Christmas is coming…

I don’t usually receive many these days but I got one from my dear friend in New Zealand…together with the one for my birthday and another one came from Zee, my good friend from my “radio family”

Christmas cards from my NZ friend & Zee

I guess in these days of Facebook, Twitter and what not, sending Christmas cards has gone out of style and I’d be lucky if I can get half a dozen this year.  I must say that I’m doing pretty well so far though as somebody has sent me another one…

Christmas card from Quay Po

So, all in all I have three already.

Along with that card came these Big Dog t-shirts…

Big Dog t-shirt 1

Big Dog t-shirt 2

If you may recall, I got one not too long ago.

I suppose everybody knows by now who has sent me the card and the exclusive t-shirts…

Christmas card from Quay Po 2

Thanks so much, Quay Po… Wow! How many of those t-shirts did you buy in New York? Boy, am I lucky or what? And thanks, my NZ friend and Zee, for the cards.

Then, Mandy‘s came in the mail and that makes four…

Mandy's card & My NZ friend's Harrod's bears

…and I remember also when my NZ friend was in town, before she left, she gave us this very nice set of English Christmas bears – from Harrod’s no less and needless to say, that must have cost quite a lot.

Well, I wonder if that is all I’m getting this year – four cards…but honestly, I think I must have done something right in my life for I certainly seem to be getting stuff from people all the time. Isn’t there a Christmas song by Kenny Rogers entitled, “Christmas is a time for giving”? In my case, it certainly looks as if it’s Christmas the whole year through…

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24 thoughts on “Christmas is coming…”

  1. LOL… u got muka Santa Clause… so it’s Xmas whole year through for you.

    I take that as a compliment – so cute, so fatherly…so lovable. Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Hahaha…so bad you,Cleff!! But yalor..betul jugak Arthur ada muka Santa Claus.He got the look and the personality..hohoho! ( simpan janggut,Arthur)

      Hehehehehe!!! I know you like it hairy,,, 😉 But I do think also that if there is a Santa look-alike contest, I would win hands down… Hohohohoho!!!

      1. Betul la…lol…just nid janggut and he will pass as a santa liao….wakakakaaaaa

        Aiyor…I saw a young and skinny Santa at Mid Valley yesterday. Wpre spectacles and the pillow sure did not fool anybody…obviously. Are people here soooooo stupid as to engage a Santa like that? Should at least pick people who look a bit like Santa…like me! Tsk! Tsk!

    2. and yesterday evening he turned into Santa Claus already hahahaha.

      am enjoying the Kompiah now…Tengah lawan makan with the kid :p

      What!!! Had to take Elaine’s back to give to you… So shy lah…like that. No more surprises next time. I like things pre-planned and eveything in place nicely.

  2. Are you going to wear that T-Shirt and walk around Sibu town?..hahaha, nanti you kena pukul baru tau.YB must be all goody-goody.
    Actually, i prefer to send cards for special occasions than sending msg in FB,email or sms…I still old-fashioned like that. Have a great day today….and don’t you dare post anymore makans in FB!!!

    I think I will wear the sex-y one today. Hehehehehe!!! Dunno, cannot promise. See if I’ve any extra photos to share on Facebook or not. 😉

  3. I’m not surprised that you receive cards, you seem to be a very caring soul so naturally people want to give you something special to let you know they’re thinking about you. 🙂

    I love sending out Christmas cards. I’m starting to get them, and I hang them up on one of our doors. I think it adds to the ‘Christmas spirit’.

    When it comes to sending cards, these days I make my own. It can take a lot of time to make some of them, but I enjoy it immensely. Today, when I dropped my daughter off to school I went with her to her class and dropped of a gorgeous poinsettia plant, and a handmade card I made for her teacher. It seemed to make her day, since she gave me a big hug and thanked me. After school, when I picked my daughter, she was still talking about the card. I didn’t think anything of it, it’s just something I like to do — but it felt nice that she appreciated it. Often times I feel that teachers are taken for granted, and so I’ve always tried to do extra things to make my daughter’s teachers realize how special they are.

    Yes, the best ones would be those we make ourselves, a lot more meaningful that way…especially if we’re good with our hands and can make some really nice ones. Unfortunately, I don’t fall into that category…

  4. Bananaz eat vinegar already loh muahaha. No got birthday, Xmas or whatever cards for donkey years. Help save the trees haha. Tua kow is inspector woh haha..Nice T.

