I feel fine…

Well, there was no delay – the flight was on schedule…so one thumbs up for the airline…

Air Asia

…despite all the moaning and groaning, the cursing and swearing that I saw on Facebook prior to my departure to Kuala Lumpur that day.

I was attracted by the sight of the mist cascading down from the air-conditioning vents as the aircraft was taking off…

Air Asia cabin view

,,,which, somehow or other, reminded me of some kind of rock concert. LOL!!!

We flew over the majestic Rejang River…

Air Asia over the Rejang River

…en route to the nation’s capital, less than two hours away by air.

Perhaps it was due to my poor internet connection that day but I was quite positive that I had “bought” a seat nearer to the front, switching from the original designated seat…

Air Asia - 18F

…and I did not notice that I was still stuck at 18F until just before boarding. I, for one, would not block a window seat as I had knocked my head on the panel above in aeroplanes more than once as I was getting up and besides, when sitting in the aisle seat, I would be able to enjoy the extra space. But it was no big deal really as it was only a two-hour flight and I was in no hurry to go anywhere anyway.

However, it did not help one bit that on the day in question, my fellow-passengers in Seats D and E, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, were much bigger than me in no small measure. The baboons squeezed in and bulldozed me to the wall and there I was, pathetically pinned down against the window. The sweet and nice flight stewardess must have noticed my plight so she suggested that they could move to some empty seats at the back in the almost-full flight…but the gorillas simply refused to budge. So there I was – caught in the most awkward position…and as if that was not bad enough, one of the sumo wrestlers dozed off to sleep and started snoring. Thankfully, it was not like one of those bellowing fog horn or a constipating cow kind of snore – it was something like Darth Vader’s heavy breathing…and no, it did not turn me on – it didn’t! Muahahahahaha!!!!

When food was served, I got what I wanted…

Air Asia pre-booked meal

That costs RM12.00 online…and I understand that you would enjoy a 15% discount if you book your meal online. You will not get that little bit of water free plus you will need to pay RM13.00 instead if you buy the same thing on board during the flight. Another advantage if you book online is that you can get what you want – if you buy on board, you may find that they have run out of most things and you will not get much of a choice. By the way, for the uninitiated, they call the cutlery a “spork”, being a combination of a spoon and a fork.

The nasi bryani was good…

Air Asia nasi bryani

– a bit heavy on the spices but I love Indian food and I love the fragrance of the spices so, it was all right by me.

The aircraft landed at the much dreaded LCCT…but I had not been at the terminal for a while and I was happy to note that there are now a lot more eateries – including Passage Thru’ India…but the crowd moving here, there and everywhere or sitting on the floor…and everything else are still there – very much the same as before.

All in all, I had no cause for complaint – I felt everything was generally fine by me…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “I feel fine…”

  1. Darn… looks like i’m gonna have to go back to the arab restaurant to makan kabsah rice again. tsk tsk tsk… addicted liao…they dun have briyani, but the rice there tastes much better than the mamak’s nasi briyani in my area.

    Still sick or not? You’re like Claire… Not well yet but already gone out to eat all kinds of stuff. She had an excuse though – it was her birthday. 😉

    1. Where got sick… just a little bit unwell… wakakakaka…aiyo, cannot refrain myself wan la… where can survive with those porridge? Cannot survive la… anak see the goo in the bowl oredi tarik muka. Cerewet, at least oso mau makan noodle with ABC or chicken soup. Porridge the budak oso tengok sebelah mata. =.= Definitely got my DNA.

