Slight change of plans…

Ivan was supposed to be flying back from Phnom Penh, arriving at the LCCT around the same time when I would land…so it would be just nice for him to give me a lift to the airport hotel where I would be staying. Unfortunately, he was given an unscheduled flight duty – to fly to Singapore and back that same day and he would only be available after four. That called for a slight change of plans and I managed to get a friend of mine to drop by instead and after checking in at the hotel, we went for lunch at the restaurant.

I saw the advertisement promoting their current Penang Food Fair so I was looking forward to having that but again, it did not turn out as planned. We looked at the buffet spread and was not too keen on having that – I think we can get better and more selections at some nasi kandar shops…and for the Penang char kway teow or mamak mee, one would need to place an order for it to be fried. Somehow the idea of having to go through all that did not seem too appealing. In the end, we decided to order a la carte instead…

@ Melting Pot Concorde KLIA

We had the so-called fresh young coconut…

MeltingPot young coconut

…which was not really young and I did not bother to scoop out the hard flesh to eat.

I had the fish and chips…

MeltingPot fish and chips

…which was very nice. I prefer the fish fillet coated with bread crumbs like this instead of the conventional batter so it ย was done just the way I like it.

Unfortunately, my friend’s choice from the menu was quite disappointing…

MeltingPot pasta with rendang sauce

This was their pasta with rendang sauce. Gosh…I would expect rendang to be of a darker shade than this and the gravy was so watery – I thought it would be thick and rich.

So after the brief lunch, I went to my room to settle in and wait for Ivan to drop by when he returned later that evening.

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23 thoughts on “Slight change of plans…”

  1. I’m not sure if I wanna eat spaghetti with rendang. =.=

    I’ve cooked spaghetti with minced beef and satay sauce before. It was quite nice…

    1. Whoa…I never thought of that… my spaghetti usually I goreng goreng until like mee goreng, but never tried having it with satay sauce or rendang.

      It’s noodles what… Can modify, serve any which way we want… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. I cook spaghetti wif belacan. Bihun too. And darn it… now feel like makan-ing kari kepala ikan wif sambal belacan and rice. *self torture*

        Ah yes! They had fish head curry – my friend wanted that but it was only for dinner…and speaking of which, I think I need to go and have some one of these days. Slurpssss!!!!!

  2. Oh that’s too bad that Ivan was delayed, hopefully you’ll both make up for it when you do finally get together.

    What type of sauce was included with your fish? That’s too bad that your friends meal wasn’t as good. Is that a flat bread included with it?

    Speaking of fish, fish fries are a tradition in our family get togethers in South Carolina. A few of my Uncles bring their boats from Florida (their avid fisherman). They catch the fish in the wee morning hours, and fry them later that day. They use the bread crumb batter mixed with a few other spices. From the rave reviews I hear, it’s really good.

    People come from all over the area to join in the fish feast — and the fish never lasts. As soon as it’s placed out, people are right there waiting to grab it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I managed to snap up a few pieces for my parents and daughter.

    Yes, we certainly did – had a great time together. Will be sharing that in the next few posts. The fish & chips here is usually served with tartar sauce. Some people will ask for tomato or chili sauce but not me…unless the fish does not taste great. Not too sure what was that which came with the pasta…probably a piece of garlic bread. Ya, it is so nice to live near the sea…and to be able to get fresh fish when the boats come in. Not where I live…it’s not near the sea, unfortunately. The nearest “fishing town” is probably 3 hours away by road… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. “for the Penang char kway teow or mamak mee, one would need to place an order for it to be fried”… errrr, isn’t this better than just scoop them from readily served trays laying coldly over there?? hahahaha, what rendang pasta is that, look so pathetic, hmmm, your fish and chips looks so much better!!

    For one thing, it was expensive – RM40 something per head…and we got there just before 2…and the buffet was supposed to end at 2.30 p.m. There would not be much time to order this and that…and still eat all the other things they had but anyway, there wasn’t much to choose from. If it’s Penang food, I would expect some nyonya selections, otak-otak, or-chian, har-mee, kway teow th’ng, pasembur…and cendol for dessert, all those things in Penang that I love so much – I did not see any of those. They had a pasta counter…and I would not associate that with Penang, not in the least. Ya…the fish and chips was definitely better…

  4. If I am given a choice, I will go for Mamak mee with lots of chilli padi, Penang char kway teow with extra bean sprouts, chilli and “kerang”, Assam laksa with more “Har Koh” paste and mints leave over spaghetti! Want to Malaysianize the Quay Lo pasta but afraid to go all the way and that is why it does not taste good at all. Just like the Chinese food in a lot of Western countries where the “Quaylorised” them and they don’t taste Chinese at all. Why got nice ha? Come to my house and I give you a real Malaysianized “Rendang Sauce” with spaghetti. Guarantee no disappointment. hehehe, so early I am blowing my own trumpet already! Did I wake up your whole neighborhood?

