Let it snow…

Ivan insisted on taking me to one place at Sunway for the dessert. He said that once I’ve tried it, I would want it again and again and again…and hey! I’m talking about desserts here – don’t let your mind go off-tangent now, ok? Muahahahahaha!!!!

Sunway? I was shocked! That would be in KL already but he insisted it is not – just PJ. Hmmm…to me, PJ kah, Shah Alam kah or whatever…all the same – they’re all KL to me. LOL!!! But he would not take no for an answer so, off we went…

Ivan 1

…on a long car ride through heavy traffic – no, he said, as long as it is moving, that’s not a jam…and as Mandy used to say, if there is no jam, then it’s not KL anymore. Shudders!!! Small town people like me wouldn’t survive living in such a place, I’m sure.

Then we arrived at our destination…

Snowflake 1

Hey! Snowflake!!! I’ve seen so many bloggers sharing about this place already and some, it seems, are really addicted to it…and as Ivan said, they would want it again and again and again.

Snowflake 2

He went to place the orders – I’m so jakun and don’t know head or tail of anything but I do know of this UFO-like thing…

Snowflake UFO 1

…as I’ve seen that in somebody’s blog before.

After you’ve placed your order, you can go to your seat and wait and when it lights up like this…

Snowflake UFO 2

…it means that your orders are ready and you can go back to the counter to collect.

Ivan ordered this Japan combo for himself…

Snowflake Japan combo

…and for me, he ordered this so-called “bestseller”…

Snowflake bestseller 1

You have to pour cream over it and eat and Ivan specially ordered extra cream for me…

Snowflake bestseller 2

…but I did not feel any difference. I thought it would be really very rich with all that cream but it wasn’t…and it certainly did not drive me wild with ecstasy, not in the least.

I don’t know how to describe the taste – to me, it was so-so…just something edible and those balls felt like soft plastic balls to me. Ivan let me try his and his had soya bean jelly underneath and it was much nicer…and in the end, he swopped his for mine…and I did manage to finish all of it.

So that was my first time and they always say that the first time is usually not so great, so perhaps if I were to go again, I might learn to like it more but no, thank you. Call me anything you want – jakun kah, kuno kah…but I think I would rather stick to my ang tao cendol  (red beans & green jelly) or bubur cacar.

Still, it was so sweet of Ivan…

Ivan 2

…to take me all the way to try what he personally likes so much and thinks I would like too and what presently seems to be the favourite of many in town. Thanks, Ivan…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “Let it snow…”

  1. I think I’m old fashioned and jakun too. I tried Snowflakes before with my mum when she came and visit not long ago, but I did not like it even though a lot of people been blogging about it and saying that it’s nice and stuff. I dun fancy the cream and those taro balls taste awfully weird to me. Bought two bowl of it and in the end, I sumbat-ed my mum to finish it for me while I insist that we go for cendol at my favourite tepi jalan lurk next time around.

    We’re like peas in a pod…except in the case of pork. LOL!!! Mandy said that it’s “more for young people – they love such stuff” but Ivan would not agree – insisting that a lot of old people patronise the outlets. It’s something like the bubble or momo tea – many young people love that too…but not me. 😦

    1. Haihh… I think old people like us memang cannot keep up with all of these fancy things.(But I think Claire is a different case altogether. I think she would enjoy any kind of dessert. LOL)

      I dun like those bubble tea too. There’s this franchise called ‘Chatime’ I think you’ve heard of it… they sell bubble tea/pearl tea. Perpetually long queue in their outlets… I tried the tea once and never wanna drink it again. I would rather brew my own tea. Simply not something I fancy.

      Yup! Chatime is just next door to this Snowflake outlet – opposite Asia City. Claire itu memang young at heart one…but hey! You’re young! I’m the old one here…

      1. Arthur, you are sometimes young at heart in your own way, hehehe!!!….

        Am I? This old man? Already over the hill? 😦

    2. Cham…sounds like only me that havent tried the Snowflakes. Me also Jakun lo..

      And you live in KL. Well, take mu advice – don’t bother… You definitely can live without it. No great loss.

      1. Kat, dun think u will like Snowflake either. Not nice… the taro balls taste weird and rubbery… well, at least to me la… we’re better off makan-ing cendol or bucur cha cha.

        Same gang lah, we all…

  2. ps: Ivan is so sweet… nevermind la you din like it. It’s the thoughts that counts. Besides, everyone had their own preference when it comes to food. Some may say it’s good, while others wouldn’t fancy it. 😀

    Yes, it’s the thought that counts definitely. He really loves it and wanted to let me try, thinking that I would enjoy it as much as he does. And how many young people would bother to take an old man around – not many, I’m sure? Most young people would rather be some place else doing their own stuff – he’s a really nice guy.

