I don’t usually go to these places. Open air, very hot…not even a fan… I will pengsan!

  11. OMG..big mistake to come here today…huaaaa.. Arthur, you are so cruel! Hate u! hate U! HATE U!!! Those are the kind of food I love so much and would for go any caviar, foie gras, wagyu beef and what not. Still Malaysian at heart no matter where in the world I am.
    PS..eh, I tak makan that ‘tarantula’. Sedap kah?

    You like? How do I know? You never told me… I could have taken you there – it’s just round the corner from my house. I thought you high class one, not into this kind of food. Never mind! Add to the list of must-go places for your next trip to Sibu… 😉

  12. Sure enjoyed the food. We may be going to Sibu for CNY next month! I guess everyone is closing for CNY, so couldnt enjoy all those finger foods and local delicacies. hahaha!

    Don’t be surprised. It may be open… Lots of people coming home for CNY, so extra good business for them.

  13. I’ve never heard of anyone (yet) that doesn’t like to throng a place which sells varieties of stuff (to stuff their faces!) hehe
    OOer the cuttlefish dish looks heavenly! I seem to always end up with salt baked chicken, so Canto kan?! 😉

    Salt baked chicken? You’re from Ipoh too, are you? Personally, I prefer cooler places… Give me a fan, at least!

  14. What a coincidence… satay… my parents are here in KL and I bought them loads of satay to eat for dinner. Bought 80 pcs. LOL. 40 daging, 40 ayam. U see, my dad loves satay, and everytime he comes to visit… he sure wanna makan satay wan.. and the satay that’s sold nearby my house is particularly good. If I’m not mistaken, Kat blogged about it too. 😀

    Oh? And I was in KL and you did not buy any for me… Half a dozen batang, also good enough. Tak cukup friend lah you… 😦

    1. =.=i was really blur that day…apa barang pun tak bawak. LOL… next time bawak u go makanlah…but Tok Arab food la… hahaha, since u haven’t tried that.

      Don’t blame me… Itu Annie punya pasal – wanedt to surprise me. In the end, did not bring anything for everybody. Kucing & YeeLing came earlier…and I so malu lah, had to ask Elaine to return to me what I gave her so I could give to them. I only gave her two so when you came, no more left. 😦

      1. Hahaaaa…actually we all saja wanna meet up with u…dun expect any barang wan la…better wud…u travel from so far…mau angkat banyak barang around meh…kakaka

        I checked in everything. 3 persons, 60 kg…and I only used up 47 kg. Could have brought more…

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