I dropped by a chu-char place at the back of one of the coffee shops at Rejang Park here one morning to buy some braised chicken claws for my mum – she enjoys eating those, not me…no, thank you. They were very cheap – only 60 sen each for a big one and I bought 5. Then I proceeded to another coffee shop in the vicinity for something to eat. I had the kueh chap before which was not too bad though I would not say it was really great…and this time around, I tried the beef noodles…

RejangPark beef noodles

This was the special – and like the kueh chap, I thought it was all right but not the best in town. It did not come cheap either – this “special” cost RM5.00 a bowl…and for that kind of money, I think there are a lot of nicer things around that one can go and enjoy.

Then, on another morning, I thought I would just drop by this place to see if they had anything new to offer as I had not been there for quite a while. Unfortunately, they did not – still the same few stalls selling the same ol’ things.

I ordered their three-layer tea (RM2.30)…

KongMaMa three-layer tea

…as I thought I would like a change from my usual kopi-o peng (iced black coffee) but when it was served, I was quite disappointed that the tea and milk layer had blended together and I was not getting three clear-cut layers in the drink. It tasted great though but I don’t know if it was the milk that made me feel sleepy the whole day after drinking that – milk seems to have that effect on me all the time. I think I would just stick to my good ol’ kopi-o peng from now on.

I had the sup campur (mixed soup) for RM3.50…

KongMaMa sup campur 1

It certainly looked good but I would give it my thumbs down as I’m not a fan of those frozen fish balls and imitation crab sticks and the taste was not great either despite its attractive appearance…

KongMaMa sup campur 2

There are many other places selling this kind of soup with pig liver and intestines…and with the dash of traditional Foochow red wine, it would taste a whole lot nicer than this one that I had here.

I’ve been going round town hoping to find something really nice to share with everybody but unfortunately, all that I’ve had so far have been either disappointing or not that great.  Sigh!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Disappointment…”

  1. Sometimes, things that looks good outside simply tastes the worst. 😦 Nampak saja cantik, tapi tak sedap. Haihh~

    Yalor…Never judge a book by its cover! Exactly what I was saying the other day – things that do not look nice may taste like heaven and things that appear appealing may turn out quite horrible.

  2. They look yummy in the picture…

    They certainly do…but take my word for it. Go and eat those elsewhere – they’re not that great especially the sup campur.

  3. I prefer drinking tea. I don’t like coffee because of the bitter taste. The only coffee that I like so far is mocha… The funny thing is i still can sleep very well after drinking coffee. Once, coffee made me so sleepy that i went to sleep after that.

    There are a few Malaysian cafes here selling teh c special. I tried 2 of them. The first.. Sighs.. They mixed the three layers together. But it tasted good. I would say quite close to what I can get in Sibu. The 2nd time in another cafe.. Tasted horrible.

    The one at Farley food court was nicely done – I went with my ex-student and he liked it. The one at Rasa Sayang too – Shereen had that and she loved it. This one tasted good, just that the layers were not well done. I don’t drink coffee or tea at night – coffee will keep me awake…and tea will keep me awake all night too as I would wake up so often to go to the toilet. Milk makes me sleepy…and hot milk and honey – perfect for insomnia. LOL!

  4. It makes me think of your comment on my post.

    Yes, colour is important and presentation as well but the test of the pudding is in the eating.

    That’s too bad that the food turned out to be disappointing. But tomorrow’s another day, I’m sure you’ll find something delicious to wow us with. 😉

    Yup…the search continues and hopefully, I come across something nice….and something new to add to my list of must-eat things in town. 😉

  5. They do look good but like you, I also dont like crabsticks… I prefer minced pork with the noodles and soup…

    Those crabsticks – artificial flavouring, preservatives…all the chemicals. I dunno why people like them. Minced pork with noodles? Hmmmm….I just cooked something this morning – watch out for the post day after tomorrow, I think.

  6. Adding crab stick is a mistake. Just don’t seem right for me. No worries, we friend, friend ma, we like to share your joy and your disappointment, if not, we become fair-weather friends. Who wants that? I am still looking for a place that sell this kind of noodles that taste really good but so far, not found yet.