    1. LOL… I would bring you around to jalan jalan cari makan if I could drive, and I bet kucing and family would be pleased to bring you to hunt food too. But I bo lesen and cannot drive like Zee… so cannot bring you around. LOL!

      I know…and people with children, I also don’t want to bother them lah… Already have their hands full – I would not feel nice to impose on them. No children…or children all grown up, ok lah….

  3. It’s nice to see that you’re enjoying your trip. So sorry that you’re selection wasn’t the greatest, but it’s nice that Ivan swapped with you. He sounds like the perfect host! In the first pictures, are those black things, black beans?

    Yep, we have those buzzers here in Maryland. I don’t eat out often, but when I do It’s nice to be at a restaurant that does have them so you can sit back and chat with your friends, and be buzzed when a table is available.

    Yes, never mind that it wasn’t really to my liking as long as the company was great – that was what would matter most. 🙂 I don’t know what beans they were…I only know the red beans.

  4. well well well, and you know what?? this is the hottest dessert in town recently, and everybody is talking about snowflake and its UFO, hahahahaha.. well, to me it’s just nothing special, reminds me of the fancy donuts that cause a stir years back and then nobody is even interested now~~ :p

    Yup! A passing fad or trend. Looks like that’s what it is… Probably my daughter would love it – she and her friends would frequent the momo tea place in Wellington even though I suspect it was just to sit around and chat and have fun…

  5. STP, I am also “jakun” like you when I went there first time … never seen the UFO thingy until then.. good idea also.. no need to wait there like a dunggu..
    Yes, so nice of Ivan to take you all the way and back.. that is certainly much sweeter, right?

    Yes, always better with good company…but still, wasn’t too crazy over it. Did you like it when you tried it?

  6. What’s kuno? Not a fan, going for hot stuff nowadays.

    Kuno = dinosaur, ancient, relic…old fashioned, out of date. LOL!!! You memang curry mee punya kaki…

  7. First I did not like sweet things until I met my Quay Lo. Now I am more “Kwai” now and eat desserts after dinner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice kacang but then somehow, I am not crazy about this Taiwanese dessert.

    Hah!!! Everyone’s in the same boat. I had Mille Crepe yesterday… Ooooooo….now THAT’s what I would call dessert! Yummmmmm!!!!!

    1. WOW!!! Mille Crepe!! My favourite too!! You can get it from Sibu? Or some nice friend sent to you?

      They have it at Noodle House now – RM6.50 a slice. Ooooo…sheer ecstasy! Like heaven is a place on earth! Muahahahahahaha!!!! Watch out for the post! 😉

  8. Alamak!!! No wonder you don’t like it! I don’t like their BEST SELLER too! U should try their Soya Ice series instead of that Grass Jelly!

    The Soya Ice is very fragrant and super nice. Their grass jelly is yucky esp if you take the hot ones… sigh.. wrong order lah Ivan.. I dunno why they name that their best seller, many ppl dun like that too 😦

    Grass jelly? Was that grass jelly? Absolutely tasteless. Give us out local cin-cao/sien chao anytime… So much nicer. Maybe that’s their business tactic – name it bestseller and unsuspecting folks like me who would not know what to order would end up ordering that…

  9. Oohhh..finally u get to try it!!! Hhehheheh..If you go Taiwan, the taro ball is much nicer and I like it very much compared to here.

    Oh? The ones I had – quite tasteless… Chewy, quite hard…like soft plastic balls. 😦

  10. So sweet of Ivan to bring you to eat this Tawainese dessert but I am not crazy about it. And like you, I still prefer our own ang tao cendol or ABC. Anyway, the Japan combo looks nice.

    Ya, so glad to have friends like him. I must say the Japan combo looks nice but the taste did not blow me away – not in the least. 😦

  11. oh.. that’s nice of Ivan to bring you to Snowflakes.. yes, now it’s a hit thing here..

    Yes, so very nice of him but too bad the dessert was not a hit for me… 😦

  12. I don’t really like sweet dessert… tried snowflakes best seller and also Jap Combo but nothing fanciful though its very popular in KL/PJ. Still prefer locals i.e. Bubur Cha Cha or Kacang Hijau

    See! Everybody’s like me… I really wonder what the craze is all about – all that I saw in the blogs and on Facebook.

  13. One good turn deserves another! That being said, it was still so sweet of Ivan to drive you all the way to Sunway in order to have you lose your Snowflake virginity! Wakakakka

    And oh, give me plain ol cendol anytime, tasty and cheap! ^^

    You too? I thought you would be in the young and trendy group? LOL!!! 😀 Yes, Ivan’s a really sweet guy. Hmmmm…so now, I’m no longer a virgin? 😦 Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. The best ang tao cendol probably the Old Rex Cucur in Kuching. Not sure where in Sibu. Bubur cha cha tastes more or less the same in places that I ordered. But not too santanish for me. Some stalls actually asked me whether I want santan or milk..