      Nvm la, must makan more things baru can get well, gives you more energy and more variety of nutrient. LOL. I even sumbat my anak vanilla ice cream when he complained sore throat. 😛 Very good remedy, works better than strepsils and he have no complains afterwards. (My in laws would be aghast if they sees this. LOL)

      Anyway, I’m better than my dad… whenever I was sick back den, he’ll buy me me KFC to eat cuz I wun have appetite for anything else. His logic: As long as I eat, I’ll get well in no time. More worst than me… hahaha

      The fruit will never fall far from the tree…

  2. When we travel AA we love the Uncle something chicken rice. forgotten the name. Especially my son,he loves it!

    Oh? Will try that next time – but then again, you live in Oz – maybe it’s only good for deprived people. Muahahahahaha!!! But truth be told, the bryani was nice – very flavourful…but not for those who are not into those strong Indian spices. Would love it to be more pedas though…but then again, not everybody likes it hot! Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😉

  3. Actually, except for their inaccessibility (unless you don’t mind paying RM2 a minute to call their premium line), it’s a pretty good airline. I liked LCCT, reminds me of a mega bus station. I ate at the Taste of Asia, beef rendang, it was so bad I left most of it on the plate and went over to Old Town Coffee, which was fabulous as usual. Glad you survived the sumo wrestlers. These days, when I find myself sitting next to an inconsiderate fellow passenger who insists on rubbing his elbows next to mine, I just take a flight mag and put it between us.

    Hahahahaha!!! The passenger having the hots for you or what? LOL!!! 😀 Omigawd! You like LCCT? Eyewwww….but to be fair, it is much nicer now. Yes, there’s Old Town, KFC, Nooodles, MarryBrown, Starbucks and so on. Last time, they only had McD and the fly-infested (and expensive) Taste of Asia…and there were never any seats as the passengers would all eat and sit till it was time for their flight…as there were limited seats at the airport…and with their luggage all over the place, it was hard even to get to the counter to order any food. Next opportunity I get, I would try Passage thru’ India – I love Indian! Yummmm!!! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Interesting you mentioned the fly infested Taste of Asia. I noticed them too, but everyone was eating so I had to try. Well, we’ll go to that Indian place again when I get back, the one next to Academy. Will have my Hertz wheels again this time.

      This Passage Thru’ India is outside – located between Taste of Asia and Coffee Bean (between the departure and arrival gates, domestic). As for the flies, I had a post on them:

  4. When I see the word “baboons” I laughed out LOUD!! I hear this word all the time from my friend’s husband. He is French. When he complained to us about some of the staff he had in his company about their stupidity, he called them baboons! Now I find that I used that word too when I encounter people who are very “DUH”. Oh I learn this word from my son. So you let those baboons bulldozed you to the wall and you got to put up with one of them snoring?? DUH!!! ROFL!!

    Hahahaha!!! I’m glad my sharing of my brief predicament has helped brighten up your Sunday morning. I don’t usually call people by those names though – I’m very nice. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  5. well, I would say AA space is a little congested.

    Yes, it certainly is. Very crowded…and I can’t stand crowded, noisy places. Old man mah! LOL!!! 😀

  6. Oh yeah the nasi briyani looks tasty 🙂

    Yes, it was good…but RM12 isn’t cheap. Well, I guess when travelling, we do not have much choice. Like the things sold at the airports, for instance – soooo expensive! 😦

  7. The plane looks new…. Air Asia is not bad.. though nothing is free when it comes to booking.. it has taken over MAS, for one thing… so… coming back to SIBU by business class, eh.. good to look prosperous, I can say… 🙂

    It’s ok – no complaints about the airline…and delays, not as bad as when they first started. At that time, I told the girl at the counter that they should change their tagline from “Everyone can fly” to “Everyone can wait”. It is the same with MAS – I’ve experienced delays a number of times as well and it’s not a cheap/low cost airline. I certainly would expect MORE from them… The upgrading to business class was on MASwings lah! Will talk about that when I post on that part of my trip… 🙂

  8. What about spoon + chopsticks? Spocks? Chospoo? haha. Nice pix of the Sepang river.

    Spicks? Hey! That’s our Sarawak’s…and Sibu’s own majestic Rejang River lah!!! Sepang got river kah? Chesh!!!

    1. Ooops slip of the mind no fault of the fingers why Bananaz keep thinking Sepang Sepang Sepang could be just after reading Wenn’s posting about the yummy lala in Golden Sea Restaurant..or LCCT appeared once too many times in the comment columns.. yeah yeah yeah you will say ‘blame it on other people’ muahaha.

