So many years ago…

I can’t remember exactly what year that was – probably 1997…when she was in my English Language tuition class and little did I know that we would meet again via my blog. She was in Form 5 then and furthered her studies overseas and is now married with two kids and another one the way.

Yi Ling was in Sibu visiting her parents and we managed to get to meet one afternoon to go for tea at this place. We had the Mille Crepe (RM6.20), vanilla…

Noodle House mille crepe
*Melissa’s photo*

…which was simply out of this world. I wouldn’t say that it is expensive – I think the cakes at that franchise place cost more.

Being based in JB now, I was quite sure she would prefer the local delicacies so I ordered the kompia with minced meat (RM2.90)…

Noodle Hous minced meat kompia
*Melissa’s photo*

…and the ones with three-layer pork (RM3.90)…

Noodle House 3-layer meat kompia
*Melissa’s photo*

…that I had before with Ivan when he was in town. Both Yi Ling and Melissa prefer the former but I personally think the ones with pork slices are nicer.

I also ordered this toast with curry chicken (RM5.50)…

Noodle House curry toast

…and I would say it was pretty nice as well.

Melissa had the Chocolate Godzilla (RM5.20)…

Noodle House Chocolate Godzilla

…and Yi Ling had the Milo Godzilla…

Noodle House Milo Godzilla

…which cost only RM2.90 as there was a promotion from 3.00 p.m. onwards while I had the Tri-colour Tea (RM3.90)…

Noodle House Tri-colour Tea

We sat and ate and chatted till it was time for Yi Ling to go back – her kids would have got up from their afternoon nap by then.

I gave her some of my homegrown rambutans to take back for the children and the rest of the family to eat…and thanks so much, Yi Ling, for the bak kua (barbecued meat) and the Scottish shortbread that you brought for me. All the best to you and your family and the addition that is about to come soon.   Till we meet again someday…

The bill that day came up to RM30.50 and I asked for a discount of 50sen. I told the guy that I had always been promoting his place in my blog. If at places that I frequent e.g. Ruby or Ming Mei Shi, they would surely round it up for me without my asking…but not here! Tsk! Tsk! Instead, he said that he would give me some ang pao packets for the coming Chinese Dragon New Year…

Noodle House ang pao vouchers

Hmmm…free advertisement! And don’t be too happy about the RM8.00 discount voucher at the back – you will have to spend up to RM58.00 before you can enjoy the privilege. Well, that’s a glimpse at how the Foochows function – they’re very good at this and they play to win, I tell you. Too bad I’m such a miserable disgrace to the clan… Sobssss!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

47 thoughts on “So many years ago…”

  1. KOMPIAHHHHH! OMG, have mercy and shoot me in the head please!

    Muahahahahahaha!!! It just isn’t your day, is it? Hop over to Facebook and see Shereen’s photo – she’s cooking masak hitam today! ROTFL!!! 😀

    1. Tsk… it must be “torture the fairy day’. I see those pics until i kenot sleep and keep tink of food, you know! TSSSSKKK~

      Exactly what I was thinking… 7-early, 8-early, already awake and back online…to drool over the pics again. Muahahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. Was a very adventurous day… I even had to chase the postman today… =.=

        Mine came the very minute we left the house…and I had to go to the office to collect. Luckily, it’s just around the corner…

  2. alamak…i tot i am early but Cleff lagi early. Eh eh got oink oink in the bun Nice nice

    You were early…Cleff was late. She had not gone to sleep yet and it was already morning…

    1. Eh? Ur awake kah? I tot u fell asleep at the keyboard there cuz u din reply my messages! *swt*

      What about you? You’re up early today? 😉

    2. me didnt sleep la…whole night doing the new template and the header photo of the blog. Eyes also juling already. Maklumlah not computer savy

      Nice! Your new header and template. A great improvement from the old one… Certainly worth the sacrifice on your sleep. LOL!!! 😀

  3. Hahaha..kesian Cleff. If I’ve known Arthur’s post is going to kasi orang/us(cleff and I) meleleh air liur, I would have differ posting my masak hitam in FB tomorrow…hahaha. Baik untung Cleff not my FB I got no!
    The cake yu I tak heran but the rest of the food..arghhhhh!!!…you are killing me!!..especially the kompia with the sliced pork sticking out like that ( macam calling my name only!!!). Justyn will like all the Godzilla drinks tu but I much prefer the 3 colour tea tu.I tried it only once in Sibu and i’m in love.Kesian kan me..apparently that tea is so famous and you can get anywhere and everywhere in Msia but I so jakun!!