    Haiyor…did not bring anything to Mid Valley yesterday, so could not give you any buah tangan. Paiseh, paoseh… But thanks for dropping by and keeping me company for the whole afternoon. So very nice of you, really appreciate that.

  5. i don’t receive any christmas card and birthday card also nowadays.. they have all turned into electronic messages in social network, hahahaha!! great, you still get cards and presents.. 🙂

    Would be nice to give cyber-ang paos to people too for Chinese New Year. Just forward the image of the money or the ang pao packet… I bet all the young people would love that a lot!

  6. I agree with you that today in the era of modern technology, a lot of people will scoff at the idea of sending out proper greeting cards via snail mail as it’s looked upon as something outdated and old fashioned. But people fail to realise that getting something other than the monthly bills in the mail is a nice change. Greeting cards are something that you can keep in your lil ‘treasure box’, something which you can’t do with text messages or Facebook messages.

    I’m surprised though, that you’ve only received 4 cards. In total, I’ve already received 6 Christmas cards this year, even though they came from only 2 people – Mandy and my big brother, Steve, who’s serving time in prison in Miami. My mom on the other hand, has received over 40 Christmas cards from her penpals all over the world. Mom and I hardly ever get any Raya cards but come Christmas, we’re both busy sending out and receiving Christmas cards. It’s nice to be thought of during the festive season, it’s nice to receive festive greetings via text or Facebook messages, but to me, nothing beats getting the real deal in the mail. Have a wonderful Christmas, Arthur and may you blessed with more good fortune in the coming New Year.

    Oh? I didn’t know that…or I would have sent you one too… See you tomorrow night.

  7. Yeah, Christmas is just round the corner. Did you see lots of Christmas decor while in KL? Where are you staying?

    Was in Mid Valley all day yesterday, daughter meeting up with her friends…so I just loitered around while missus went on a shopping frenzy. Nice decor there….will blog about it soon. I’m at Renaissance…

    1. You should have texted me that you were “available” yesterday…I would have dropped by to meet you and keep you company while the fairer gender “abandoned” you! Aiyah, said wanna text me when reach KL also didn’t…tsk tsk..Anyway, nice decor at Midvalley, hor..

      Aiyor…MidValley, not a good place to meet lah. So crowded and getting there is such a hassle…so badly jammed!

  8. I am sure you look cute when you put on that T-shirt. Remember take a snap and post it up.

    Cannot snap lah… The words and pictures are all at the back…unless you want to see me from behind…. Oops!!! LOL!!! 😀

  9. Frankly, I don’t send cards out anymore and I’m fine not getting any either. Do I sound like Scrooge? I figured, I’d much prefer receiving e-cards or e-mails. It’s a green issue with me.

    Is your site snowing or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

    Can’t beat getting a card from a special one…and keeping it over the years to treasure and to cherish the memories. Ah well…I guess people these days are not us, sentimental old fools…

    Nope, you’re not seeing things. It’s a WordPress feature – it will snow every December. I’m surprised that you did not notice in on your previous visits…

  10. The first Big Dog shirt looks cool. It is perfect for a big guy like you. 🙂

    It is few days before Christmas. Here in the Philippines we just started our traditional Simbang Gabi (early morning Novena Masses). Christmas is really in the air.

    The Christmas parade for all Christian denominations in my town, Sibu, was last night…but I’m in KL at the moment. Heard it rained heavily there, how sad… 😦

  11. cant really throw myself into festive mood as i have a deadline to meet in 3 weeks. sleepless nights ahead! 😦

    Work or studies? End of the year, usually a busy time for everybody – have to wrap up everything for the year… Two long weekends coming up = grab the chance to rest and relax a bit.

  12. aww it has been so long since i last sent a card, nowadays people just spam a christmas greeting on FB wall / twitter. would send out some to my loved one soon!


    I guess it’s a dying tradition in this age of technology…and young people who had never had the experience would not appreciate what it truly means.

  13. the dog card is so cute! I guess nowadays, everyone will just send an e-greeting or just a free whatsapp text message.

    I guess so. The sign of the times… 😦

  14. Love the dog tee, look so cute and nice! I think i saw you wear it during your recent trip to KL? Nice!!

    Harrod bears, wow!!

    Ya…I have three – just nice for my few days in KL – all Big Dog tees… My cousing asked where I bought them and I said, “New York!” Waiseh!!! Sombong plus-plus…but I did say that my friend bought for her hubby but too small for him so all pulang saya… Lucky me! 🙂

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