From the hills…

Most diners at this restaurant would be most likely to order their curry fish head as it is among the best if not THE best in town and they would most definitely serve it with this rice…

Bario Rice 1

I had a post sometime ago on the rice and I did mention then that it is really very nice – extra fluffy and extra fragrant…

Bario rice 2

…and it goes so very well with the curry…and for that matter, with a whole lot of other things and it is absolutely great for cooking porridge.

My missus used to buy the real thing from one of her colleagues who comes from that area in Sarawak where they grow the rice – Bario…

Bario rice 3

…but the supply is not regular and it is quite difficult to get.

I will not buy from the people at the market or shops as more often than not, the rice has been adulterated – mixed with other types of rice so it would not be as nice…and for sure, they do not sell it at a lower price, no way!

I’m glad that a company is selling it now in packets of 2 kgs and it claims that theirs is unadulterated. Of course it is not cheap but if it is the genuine stuff, it is indeed worth it.

Bario rice 4

I remember I bought two packets and took them with me all the way to Penang – one I gave to Eugene and the other I gave to Edmund, my old friend and Bananaz‘s too…but they never did say anything about it so I do not really know whether it is any good or not…and if it is worth the trouble lugging it all the way to give away to friends. I think I’d buy and give to the ladies next time – they will usually give me some kind of feedback, I’m pretty sure.

So, who’s interested in getting some of Sarawak’s own original, the one and only…Bario rice? Come, put your hands up! Don’t be shy now…LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

53 thoughts on “From the hills…”

  1. I love rice, and incorporate it in a lot of my dishes. I’ve never had fresh rice before, I wonder what that tastes like?

    If I lived anywhere close to you I’d be interested, and I’d be sure to talk about it on my website too. Heck, I don’t need an incentive to write about my blog pals — since I already do that. 🙂

    Fresh rice is more fragrant, nicer to eat…and I will usually throw into the rice cooker, some screwpine leaves for added fragrance. The aroma of the rice plus the leaves would fill the whole house when it’s cooking…

    Ya, I know. It’s not an incentive really, just that I would like some feedback about this pre-packed Bario rice. I’ve bought one pack, different factory/producer, a long time ago for a friend at half the price…and she asked me why it was not nice – not like what she got from another friend who came from that Bario area. Obviously what I bought from the shop was adulterated, mixed with ordinary rice…and I also bought some from some roadside vendors who insisted that theirs was pure, unadulterated – too bad they were far from honest. They do that a lot here – mixing good quality stuff with low quality ones – fruits, for instance, may God have mercy on their souls. 😦

    So far, the ones my missus bought from her ex-colleague were very good – the real thing…but I’ve never tried these that I’ve featured in this post. It’s expensive but if I know for sure it is very nice and unadulterated as claimed, I wouldn’t mind buying and eating it myself once in a while. Just bought once and gave to the two guys but didn’t get any comments from them, good or bad. Probably it was not that great so they did not get too excited about it.

  2. Wow Bario rice reli yummy also known as ‘lakia’ bee right? What about the purple ones we used to cook too, where are they from and what is it called?

    Oh no, oh no! Lakia bee is the freshly-grown and harvested rice produced by the ethnic people around here, organic and not so well-polished…and tastes a lot better than the commercially-produced ones that we can get from the shops – some may have been sitting in the godowns for a long, long time. The purple ones should be the ang bee and if I’m not wrong, it’s unpolished rice. Supposed to be very good for health but many people do not like as it isn’t so nice to eat. I saw them selling a lot of that at Kundasang (Mt Kinabalu, Sabah) and or-chu bee (black glutinuous rice) as well. Bario rice is something very different altogether – something like fragrant rice from Thailand, just nicer.

  3. I want. I want, shy!!!…shy!!…to put up my hands cos nobody did so yet.. just kidding lah. Oh, I know that Bario rice, my sis-in-law who is from Miri use to bring it over to us if she comes to Kuching. The aroma and texture of the rice is so great. Love to cook porridge with it and it comes out exrtremely nice. Don’t like the purple one, a bit “siap, siap”.

