I’ll meet you halfway…

Initially, my dear friend, Mandy, had said that she would pick me up at the hotel that evening to bring me out for dinner at Putrajaya but Ivan had taken me there already and since we were at Snowflake at the time, I quickly contacted Mandy so we could meet for dinner somewhere and she would not have to go through the trouble of driving all the way to KLIA.

Both Ivan and Mandy know each other already as it was that time when Mandy drove me to Ipoh that I met Ivan for the first time and they two got acquainted as well then.  In the end, we agreed to meet at this place that she had brought me to almost two years ago as it was right across the road from where we were at that point in time. Before she arrived, Ivan ordered this crispy fried chicken…

AsiaCafe crispy fried chicken

…which tasted good but I think they used frozen instead of fresh chicken so the texture of the meat was not really to our liking.

He also ordered two types of these…

AsiaCafe pan-seared sui kow

I preferred this one that had been lightly pan-seared.

We also shared the fried mushrooms…

AsiaCafe fried mushroom

…and although it was nice, I think my missus can do a much better job at it.

When Mandy arrived, we had this pasta carbonara…

AsiaCafe pasta carbonara

…and two versions of Uncle Bob’s fried chicken – the original…

Uncle Bob's fried chicken - original

…and the spicy…

Uncle Bob's fried chicken - spicy

Between the two, I think I  liked the original better.

I was already very full after the big bowl of Taiwanese dessert at Snowflake so we did not really feast on all the food that was available and the HUGE mug of fruit juice that they serve there certainly took up a lot of tummy space too. We just sat there and had a great time chatting the night away.

The next morning, Mandy stopped by the hotel to pick me (so I did not have to use the free hotel shuttle) and take me to KLIA to welcome Melissa home upon her arrival from New Zealand at 7.10 a.m. I had a feeling that she had other things on and was not that free that morning as she would be leaving for Vietnam the next day…but knowing Mandy, she would try her best to manage somehow to cope – such great friends are real gems that are so difficult to come by…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “I’ll meet you halfway…”

  1. I’ll meet you halfway, that’s better than no way
    There must be some way to get it together
    And if there’s some way, I know that some day
    We just might work it out forever♫

    Whoa Bananaz ♥ The Partridge Family

    LOL!!! David Cassidy… I wonder how many of my blog readers know/remember him and the family… 😉

  2. Pasta carbonara looking good..reminds me of my Aussie Italian family always say ‘mangia, mangia’ means makan,makan when we were there for a visit. They called my daughter Nikki who was less than two years old then ‘bambina’ ie little girl.

    It was nice…but Ivan said that we should have ordered the penne as when eating, the sauce will ooze out of the cylindrical pasta – so very nice, he said.

  3. Eh still bo lang lai? Bananaz would go for the spicy got kick mah hahaha.

    Weekends. Saturdays & Sundays, very slow…people busy with their own stuff and their families. Many will comment when at work on weekdays…

  4. you’ve been meeting so many bloggers lately too bro! such a friendly person you are, everybody loves STP XD

    No leh? Mandy’s not a blogger…and Ivan’s no longer active…

  5. You just call, out my name
    And you know wherever I am
    I’ll come running, to see you again.
    Winter spring summer or fall,
    All you have to do is call
    And I’ll be there
    You’ve got a friend! 😉

    P/s even monsoon season too XD

    You mean you would have come all the way to KLIA. Hmmmm…should have called you then. LOL!!! 😀

    1. I would go to KLIA…would grab any excuse to get out of the house and habiskan petrol. (I bet my hubby is extremely glad that I bo lesen rite now!)

      What happened to your license? Suspended for dangerous driving? 😉

      1. I never got it. LOL! Tunggu la… see when I’m free next year when my anak in school I go and slowly take the exam la. LOL!

        Quick! Quick! Go and get it…and next time I go KL, got driver liao…and kucing will also have a driver when hubby’s not around. LOL!!! 😀

  6. You are indeed blessed!!…with good company and great friends, here, there and everywhere. Ermmm…all chicken and all deep fried stuff. 2nd pix looks like “yong tau fu” but I know it is not. Pasta carbonara looks nice.

    I truly am… It’s really great to have friends everywhere.