    Muahahahahaha!!! I like that bit about the pork calling your name! ROTFL!!! 😀 Oh ya…too bad I already tagged Cleffairy so she could see your photo on Facebook – torture, must torture puas puas one, mana boleh halfway alang-alang? Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Apa untung? U might as well friend me on FB… he tagged me with ur daging masak hitam picture and I can see it big and clear. *sulk*

      Hehehehehehe!!! Good things, must always share with good friends mah… 😀

      1. Macam itu Claire punya tag line..sharing is caring..kih!kih!kih!

        Muahahahahaha!!!! See who’s the jahat one now… 😉

  4. wow, i thought the mille crepes is already very nice, not until i scroll down and see the kompia with minced meat fillings (sorry i think the one with pork is too oily and fat for me).. fuyoh, i’ve never tried that before and i think it sure taste very nice!!

    Well, my invitation is always open – just let me know when you’re heading this way. Air Asia was selling 10 sen tickets yesterday – did you try to grab hold of the offer?

  5. Interesting delicacy of Johor; Kompia 🙂
    The mille crepes were just so stunning and I am sure you guys had a blast!;) It’s always nice to meet up with old friends. Too bad about the guy at the restaurant, why won’t they just round up the amount? I find it odd how some people are just so calculative about that few cents; when they could just waive it especially when it’s a regular customer and it does not even matter whether you promote them or not, it’s just plain customer retention 🙂
    Never mind, think of it this way; you are not the disgrace, in fact, I think you are the pride of the clan because you are different, in a GOOD way 😀

    Hmmm…thanks for the compliment. Yup, these young people…or maybe there are a few owners so they cannot just simply give discounts not like when it’s their own business. Ah yes…Yi Ling told me that you people over there can get kompia from Yong Peng. Somehow she still loves Sibu’s… 😉

    Hey! Your first time here I see? Welcome, welcome…thanks for dropping by and do come again. Will link you in my blogroll…

  6. My oh my, your milo and and choc gozilla sure cheap(w a scoop of ice cream some more)* weep weep… here if we want something cheap, kena kacau and whip up our own! T_T

    I hv heard so much about the Mille Crepe, I think Puchong, K.L got its francise. Must drop by one day since I’m a cake person! Ok lar, gonna scoot liao, catch up w u another time! ;D

    Cheap eh? Ivan told me the Milo Dinosaur at Pappa Rich, RM9.90… So expensive. Dunno about Puchong but I saw some bloggers post on a Mille Crepe shop in Malacca…

    1. Alice ah, after drink the Godzilla drink sure hyper wan… kena sugar rush. Better dun kasi anak drink if dowan them to make our house tunggang terbalik! LOL!

      Nah!!! My brother like that – said could not give the kids sweet things, chocs, ice cream…all out…but the kids macam hantu also – so hyper! 😀

      1. Actually can give wan la… just dun give them too much sweet things. LOL… like my anak he have ADHD, so doc advices not to give too much cuz he can get really hyper. Habis pening ur head if over the limit. But then again I dun deprive him wan, every now and then will give him sweet things, just not too often.

        Not my brother with his 1st kid – no sweet stuff, no pink clothes, no war or violent toys….

  7. Years may come (years may come), Years may go (quickly go),
    Some go fast (kompia with minced meat), Some go slow (Mille Crepe),
    Some are good (Milo Godzilla), Some are bad (three-layer pork),
    For each one (Choc Godzilla), Just be glad (Tri-colour Tea), ..♫..