      Yalor! People so fussy – want cheap and yet expect first class. Where got such thing one? I would say that it’s very good already…especially when you can get their cheap airfares, a real bargain. Sepang – for rich people one lah… People like me can only stay at airport inn, government rate some more. But it’s very nice… I like that place – will post on it in a couple of days.

  9. You Asked For It! Thoughts are things and your ‘wishes’ materialised immediately to give you a two hour solid Rock concert with heavy muzik..muahahaha..~;).

    No more inflight music nowadays unlike when they first started, thank goodness! I hated that! Imagine two hours of Tokyo Drift – Fast and Furious again and again. Can’t stand the commotion… I’m glad they’ve stopped doing that…

    1. You were lucky the heavy muzik next to you is on low volume and not full blast..`;). Btw did the plane go senget *slanting* on one side kah with all three heavy weights in a row?

      Ya…lucky thing it was all right. Didn’t look…maybe got three big ones on the other side too. LOL!!! And the snoring – what music was that? Heavy breathing lah… Do you breathe like that too? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Hahaha!!….LOL!!!…and at the same time, kesian you when you say you are squeezed and bulldozed to the wall by the baboons. Praise the LORD you survived the 2 sumo wrestlers. Indeed the nasi bryani looks nice and I won’t be surprised it cost RM12.00 for that little bit. Airline food mah..

    It was RM9 at the beginning of 2010. Gee!!! How the prices of things have increased in just two years… 😦

  11. no delays? great! but it’s not the same for overseas flights. always delay! one time my departure flight was delayed and my return flight was pushed half a day ahead, causing my itinerary to be shorter than expected zzz!

    i nvr tend to order flight meals. they’re so expensive haha!

    Overseas handled by AA-X – it seems that they run it as a separate entity from the ones handling the ASEAN region – the AK flights. For one thing, I hear it is better to take the early flights for if there is a delay of 30 minutes at one place, the delay will snowball…and if there are more delays along the way, by the end of the day, the flight would be delayed for an hour or more.

    One thing I’ve noticed is how they keep announcing the names of passengers asking them to board the plane – THAT is one reason for the delays. They should just leave without them…but unfortunately, with checked in baggage, they would have to unload – airline rule – cannot fly with unaccompanied baggage…and the delay would probably be even longer. I’ve experienced this at least twice with MAS.

  12. poor you, being pinned to the window seat. Luckily you’re not the claustrophobic type, or it would have been dreadful.

    I always don’t remember to pre-book my meals on airasia, hence I have to pay premium price each time. Must get it into my brain the next time I travel.

    Glad you had a safe journey STP ..

    I thought it is one of the steps that you need to go through? But I know lah…young people – hop, step and jump…not like me old man – go slow, all stressed out…so worried I would do the wrong thing. So kesian…. Next time I’ll ask you to buy and you can email me the itinerary. 😉

  13. Pity you have to squeeze with that two fellas…

    The Nasi looks yummy. I never try any food onboard AA. I found it is bit expensive.

    I wouldn’t bother if I were flying between Sibu and Kuching but to KL…and it would land around lunch time, I decided to go ahead – book and get myself something to eat. At least, it helps pass the time…

  14. I used to sit with a big sized ang moh. He’s sitting on the aisle. And he just could stop talking. Quite annoying. He kept talking about flight delay, long queue at the custom. And he came back from Bangkok. Normally, if there are people being too friendly, I’ll nod obediently and with few reciprocal words. The worst part was when he put his arm on the arm rest. My arm would have touched his oversized arm every now and then. It’s irritating. Let’s not talk about the yucky sticky sweat. Oh yeah. Let’s not talk about the snores he made the moment the plane took off. But I reckoned he realised my irritation because he eventually put his arms on his chest.