    Old Rex? Never heard anybody talking about it. The fried prawn fritters and what not lose out to Peterson at Satok – I would say that Peterson wins hands down. Cendol and stuff – if I recall correctly, everybody likes somebody called Swee Kang or something – dunno who or where that is. These stuff – I have not come across any really good ones in Sibu… Maybe you can try Ah Hua at Sibu Central Market. 😦

    1. Swee Kang, the one at Open air market. I heard they have moved to somewhere at Jalan Haji Taha but don’t know the exact location. There is one stall at Jubilee ground, Jalan Lumba Kuda, that sells very nice cendol, with gula Melaka and santan/milk of your choice. Forget the name.

      Yes, that’s the Swee Kang I was talking about…and yes, the Lumba Kuda one is very popular too – I went there once – my friend wanted the kantong (ice balls). Can’t remember what I had.

  15. I’m a curry mee man too *high fives with Bananaz*
    Snowflake is just a passing fad plus their prices are not cheap ( ok ok I admit I’m an el cheapo and too lazy to be trendy wakakaka) . I think an outlet that sells Malaysian desserts ( eg. Bubur cha cha, ang tau broth, fan shee tong shui, gingko nuts in beancurd broth) would definitely last longer and appeals to a larger audience.

    Expensive eh? I wouldn’t know as Ivan paid. Hmmm…if I had known it was expensive and not really to my liking, I wouldn’t have agreed to go there. I’m an el cheapo too…but at least, if it’s really value for money, sometimes I may splash a bit. 😉

  16. At least you get to try, it always got a long long queue or big crowd. But after seeing the menu i don’t think i will like it, that’s why i don’t bother to go and try. I try the other one, honeymoon, also a place that sell a lot of dessert, and they got the famous durian pancake!! Once you walk in the shop, you can smell the durian. I brought my mum once there, i eat the mango dessert, hmmmmm…taste ok la, but not really into this kind of dessert, especially got red bean la, black sesame la, almond taste la, and with those some jelly jelly things, and it look “mushy mushy” to me..

    I still prefer ice cream or ice kacang.

    Ivan, such a sweet and caring boy, drive you all the way to Sunway to have dessert. Hmmm….nice to have him as future son in law hor…..hahahhaha..

    Hahahaha!!! No lah! These things, cannot arrange one lah… ;)The Snowflake outlet we went to wasn’t crowded – maybe it was not the right time of day or the fad is slowly dying out? Hmmm…maybe I should try Honeymoon next time around but your description of what you had certainly puts me off as well – I think I’ll stick to the durian pancake. 😉

    1. Yes, agree with Annie. Can consider, hahaha!!…add to your long list of names.

      Write right next to your son’s name? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😉

  17. Ahh here it is, the post on Snowflake! 🙂 Btw that area is not Sunway, it’s Subang 😛 And I can tell Ivan is a big fan of Taro balls! The Japan combo by default comes with only the green balls but he topped up with the additional yam balls. I like them too! 😛 I think you should have tried the soya ice instead of the best seller.. the soya ice is so much nicer! 🙂

    Ok…I remember driving past Sunway on the way – that mall with the Egyptian sphinx and all that and the hotel next door. I guess Ivan’s pretty new in town as well – at least, he knows his directions well – no need for GPS or anything. No, no, no…I think I will just give it a miss – one chance is all it’s getting. Would rather go for something else elsewhere.

  18. See?? Ipoh folks ALL very very nice leh!!! No need to eat all these desserts, just be friends with us Ipoh people, sweet enough loh! 🙂

    Yes, yes…I know quite a few people from Ipoh now…and all are so very nice. Well, I’m nice mah…so they are also nice to me lor… Right or not? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  19. That’s incredibly nice of Ivan. You have great friends from blogging! 🙂 I don’t think I will like Japan combo because of the red beans. I’m a big big fan of bubble tea. If only the bubble tea shop is near to my house here I’ll go everyday 🙂

  20. i really like snowflake especially the one with the gultinuous rice balls!!

    Ok..ok…as they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Really didn’t turn me on.

  21. Opps..I think in this case i am the jakun one.I have never heard of snowflakes or chatime but I think I am so going to love these places as i love any dessert and quite enjoyed bubble tea too..hehehe ( I am still young at heart although body already got tear and wear..hehehe)

    No need to know – not really worth it, if you ask me… Sibu’s jelly pisang is a whole lot nicer – anytime can beat it hands down… LOL!!! 😉

  22. So nice of Ivan to bring you all the way to try this. There are many combinations. Perhaps you don’t like their authentic without much sweetness grass jelly but you would like the other combinations that do not have those chewy balls, only items like lotus seeds, red beans, mung beans, and etc. Anyway, no worries, can’t expect everyone to like the same time.

    Yes, I’m probably one of the few odd one out – they’re mighty popular, so many people seemed to love it. The ones here are doing well too, well enough to keep them running all this while.

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