    You’re like my brother-in-law – would not touch the purple ones…so when anybody gives them, they would give to us. Yes, Bario rice is exceptionally nice for porridge. You’re from Sarawak – should be able to get your own at places like Ta kiong lah! But if you come to Sibu, I can buy you a packet or two, no problem at all. Your son home for the holidays yet? Can bring him over for a visit – see Sibu….among other things. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. My son’s holiday starts mid December.He won’t be coming back to Kuching but instead will fly to KL to meet his sister. Both of them will be coming back during CNY.

      Arthur, there is a type of rice which people normally used to cook it with santan. They called it “or bee” (black rice). I wonder it is the same as the purple one.

      That’s black pulut/glutinous rice… In Hokkien, we call it or chu bee. I like that too… Nice dessert.

  4. This is not the Bario rice you gave me the other time you were here,kan?

    back to your question,how can you asked that I did not get invited to my missus’ side of wedding,,I didn’t say that right,did I? I have wonderful relationship with all my laws,bro and sis in laws too………………………….sometimes my father and mother in law treat better than my own..hahahhahahahhah funny again kan?

    This is exactly what I gave you last time, same packaging and everything. So? What’s your comment? Any good?

    Oops! So sorry- please see my reply to your next comment. The thing was your missus and the boys had gone to Johore before…and everytime you would say how much you missed them, how miserable to be alone and lonely but you did not go with them – busy with your business, I guess…and suddenly, this time around, you mentioned about somebody getting married…so I was so surprised that you did not go to attend. I suppose you wanted to take part in the Penang Bridge Run – not me… I wouldn’t miss a wedding in the family for something like that but then again, I’m not a sports guy so I would not understand. Well, people are people – it takes all kinds to make the world. Often have I heard it said that some friends are better than family even…so it all depend.

  5. Sorry cikgu,I should rephrase my comment, I should have said,”How come” not “how can” hahahah cos “how can” sounds a bit harsh, don’t worry I have good relationship with my in laws…

    Oh no! Oh no! My bad!!! You have every right to get fuming mad. I should have said: “How come you did not go with your missus an dthe boys to your in-law’s wedding?’ So sorry, very early in the morning…just got out of bed, simply typed what came to mind…not careful about how it was phrased… A thousand apologies. Yes, I’m sure you have – I have too. My in-laws are such wonderful people as well. We’re indeed very lucky.

  6. Anything free, I am in! *another not shy lady, Irene* Over here, I take whatever beras I can find… as long as price within the range of 20-30rm… lately I bought 5 kg of brown rice too… reduce cholesterol? but actually not as nice as white rice..that is for sure!

    20-30 for 5 kg bags, I think. This one’s almost RM20 for 2 kg only… Special rice. No problem, can bring for you when I got to Ipoh…unless you want to come to KL in mid-December to collect yourself. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Claire, we both thick skin face….both hands up and Arthur, please note down our names in your list, hehehe!!!…

      Must have thick skin, then can get… Shy-shy one, wait till forever…no one will give you. LOL!!!

    2. Mid December? Oh, i am only passing that way around 17th… so no chance la… hahaha…
      Irene, sometimes we need to be thick face to survive… hahahaha..

      17th, I’ll be there… So I’d better reserve one for you then. Ummmm…your son coming with you or not? 😉 Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. Claire, true, true..need thick face to survive sometimes.

        Yalor… Chinese say: Say jee gor ka kee… Shy2, starve your own self. 🙂

      2. Claire, Arthur will be in town around that time la. can claim your Bario rice. Very Nice!! You sure no regret and you will agree with me.

        Yes, I’ll be around…with my missus and my daughter. 😉

      3. Why ask Claire’s son with her or not that day?…Wink!!..wink!!!…

        Ehem! Ehem! Never met before mah… Tak kenal maka tak cinta… No harm making more friends, right? Muahahahahaha!!!!

      4. Sure to make more friends only. No other motif…..LOL!!!…

        Yalor…in this world, must make more friends – the more, the merrier. Hehehehehehe!!!

