Last Friday, I dropped by the Rejang Park post office here to pay my telephone bill. When I was done, I stopped by my favourite kompia shop on my way back to the car as I felt like buying some chu nu miang, the very slightly sweet version of the kompia, for tea that afternoon.

I noticed that they now have this new variety with butter milk filling…

Chu nu miang - butter

…selling at RM1.00 each.

Then, they also have the ones covered with sesame seeds.

Chu nu miang - sesame seeds

I cannot recall how much these cost – probably two per ringgit or at the most, three.

I told the lady that I would like the plain ones (4 for RM1.00)…

Chu nu miang - plain

…which would go so well with butter PLUS peanut butter and you can toast it a bit so you would have a slightly crusty or crunchy surface which would somehow make it a bit more fragrant.

The lady put what I wanted in a bag and I paid her the money…and then, suddenly, out of the blue, she also put into the bag one of those with butter milk filling and two of those with sesame seeds to give to me. I was dumbstruck by the sudden show of generosity…but she said that I always dropped by to buy for them. Always? I would not say always, not even regularly…but if ever I want to buy kompia or chu nu miang, I would definitely come here and no place else.

I must say that I was deeply touched by her kindness and yet I felt a bit bad about it. I do believe in giving and sharing…but business is business. Nevertheless, it certainly made my day and I really felt so good inside knowing that I am surrounded by such nice people everywhere. There is hope yet in this world of ours, isn’t there?

Reach out and touch…somebody today and every day.