From the hills…

Most diners at this restaurant would be most likely to order their curry fish head as it is among the best if not THE best in town and they would most definitely serve it with this rice…

Bario Rice 1

I had a post sometime ago on the rice and I did mention then that it is really very nice – extra fluffy and extra fragrant…

Bario rice 2

…and it goes so very well with the curry…and for that matter, with a whole lot of other things and it is absolutely great for cooking porridge.

My missus used to buy the real thing from one of her colleagues who comes from that area in Sarawak where they grow the rice – Bario…

Bario rice 3

…but the supply is not regular and it is quite difficult to get.

I will not buy from the people at the market or shops as more often than not, the rice has been adulterated – mixed with other types of rice so it would not be as nice…and for sure, they do not sell it at a lower price, no way!

I’m glad that a company is selling it now in packets of 2 kgs and it claims that theirs is unadulterated. Of course it is not cheap but if it is the genuine stuff, it is indeed worth it.

Bario rice 4

I remember I bought two packets and took them with me all the way to Penang – one I gave to Eugene and the other I gave to Edmund, my old friend and Bananaz‘s too…but they never did say anything about it so I do not really know whether it is any good or not…and if it is worth the trouble lugging it all the way to give away to friends. I think I’d buy and give to the ladies next time – they will usually give me some kind of feedback, I’m pretty sure.

So, who’s interested in getting some of Sarawak’s own original, the one and only…Bario rice? Come, put your hands up! Don’t be shy now…LOL!!!