  7. Baa, baa, black sheep,
    Have you any rice?
    Yes sir, yes sir,
    TWO bags full.
    One for the godfather Eugene ,
    One for the old friend Edmund,
    And where got left for the little Bananaz?
    Who lives down the lane.

    Bro TWO bags only Bananaz no got lah boohoo sobs..No gift Bananaz heart pain some more add salt into injury wahhhhhh! lagi crying..muahaha. You must have given to some secret lover or old flame hehe..but then you got no more to give only two bags?

    Too bad, no more left for little Bananaz… 2 kg a bag, I bring two already 4…and hand-carried baggage, 7 kg allowed only… Next time I go KL, I’ll bring for you… 😉

    1. hahahaa…STP mistaken another bananaz for you la… oh, maybe one is bananas… that ends with a “s” not “z”… hehehe… LOL to bananaz’s comment… adding salt to injury.. hahaha…

      His one no “s” one lah… one only. Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  8. Anyway thanks so much no gift also I friend you one its the thought that count mei wen ti.

    Oh? I did not manage to give you anything when we met in Penang. Hmmm…must have run out of stuff by the time I got to meet you. Difficult lah…when flying. Excess baggage…and old man, not strong enough to carry a lot as well.

    1. Please don’t like I said its the thought that counts moreover its too heavy and a hassle to carry. Travel light is always my rule of thumb.

      Ya, me too… But if got heavy stuff, I do not mind if I can check in – 20kgs maximum.

  9. I want also… but no, I can go out to buy quite easily. It used to cost RM2.50/kg. Now, I am not sure… must be about RM7-8/kg? I saw it in that supermarket in KL… called Caref… forgot how to spell liao!

    Real Bario rice must be the best in the whole world! Your friends could have stored it in the fridge until now waiting for you to come again so that they can cook the best rice for you. So, quickly go to visit them!

    Ya…take it from the one who knows. The ones in the packets – it works out to about RM10 a kg. Not really sure how much my missus paid when buying from her ex-colleague. They sell by the “gantang”.

    1. ouch…. that is expensive! 1 gantang is 3.5KG, more or less. Am I right?

      No idea… That standard of measurement supposed to be obsolete already. 😦

  10. bario rice! so interesting 🙂 does it smell nicer? i mean after cooking it.

    Definitely! While cooking and while eating… Very nice…that is if you can get hold of the real thing.

  11. Me, me!! I want. Me tak malu, I want! Does this mean I get? 😉

    Will have to wait till you come over… Sending over will cost a fortune and if by ordinary mail, by the time it gets there, I’m sure full of boll weevils already. 😦

    1. I am in KL. We can meet up for lunch/dinner on 18/12 (I belanja). Btw, if you can (haha…dah jadi greedy now), ta pau onion kompia for me?

      Onion? No onion kompia leh…and I’m going on the 16th. By the 18th, already hard as a rock lor…

  12. If I am staying in Sibu, I will put my legs up also!! I have not even heard of Bario rice, How “Jakun” I am! I LOVE rice, all kinds of rice. Have to have rice. My mum said I am a “Fan Tung” (Rice barrel). I have to agree with her that I truly am!

    Ok…one or two packets on the way for you… Hope you will find it nicer. 😉

    1. Arthur, please don’t do that. It is so heavy, it will cost you a lot on the postage. No need, I will come to Sibu to eat those rice one day. Let that be something that I look forward to, to make the trip to Sibu ok? I really appreciate that you want to send the rice to me:D My heartfelt thanks.

      No worries – lots of other things you can look forward to when you come to Sibu. I can bring along when I go to KL in mid-December – 3 persons = 60kgs baggage allowance and we would not be bringing a lot of things. Save baggage space for my missus’ shopping… Hehehehehe!!!