    Apalah…Herman’s Hermits sing the Godzilla song or what? LOL!!! 😀

  8. Oh… God, please help me through the day without being tempted until I can’t bear any more. I am running to my own kitchen and fridge now…LOL. Simply can’t find these stuff here at those prices!

    Huh!!! I thought the prices at this particular place are a bit higher than usual already? You mean it is more expensive in Miri? Oh dear!!! 😦

    1. Yes, so expensive here. Haih…maybe I should really go back to Sibu!

      You’re originally from here…or Sarikei? I think Sarikei’s even cheaper…and Bintangor even more so. Much better to retire in a small town than in a city.

  9. STP, I like everything displayed above!! Man.. the crepe looks so delightful and the kompia with meat is something that we cannot buy over here at all..

    They are all waiting…right here waiting for youuuuuuu!!!! LOL!!! 😀

    1. i will love the one with fatty pork slices too! a porky person too.hahah..i think most girl dun like lah.duno why!

      Aha…someone who knows what she’s talking about! Those girls want to stay skinny like bamboo pole mah… 😀

      1. Too skinny not nice, like living skeleton. If I have offended anyone, big sorry. I am talking in general only, hahahaha

        Nice and cuddly like me, best lah… Hahahahahaha!!! 😀

  10. Oh, how I love the Mille Crepe and kompia with minced meat. Kompia with three layer pork I would give it to you. You are forever a pork person. Olala!!!…Chocolate and Milo Godzilla looks A1…A1…A1….Now in Droolingggggggggggggggggggg mode.

    Hehehehehehe!!! Jaga badan kah? Sibu so near…and yet so far. Don’t want to come, go ahead and drool lor!!! 😦

    1. Yesterday try so manyyyyyyyyyyy times to grab the 10 sen seat, failed big, then give up. At first the website always jammed, then later in the afternoon get thru and when it reach the payment part, hang, hang, hang. No luck. Then have to call the bank and check whether they charged or not. Sacred cos so many times.

      I usually don’t bother with these offers. Better to buy other time, look for cheaper fares. When they have such promos, sure overloaded…sure jam or hang one! 😦

      1. Just want to try my luck. See people so easy, sekejap already done. Some people have all the luck.

        I tried once…could not even log into the website, never again. Sleep better… 😦

    2. Mana ada jaga badan. I would prefer the 3 layer pork cut in thin slice. See the kompia one so thick,ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

      Yum…yum…the thicker, the fatter…the better! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  11. Seriously I havent try mille crepe before. Really want to give a try some day.

    LOL!! meaning u have to spend another RM50 in order to entitle for the RM8 voucher…ok la, u still have nice angpow packets.

    Ya, something is better than nothing. I gave to my sis – she collects ang pao packets.

    1. Nvm, Ling… I am more jakun… tak pernah dengar about mille crepe before. This fairy is quite an ancient relic wan.

      Once kahwin, with kid…out of circulation dah!

  12. OOhh didn’t know they have Mille Crepe in Sibu too! Looks so good! And cheap! The ones we have here cost minimum RM9/piece.. and the milo godzilla.. minimum RM4.50 here.. Haha why am I being so calculative today.. OK i’m not a Foochow! LOL!

    KL people very rich mah! Muahahahahaha!!!! Godzilla RM4.50, so cheap? You mean Dinosaur? My friend said at Pappa Rich, Milo Dinosaur RM9.90. Godzilla has an additional one scoop of icecream…. Yummmmm!!!!

  13. I’m not a fan of Mille Crepe though. Tried TWO of the most famous in Peninsular, one in Food Faundry PJ and another in Nadaje Malacca. Both oso so-so only for me. But it is really expensive here!

    Saw many bloggers post on the crepes – the Malacca ones, I think and they looked like to die for. I think Caroline also did that. So when I saw they had this here too, I just could not wait to go and try…and I did. I must say I was not disappointed. Loved it so much…and RM6.50 only. Anytime better than Snowflake… Hehehehehehe!!!! How much are the crepes over there?