    Good thing his arms were on his own chest, not yours. Muahahahahahaha!!!! Ya, I usually do not talk to my fellow-passengers. I don’t see any point – this hello-goodbye kind of thing. Once we get off the plane, we’re not going to see or hear from one another again…unless I happen to meet somebody I would want to keep in touch with. Wink! Wink! 😉 LOL!!!

  15. Hahaha.. Rock concert! You’ve got quite an imagination.. My last flight with AA.. I ordered western food, chicken and potatoes I think.. horrible, terrible, vegetable.. Never again

    Oh? So that’s something to avoid then. Saw something like a sandwich – a fiocatta something with lots of turkey ham – nice in the picture. Wonder if it’s any good…

  16. why the air stewardess offer to move the two of them and not you? If move you then at least you might be more comfortable. Aiyo….kena penyet like that.

    Because the two were sitting on the outside…and it would be impossible for me to get out without them giving way which in itself would be such a problem – there was hardly any space left…and I think they did not eat because they could not put down the tables…and when the flight attendant wanted to pass me my food, she had to do so behind their heads…no space in front. They were THAT big, I tell you…

  17. hello! why do you have to go to KL? 🙂 eating rice in an airplane is a bit of a hassle, don’t you think? 🙂 me i just eat chips and water 🙂

    Not really. People say airline food is the next worse thing compared to hospital food…but I beg to disagree. There are a lot of places around where the food is real bad. I do enjoy eating on the plane on longer flights – like from here to KL, it takes two hours. On shorter flights like an hour or so, I would not bother to buy any food. Well, I’m going to KL because my daughter was coming back from NZ on Saturday – so I met her on arrival and we flew back together. For one thing, her coursemates – almost all from West Malaysia…so imagine everybody’s families waiting for them at the airport and you have nobody there. That would be so sad, don’t you think?

  18. Glad all is fine with you! 😉 Briyani would have been my choice too. It looks really good. I severely dislike LCCT. It looks more like a bus terminal than an airport. What a contrast when compared to KLIA.

    For one thing, it’s low cost and for another, the airline has grown too huge for the airport – it can no longer cater to such a large number of passengers so that is why it is so crowded…and when you fly low-cost, you have a different set of crowd. At least, I saw some improvements…so it isn’t as bad as before and anyway, they are building a new terminal – KLIA2. I suppose that one would be an improvement…

  19. Normally we will have their nasi lemak. Haven’t try the nasi briyani before….maybe I shall give a try next time.

    Yupp..the seat indeed is very small. Even hub was complaining when he has to squeeze in the seat for 4 hours flight…LOL!

    Thank goodness, my flight was less than 2 hours. The hot seats are more spacious, I hear…but you have to pay a lot more. Low-cost airline mah – that’s how they make money. I had the nasi lemak before – it was quite good as well.

  20. Oh, you fly with AA here and go back with MAS?

    Till now i still don’t like LCCT, forever crowded with people. *faint*

    My mum’s flight, i don’t know what is the “huha” like i mention in FB. First said take AA? Then switch to Firefly then now switch to Mas? But one thing need to transit at Kuching, but on the bright side, she landed at KLIA and got 20kg baggage! She told me, the flight was full too and her seat was at the last row! tsk tsk tsk

    Yup! I went by AA – cheaper but not much by the time I made my booking – around RM100 only. My return – I booked MAS flight operated by Firefly…but not confirmed (I think not flying anymore – I saw the schedule on the tv screen at the airport – the flights cancelled!) and in the end, MAS put us on this KL-Kuching-Sibu flights. Good also, arrived in Sibu around 6 p.m. instead of 9 p.m. and thankfully, no delay. Ya…hopefully when they finish building KLIA2, the airport would be a lot nicer.

  21. Thank god you landed safely eventhough I am sure the aeroplane must be flying senget from Sibu to KL..hahaha.The nasi Briyani look yum!!…did I tell you that I loveeeee nasi Briyani?…lol!

    Hmmm…and you did not get to eat that when you were here. We’ve got very good ones here…better than what I had at nasi kandar shops in Penang. So now that you’re back from the US, when are you coming to Sibu again?

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