  7. Since you are in KLIA and got transport, did you go to try the Bak Kut Teh at Yap Chuan (2 59 39N, 101 37 14E) or Yap Beng (2 59 45N, 101 40 23E)?

    Not really a fan of bak kut teh…and anyway, I never tell my friends what I want to eat or where I want to go. Wherever they want to take me and whatever they choose is fine by me. Personally, I think it’s the company that’s most important…

    1. I am OK with BKT but not a great fan either. Having said that, i will always try to eat whatever is most famous around the place I visit. Since BKT is the ‘in’ thing there, I will have that.

      Can’t think of anything that I would be wanting to eat when in KL unlike in Penang…so anything will be fine by me – what matters to me most would be having a good time with my wonderful friends around.

  8. Arthur, next time you come to KL, give me a buzz lah. I want to take you go eat the black black Hokkien noodles near my house. They are pretty good:D No need to meet me halfway, I come all the way to fetch you where ever you may be:D

    Sure will…but your house? Gosh…all the way from KL? I know, I know…all you KL people the same – not far, you say…and no, it’s not a jam if it’s moving…and if there’s no jam, then it’s not KL…. LOL!!! 😀 Not crazy about KL Hokkien mee actually – the one at Lot 10 Hutong is good enough for me.

    1. Quay Po, can bawak me go ur house to makan makan oso or not? *muka tembok*

      Mesti dua belah tangan, baru dapat clap…clap…clap… Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Kucing oso a very good friend. *bodek mode* She makes very yummylicious bihun goreng and lor mai kai! Mwhahaahahahahaa!

      Now that’s a BROOOOOOOOOOOAD hint! Muahahahahaha!!!! Ya, Kucing’s a great friend too….but got anak lah and hubby to take care of – not so free.

      1. *see no evil see no comment mode is on *….but switch on bodek curry chicken mode

        Evil? My blog where got evil one… All nice, blogowner so very nice mah! LOL!!! 😀

  9. I keep telling Mandy what a true gem she is but being the modest person that she is, she struggles to believe or accept what I say. Hopefully after reading this post of yours she’ll see what a treasure she truly is 🙂

    She knows – just that she’s so nice and humble, she’ll just brush all the praises and compliments aside like they’re nothing. We are indeed fortunate to get to know a friend like her through our interaction over the airwaves on radio. Amazing – that was what my friend, Ivan, said when I told him.

  10. So so nice of Mandy.. she is really a gem! So your short KL trip is very fruitful and “foodful”too.. 🙂 Really, you have great friends….

    Yes, definitely… And I thought I would be cooped up at the airport hotel for two days just eating and sleeping. Turned out to be such a great trip after all. 🙂

  11. Mandy is such a good friend… she’ll go all out for her friends…I have her phone number, and at times, when i go makan makan, I feel like asking her and Zee to join us too. I had so much fun with you guys last year… but i feel so shyyyy to ask her out since I’m not close to her. *blush* One of these days, i ought to get kucing to call her and ask her out for me.

    She’s pretty busy though – people in sales…most be on the move, aggressive…so I don’t like to kacau her but still, she would insist. I keep telling her I’d be fine, I can manage on my own and she would say she would also have to eat herself. Now, how do you argue with sales people? Sure kalah one… LOL!!! 😉

    1. Oh? She’s in sales…very persuasive person, then. No wonder u kalah la. LOL…Initially I thought she probably work in a travel agency or something, considering that she always fly here, fly there…

      Flying to other countries…for courses and stuff lah! International company mah. Normally, she’ll drive…here and there, meet customers…

  12. You are very blessed to have some very good and nice friends…but then,you are one too 🙂

    I try…but when people are all so nice and generous, I feel bad…as I feel I’m not as nice. 😦

  13. Wow..all fried food..tsk tsk tsk..fattening and heaty. hahahhahah

    Asia cafe, i been there once only. Food so so only.

    Agree with what Shereen comment up there, you are so blessed to have so many good and nice friends around, and you are one nice guy too!

    Yup…didn’t think the food was that great the first time and the second time around did not do much either to change my mind. So many things here in Sibu, so much nicer. But I’ve seen some bloggers blog about the place, praising the food to the skies. I really wonder about the standard of their tastes. Sigh!!! I try to be nice to everyone as I do believe that what goes around comes around.

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