  14. hahahahhaha…where is the “like” button? I love the way how Twilight Man describe you! You definetly is the Pooh!!! LOL!

    Hmmmmm….and when I had a photo taken with the A&W bear, people said I looked like it and A&W are my initials… Never mind, Pooh also ok, A&W also ok…all cute and cuddly. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  15. Mille Crepe!! I surprise it can get in Sibu!! Last time it open one branch just behind my house, i went there quite frequent, but don’t know why it closed down. Now only left the main one at PJ Section 17. I love the vanilla and Mango flavour. Yum!! Yes, it is not cheap here. RM9 per piece!!!

    Hehehehehehe!!!! Shhhhh!!! Don’t let them hear! Here, only RM6.50 nett. But they only have vanilla – one only…no choice. Niceeeee!!!!!! Next time you come back to Sibi, we go there, k? 😉

  16. I’ve been here a couple of times in the last few years. Can’t really remember if the noodles were any good. I’ll have to go back to try the crepe cake though. I’ve been told that these are very popular in KL at the moment, with queues everywhere.

    Yup! Seems to be a trend that’s catching on all over. VERY nice…and RM6.50 is cheaper than any cake at SR or Tom’s Too. The mee sua here is very nice but not cheap – RM9.50 a bowl… Go for the sizzling beef kampua – that one’s good and RM8.50 only. Used to have more beef though… You can check out my old posts on this place… 🙂

    1. Cheh Ultraman and King Kong no fun. Superman la!

      Ya…I think my favourite would be Superman too even though I had comics of the rest – grew up on DC comics.

  17. That Mille crepe looks amazing!! Something I never tried before. Sorry for not commenting lately. Had been busy working and I had a big party at my house last night. Glad is all over and I’m off to Sibu tomorrow 🙂

    Yup…see you in Sibu! I can take you to this place for the mille crepe… I’ve been wanting to go back there again to enjoy it so good excuse to do that when you’re here… Hehehehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. Arthur Sir, Julia will also have a piece of Mille Crepe and a glass of the wicked-looking Milo Godzilla on my behalf (thank you!)

      Julia – have a great holiday in Sibu and I hope to see in FB some photos of interesting Sibu sites. Take care and don’t party too hard! 😉

      No problem. Will surely go out to some nice place with her to eat the best in town… Then we can post the photos for you to drool over… 😉

  18. i think the mille crepe in malacca will be nicer! hehe

    Hah!!! This is a biased opinion… I must go there myself to try and then I will give a true and honest opinion. 😉

  19. mille crepes are really good stuff 🙂

    Are you a foo chow too? lol. the ang paos are a marketing gimmick, “spend more to save”

    Yup…really loved the crepe – so nice…and yup, I’m Foochow…but a lazy and not rich one. 😦 LOL!!!

  20. I agree about the ‘business-mindedness’ of Foochow clan. I have met some successful Foochow businessmen in Johor and the way they do business is really ‘different’ (don’t dare to put other adjective in case of upsetting people unintentionally).
    I really liked the Milo Godzilla but there is not chance for me to frequent that shop before I leave Sibu (tomorrow) for Kuching. My parents are busy getting ready for bro’s wedding and I don’t want my girls to get even more hyperactive after drinking those sugar laden drinks.
    I will probably update my blog when I reach Kuching because my bro’s internet connection would be better.

    They’re everywhere – any place where they can make money, they’ll be there…and they’re very hardworking. That’s why they’re very successful…and rich.

    Have fun in Kuching and congrats to your brother and his bride…and also to the happy and proud parents.

  21. Mille Crepe is great but surely nothing beats the Pork Kompia from your place. Yesterday when AA had the 10sen flight promo, I was actually thinking about flying there already next year. But then from the recent horrible experience travel with my boys, I don’t think I want to go anywhere far at least for another 2 years down the road. Sweat betul these kids, sigh…

    Sibu is so near… Less than 2 hours away – not like HongKong, so far!

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