    Ah well, I guess that’s what people say about hotel food…and what we get at those franchise shops – not the real thing but edible…and expensive. Ah yes…there wasn’t any sign of assam laksa as well…and they call it Penang Food Fair. Tsk! Tsk! And it wasn’t cheap – over RM40 per person. I have fried macaroni – fried kway teow style as well…and it was nice. This one with rendang sauce does not come anywhere near…and wait till you see their scrambled eggs in one of my posts coming up soon – FAIL big time. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. i won’t mind that fish and chips too, love the batter with bread crumbs. Aww if you had tried the penang food buffet, then there’ll be more choices to choose from I suppose. Why cannot wait for them to fry the kuey teow ar ๐Ÿ˜›

    See my replies to [SK] and Quaypocooks… All things considered, I decided to give it a miss… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. The pasta with rendang sauce looks ok but like you say, it should be of a darker shade. When I hear “rendang”, whether beef rendang or anything, 1st thing comes to my mind is the dark sauce. BTW, how’s the taste? The fish and chips looks nice x’pecially the fish fillet. Love it.

    Didn’t taste very good…but the fish and chips was nice.

  7. Yalor agree with you, Bananaz may have CVD but the colour of pasta with rendang sauce is so pale. Sorry not able to visit you at KLIA got tight heavy schedule, but in your earlier post thought you are not staying overnight or did I read wrong again just like Sepang vz Rejang?Eyes playing tricks on me lately not that razor sharp any more. Used to be very sharp and observant, fit in pretty well as proofreader. Think my nickname has to be changed from hawk’s eye to cockeye now muahaha..

    Slow down – you’re moving too fast…making big money! Well, I’ll be in KL mid-December if you care to drop by and see me then. Will be at the city centre though…not KLIA.

  8. I would go for grilled fish normally… Concorde Inn? wow.. must be costly, right?

    Not really… RM150 a night for government officers like us. Taxi fare KLIA-KL RM80 one way, so return fare would be more than enough to pay for one comfortable night at this place with buffet breakfast thrown in for free. Not bad at all…

  9. Pasta with rendang sauce. It sounds good in theory – fusion stuff, but it’s a bit hard to pull off. I’ve only had one nice pasta with curry/rendang sauce before. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Concorde is only RM 150 for government officers? That’s nice!

    Yes…too bad it’s not in the city centre. I’m not really into (con)fusion – would rather have things the way they are meant to be. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. That rendang pasta thingy looked so salah!! Fish and chips is a safe bet, not unless some kitchen idiot could even screw that up! Lolz

    Yup…seeing that it’s actually a western restaurant, I guess it’s better to order something western. Anything local would definitely pale in comparison… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  11. Good choice for going ahead with the ala carte. RM40++ for buffet ala Penang food? Hmm, don’t believe the food will be authentic. The fish and chips looks ok. But the spagetti rendang sauce? I’ll give it a miss ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yup…frankly I thought that was a bad choice too. Didn’t think it would be a great combination… The pasta would need something stronger like tom yam – that would be nice.

  12. Pasta with rendang sauce? I’ll never go for that. I’ll stick to the old time fav of spaghetti bologne. I’d love to have what you have as I’m very much a fish person ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh? We’re birds of the same feather? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Meeting up with boys with exotic names & waiting a whole day for them? Suspicious!

    Hahahahahaha!!! Somebody’s pissed off cos I turned down his invitation to lunch? Hmmmm….kam-koko’s no less erotic…ooops, I mean exotic, doncha think? Muahahahaha!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Jokes aside, if you’re stuck in an isolated place (But hey! You are!)…and the only thing you can do is to take the free shuttle to KLIA and spend the day “bird-watching”, you would be waiting eagerly too when someone offers to drop by and take you around, I’m sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Oh..i will choose your fish and chips too. Hmmmm..that rendang spaghetti look a bit weird! I still prefer the western type of spaghetti and not “modern” or new taste of pasta, i sure cannot accept it.

    That’s why I do not like those so-called fusion cafes. Would rather eat at some authentic place for any kind of cuisine that I may choose.

  15. are right.The makans does not look appealing at all.Makan buat rosak badan saja..hahaha.

    Yup…I did not go back to eat there except for the breakfast which was free and I was too lazy to go anywhere nearby to eat.

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