  13. No need to trouble you to lug a big bag of rice over. Next time I fly to Sibu, you bring me to try it first..ehehehe. If it suits my taste bud, will get it from there..hehheheheh

    Hmmm…but I need somebody to open the bag and cook and eat so as to be able to tell me whether it’s any good and worth carrying all the way…

    1. Hehehheh….i thought we edy have a chef in the house, Sir Arthur! LOL!!!

      Don’t want to open and try myself. Sayang one packet – better save and give to people. See! I’m so nice… Sendiri tak makan, sacrifice…give to friends. Wait lah! Hope Annie-Q will get hers and then she’ll tell us whether it’s worth buying and carrying all the way or not.

  14. My in-laws used to bring to me to the Market at the heart of Miri to look for the authentic Bario rice. They have their own supplier but the supply is very limited. Selling for RM9/kg. But buying the precious rice is like making a secret deal. That it’s so hard to reserve the rice. But this Bario rice in your post looks very commercialized. IS the taste compromised? I cooked the Bario rice for my Son because it’s the only rice that “disintergrates properly” when cooked. The other types of rice are simply just too hard. I’m not sure about the Bario rice as the best rice in the world. I tried Thai rice (original type) which is very fragrant, soft and fluffy when comes out steaming hot. I tried rice in Bali but it’s just so so. But the Korean rice (selling for RM50/kg) is superbly nice. Must try it. We actually want to buy a kg or two while in Korea but in the end, we missed it. It’s not easy to find. The Korean rice is as nice as the Japanese but more ovalish and not as starchy

    I’ve had rice in Korea and Japan but that was so long ago but I remember it was very nice. Maybe theirs’ are fresh…not like ours.Thai fragrant rice is nice when just opened…but after a while, it seems to have lost its fragrance. Dunno why. I don’t mind ordinary rice though – anything cheap is fine by me. I just add pandan leaves when cooking and it becomes very fragrant and much nicer.

  15. i’ve heard of this rice before! highland rice… definitely diff from our lowland paddies in kedah hehe! would love to try some one day! 😉

    Wonder where you are based right now. Penang? Kedah? My daughter will be back in SP next year… Perhaps I can bring over for you…if I know who and where you are…

  16. BARIO! wonderful , but I agree with you that lots of those sold had been adulterated. I got cheated a few times dy! :S
    YOu are indeed a generous friend Art! *claps*

    Wait and see if anybody will tell me whether this one’s good or not. I can put aside a bag for you too… You’re in KL, right?

  17. i have visited bario, when i was still studying in sarawak.

    and i luuuuurve the rice, fragrant and errrr… soft!

    i bought a pack back for mami and mami said the same thing too

    Lucky you! I’ve never been there… Well, Bintulu is a lot nearer to Bario than Sibu. If it’s any good, I’ll bring some for you the next time I hop over to Penang.

  18. Bario rice, i heard, but not sure i had it before or not, i think i should have eat before. I like Sarawak rice very much, small and a bit sticky like those japanese rice or korean rice, nothing like the rice here or from thailand. I am a rice lover, and i think i can get mine in this Saturday *wink wink* IF my mum manage to carry it out!! hahahahhahah, she just told me, too many things to bring, she might opt out the rice, i told her maybe just bring 1kg for me.

    I consider i am lucky? kekekekekke

    Yes! Yes! I am hoping that you will cook and eat and let me know whether these pre-packed one is any good or not. Can bring you more when I go over in December. You dined at Sheraton before – you would have eaten this rice if you had ordered fish head curry…

  19. How you never tell me to buy the rice when I was there?..I would have bought a few kilos..hehehe.I have read about this rice but tak teringat langsung to try it while I was in Sibu,cis!

    I also tak ingat…and at that “emporium” where I bought before, I did not see any available. This time around, I bought from Delta – the supermart near my house – you went there without me… Hah!!! That’s why lah! Must not leave me behind one… Muahahahahha!!!!

