Made in America…

Philip, my friend currently residing in the US, is back in town…and look at what he brought me…

– Ma Ling luncheon meat products. Oooo…how I loved this when I was growing up – a lot more than the relatively-common Great Wall’s corned beef anytime but eventually, those China-made products started deteriorating in quality. They became mushy and yucky…and did not even taste like meat and I stopped buying and eating them altogether.

He gave me three versions and golly gee, they were made in Canada…

Canadian-made Ma Ling 1

Hmmm…just fancy that! The original China brand but made in America, North America…

Canadian-made Ma Ling 2

That’s interesting! I certainly will cook it soon to see if they’re as good as the luncheon meat that I grew up eating. Slurpssss!!!

And not wanting to be outdone, he also gave me this…

US=made Spam 1

If you remember, my NZ friend gave me a whole lot from New Zealand but this one is made in America – Austin, Minnesota to be exact…

US-made Spam 2

…and Philip said he would like me to try and see if their Spam is better than the Kiwis’.

Now, this was not made in America…

Dodol durian 1

In fact, it was made in Segamat, Johore by Philip’s in-laws – unadulterated durian dodol that is all durian, no flour added…

Durian dodol 2

The missus took that all the way back to the US and Philip took it all the back to Malaysia to Sibu to give it to me. Gee! If he had taken the Europe route and flown eastwards, that dodol would have gone around the world before it got to me. LOL!!! I ate some and it was absolutely heavenly and for someone who never liked the Malacca ones, that is indeed something. I gave some to my mum and she loved it a great deal too…and she asked who made it and where it came from – and I told her that her old friend‘s son gave it to me.

Now, Philip loves fruit cakes and he has always been singing praises of the ones made by Dayang Saleha in Kuching…

Dayang Saleha's fruit cake

…who is more popularly known for her kek lapis (layer cake). It certainly looks good but I’m saving this for Christmas which, as everyone knows, is just around the corner…

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31 thoughts on “Made in America…”

  1. Wow certainly didn’t know that Ma Ling is also produced in Canada. I grew up eating Ma Ling too but stopped when it’s quality became so bad. Hell, it even tasted sourish at one period. Please do let us know how’s the Canadian product. Spam is easily available here but it’s a richman’s product since a can is ard RM15.

    Ya…caught me by surprise too! Last time, it was other countries’ products made in China. Certainly looks like times have changed. Spam is around that price here too – not just can’t afford. It is not THAT great to merit spending THAT price.

  2. Huh! Never knew that the angmoh oso makan Ma Ling! I never touch that thing… my late grandma used to tell us kids that it’s made from human meat… =.= and I happen to percaya her!

    That’s what my misssus says – she’s not really into it…and good also lah! I can have more to enjoy. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. LOL… budak dulu dulu tak berapa cerdik…senang saja kena bohong. Parents, grandparents say wud, semua percaya bulat bulat. Try and say that to kids these days… they siap Google for evidence to talk back to u. 😦

      My missus heard and she believed as eventually, I think there was a lot more fat than meat in China-made luncheon meat so it was mushy and had a not very pleasant smell…and eating it, we’ll feel geli-geli…

      1. Cleff..I remembered when I was young, I like to gigit kuku until my mom told me that if I gigit my kuku somemore,the kuku will grow in my tummy and will protrude out!..that stopped my habit pretty quickly..hehehe so bodoh me!

        Aiyor…so bad your mummy! And you were dumb enough to believe her. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. That was nice of Philip to bring you some treats.

    I’ve never been fond of fruit cake, but a few family members like it. Therefore it usually graces the menu during Thanksgiving and Independence day.

    Not my favourite but I do enjoy eating it once in a long while. My daughter would not touch it – she does not like the fruits in the cake. Kinda strange for as kids, we used to dig out the fruits to eat, leaving the cake. LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Yes, it’s so nice of him to cart the stuff all the way – truly blessed to have friends like him, praise the Lord.

  4. Don’t forget there are more Asian/Chinese in Canada than whites..hahaha..hence the Ma Ling made in Canada, which incidently where the swain flu originates…ahem!! I love SPAM and even if they are made from human meat, so be it!
    The dodol look so nice and I can just imagine the durian smell…ohhhh heaven!..sedap sehingga menjilat jari. The fruit cake is steamed or baked? I like fruit cake but the 2 boys hate them to bits as they both do not like fruits in any form.
    Have a pleasant flight, hope all goes well and enjoy.Take care and be safe πŸ™‚

    Thanks…and what a coincidence! Philip is taking the same flight to KL…and he did not even know I would be flying the same day as well. His niece’s wedding tomorrow… Phew! Would be crazy if we were actually attending the same wedding – obviously not. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    Hmmm…so American and Kiwi pigs are ok lah? Hehehehehe!!!! Don’t eat so much…you have to watch your figure, not me – I’ve given up long ago! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Scary la u, Shereen, ada tendency jadi cannibals. Tak apa… dun makan me sudah… I tarak isi… tulang saja. Hahahahahah~

      Ya…you pig lover…doesn’t eat pork, we all know. Hmmm…you dunno what you’re missing.