  20. Barrio Rice? I believe we have that kind of rice. But it is more expensive than the regular rice. So, more often than not, we buy the regular rice because it is cheaper. ^_^

    Yup! Lots of hills in the Philippines… You may have the same rice there and yes, it’s expensive…so for normal consumption, we would just buy the cheap Vietnam or Thai rice. Now with the flood there, there are worries that the supply may dwindle and prices would shoot up… 😦

    1. The flooding in Thailand poses great problems for the importers of of their rice. This is the reason why the countries in Southeast Asia should improve the agriculture sector so as to have enough supply of rice even during calamities.

      Yes, but with development and progress, most people here have gone into better things – nobody wants to grow rice anymore… 😦

  21. I want, I want!! (chucking a BIG wobbly right now). Cannot wait till we come over to Sibu! Be nice to Yoong lah 🙂

    Hmmm…see when Julia goes back. If too heavy for her, I’ll send you satu gu-leng kong! Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Now.. What’s gu-leng kong? *confused face. Hehehe, it all depends.. If you are lucky, my family can spare some luggage weight but we usually bring loads of stuff back here 😀

      Gu leng kong = empty condensed milk can. Last time, we did not have those plastic cups that come with rice cookers for measuring rice so we used the milk cans to measure. You would hear us asking, “Chu kui kong?” (Cook how many cans?)

      1. Arthur, 1 x gu leng kong also I want! (Julia – can lah bring back 1 gu leng kong, just put in your handbag, heh heh!!!)

        Julia, you must be so looking forward to going back to Sibu for some yummy food 🙂 I have yet to check out that Kitchen Inn you told me about, see what kampua is all about, haha!! Look forward to meeting you this weekend.

        Oh? You’re meeting this weekend, eh? Have fun… 😉 Don’t send too many things, please.

  22. I wan, I wan! (two hands up) 🙂 I love all kinds of fragrant, fluffy rice. But it would be silly to ask you to send over by post! sigh..

    Wait! Wait! I should be stopping by Penang soon enough when my daughter goes back to Sg Petani.

    1. Apa Penang? I’m in KL, lah…

      Ok, ok…so many blogger friends, get confused. There’s a Jessie in Penang as well… 😉

  23. Sheraton’s fish curry??? I agree! It is the BEST in town 🙂 Whenever I eat curry, I must have rice…. I heard rice in Sibu (could be whole of Malaysia) is not fresh? Usually kept in storage for a few months before it is sold to the shops.

    I dunno now but some years back, I know there was a HUGE godown in the Upper Lanang area where they stored rice and the people living in the area could not open the doors and windows of their houses as the insects/boll weevils would come to their houses in large numbers. I think they keep tab on the buying of rice from farmers to keep and the distribution to keep the prices in control – rice is a subsidised item, if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately, when you keep rice for so long, I wouldn’t think it is nice anymore… 😦

    But don’t quote me on this – I just heard a bit here and there – dunno how much truth there is in this and dunno if they still do this anymore.

  24. Give me some sample la, I definitely will give feedback without you asking… whatever you give me, sure habis very fast and you can be sure I wun let it sit on the shelf.

    Sure, sure…but when I go KL next month, you will not be around… 😦

    1. LOL… apa susah… if u jumpa kucing and her family, just sumbat to them. Kakakaka… we always jumpa, so she can jadi my posman. LOL!

      Hopefully, she’s around…

  25. I am origin from Bario mix parentage Chinese Kelabit , I am so happy that this article shows the real “Bario ” products. In Sarawak we have many variaty of traditional rice and not all are genuinely from Bario. Why we call it Bario rice is because it is planted in Bario, the actual name of this rice is called “Adan” rice. Adan rice is also widely planted in Bakalalan, Lawas and Limbang which is lower land compare to Bario Highland 3500m above sea. The quality of Bario Adan rice makes it different as the altitude and rich earth, water flows from high mountains into our paddy field from which makes the crops natural fatal and good quality, many fall in love once they have tried it and said it is Bario Rice. Today we are so happy to have Ceria Rice company (local Sarawak Rice company) bringing in modern technology to plant Bario Adan Rice, we are proudly supplying them to various market especially in Kuala Lumpur. Soon we will cover most west Malaysia and providing real Bario Rice. If any of you interested to buy from us please kindly email me at

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