      1. Cleff..I buat you into sup tulang…sedap jugak..hahahaha

        Eyewwwwww….no meat, where got nice? I use pork bones to make soup stock, also must have meat one – later can eat, eat, suck, suck…sampai betul-betul syiok. Shereen! Behave yourself now! Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€ Cook bak kut teh, also like that… πŸ˜‰

      2. Arthur,
        Kita buat soup using Cleff’s tulang and lapah sikit whichever meaty part of your body that you can do without…no need liposuction for you.Then you can really eat, eat, suck, suck until you reach heaven ( sounds so wrong..muahahaha). How’s that?
        Eh, you reached KL aready,ah? So early?

        Not yet lah… Flight later…before noon. Eyewwwwww…Shereen!!! I’m utterly shocked! Rancangan ini sesuai bagi semua lapisan masyarakat. Muahahahahaha!!!! ROTFL!!! πŸ˜€

      3. Shereen…you too late already la. Somebody already made Cleff and me into Sup Tulang already la,

        Suddenly last night, my daughter did not appear so thin… LOL!!!

  5. Waiting to hear your verdict. I tried the luncheon loaf, wasn’t too impressed. I think the luncheon meat is probably closest to the original but I haven’t tried it yet.

    I was thinking the meat would be the first I would try – quite sure it would be like what we had as kids. Will do that once back from KL – see you on board later… πŸ˜‰

  6. oh, that’s interesting!!! Ma Ling luncheon meat made in Canada?? hahahaha, i never have thought of that.. most probably it’s cheaper to produce locally than to import from China?? hehe.. wow, that fruit cake is so rich and yummy~~

    Yes, it certainly looks so good. Can’t wait till Christmas to sink my teeth into that. LOL!!!

  7. full durian dodol, unadulterated? so the sticky gooey stuff in dodol is flour? I didn’t really know, just hantam makan only, but this ought to be good.

    And more SPAM! everytime i see SPAM on your blog, it makes me feel like spamming here.. SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM.. nom nom nom. lol!

    This one was pure durian so it did not feel like eating rubber/plastic with durian flavour. Lots in my pantry now…but you’re not in Sibu, so…sorry lah! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  8. You really love SPAM ah. The Ma Ling brand over here not good la. Think there are 2 type. Someone says one of it is fake one. Entah true or not. Sometimes i see in the store some the Ma Ling same label but the color slightly different . One darker orange.

    That’s what they say. One darker colour but printing quality equally poor… I would not take the risk. Geli-geli when eating the horrible contents.

    1. Kat… i tink one of it is fake wan la. In fact, China product banyak fake ones… you know the dice in black beans? the one we makan with porridge ones… that one oso ada one brand oso fake one… u bukak liao the quality really macam *dot dot dot*

      Ya…safer with the established local brands…even though sometimes, they may not taste as great.

  9. phew luckily spam and dodol aren’t my thang!

    but the fruit cake is. my aunt gave me a huge chunk the other day which is infused with liquor ooh la la.

    This one halal… Looks like I’ve to drown it with liquor myself… LOL!!!

  10. Good news! Now our friend here never sobs anymore like before… now visitors come pouring in to Sibu.. abundant gifts and blessings! hohoho… Santa is coming to town! hey, have a wonderful blast in KL.. wish I could join in!

    Still no visitors 😦 …just cards and gifts.

    1. Yes, Claire. agreed with you! He no longer sobbing in fact make us envy each time we drop by his blog….Cis!! …So, when you want to send us some famous kuih lapis *muka tebal** LOL!!

      Hard to post lah…and poslaju would not accept perishables. Come to Sibu, I’ll get you the best of the best – all you can eat. Hope you bought luggage space for your flight back…

  11. So nice of Philip to bring back all the nice stuff to you. Oh!…the durian dodol and the fruit cake looks great. I can feel the liquour in the cake.

    Halal, no liquor. I would have to add that myself… πŸ˜‰ Ya…so very nice of him to bring all the stuff all the way.

  12. Ma Ling ( product of Canada)? Something very interesting.

    I stop buying Ma Ling already, but i buy another brand of lunchoen meat, they claim, it is safer and taste nicer too. Forgot what is the brand, and it is expensive, RM8 per can. 😦

    Durian dodol? Ahhhhhh……i am it is sure taste very good, but too bad i am not into durian.

    Wah, same flight as Philip? So two of you can chat non stop in flight? hahahahhahaha

    Yes, how you know? We chatted the whole way…didn’t feel the time passing by and before we knew it, we had already arrived. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. have to be careful when buy those products, Annie… there’s one time, my friend bought the Ma Ling luncheon meat, when bukak the can, got green colour thing on the meat! Yuck!

      I’ve experienced that before. That one, problem with the canning, probably not properly sealed…so fungal growth along the part where the can was joined – along the side.

  13. @Shereen… yea… betul… like what smallkucing say… too late for u to make me into sup tulang liao. earlier this year, me and itu kucing oredi got ppl make sup tulang out of us. TSK TSK TSK> Horrible experience. First they rub salt on us, then toss us into boiling water, and then after cooked liao, they chop chop chop our bodies….tinking back, really nightmare!

    Eyewwwww….is this a horror movie or what?

  14. Tsk… I think it’s time for Shrereen to go makan liao. She kelaparan until wanna makan me and u, Cikgu. Adoi! Kesian…

    Poor thing! Have to suffer until she decides to come visit again… πŸ˜‰

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