    Beef noodles, a lot in KL. They say Jalan Petaling, there’s one place and the one at Lot 10 Hutong is very famous. Noodles with mixed pork and stuff, I had a nice one at Jalan Alor, a Foochow man’s stall but with kway teow…but the 2nd time I went, the Indon maid cooked…and it was not so nice. 😦

  7. Oh, forget to say that I like the 3 layer tea and you get it at RM2.30? The place I had charge me RM3.50! I am not going there anymore, I make my own! LOL!

    They have 4 layers too – one green layer – I hear it’s wheatgrass. Not into these drinks actually, dunno what made me order that morning. LOL!!! 😀

  8. Oh you didn’t know you have been missing the phoenix claws so nice hmmm lovely yummy.. ho ho ho liao…muahahaha ~;).

    My mum loves them – I would not touch them. I guess all the years, whenever my mum slaughtered chicken to cook, she would be the one eating the claws and also the buntut…so we never learnt to eat those things – no,thank you.

      1. Mr W!!! How come you’re allowed to write stuff like “scratch-scratch but” … when only the other day I kena scolding from you when I explained the WATA! to Bananaz and you said that this site is very high class one, so must jaga language! Hah! Play fair 😉

        Hahahahaha!!! Teachers are like that! Do as I say, not as I do… Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  9. I’ll have to try this place. The beef noodle looks good. I’m a coffee person so not enticed by the tea, three layer or not.

    And I’m a kopi-o peng person! Wouldn’t be ordering that again – so expensive some more. My usual, only RM1.50 at the most. If you want beef noodles, there are nicer ones elsewhere…including the angkau ones. They’re back at the old place next to the fire station now…

  10. No photos of the chicken claws. I like chicken claws.The mixed soup nampak sedap….unfortnately you are giving it thumbs down. I am not into this three layer tea. I am a coffee lover.

    My mum loves them – so I would buy those braised (phak lor) ones for her to eat once in a while. Nope, no photo of them… Maybe I will take the next time I go and buy for me mum – eyewwwww….even the sight puts me off. LOL!!! Ahhhh!!!! We are all kopi-kaki, it seems…

  11. The 1st time i heard of kuih Chap is in Penang. My friend ordered that.

    I dont like the crab sticks too. Usually taste very artificial.

    Used to have it in Kuching in the 70s. Loved it a lot then – now have to go slow on such stuff. Old already. LOL!!! 😀

  12. Ohh..remember,we all loved the 3 layered tea…the smell n taste us just out of this world.Not keen on the intestines and what not…sorry!!

    Hahahahaha!!! Bet you can’t get that in the States. Come, Sibu’s the best … don’t bother going anywhere else. 😉

    1. Shereen, I bet your Quay Lo hubby will hate those intestines right?
      hahha. When I first time eat the stew pig ears when we were living in US, he almost had a heart attack!! Then next time when I eat the chicken feet, he almost dropped dead! LOL! After fifteen years, he still refuse to try the pig internals except the liver! One success though, I though him to love belacan! YAY!

      Yup! Shereen’s hubby loves belacan too and all the smelly stuff – he likes petai!!!…. I think he lived and worked in Malaysia before.

    2. Ooo lots of typing error, I mean I taught my Quay Lo to love belacan. Lucy strikes again! hahaha

      Never mind…the more the merrier. Not getting many comments today so nobody’s complaining. LOL!!! 😀

  13. a good share a day, and you’re bound to run out of good spots.. I still appreciate the food you share out on your blog bro.

    Hey btw, when are you coming down kl? Next week? got time to meet up?

    Oh? You heard? Nope, I would not be going down to KL – people working and I haven’t got any plans to do anything anyway. Save the taxi fare – enough for one night hotel…so I’ll be sticking around the airport.

    1. icic, so it’s a transit thing? How long will you be in the airport ya? 🙂

      Nope, not on transit. Two nights at airport hotel – working days, everyone’s busy…and I don;t have any plans in KL so might as well stay put at airport hotel. The taxi fare alone enough to pay for one night hotel liao, government rate… Will sms you details later.

  14. Hehehe… looks can be deceiving, the soup certainly looks good! The 3 layer tea, I kena many times liao, not as good as I expected… well, at least the 1st time I had in certainly mamak stall tasted really nice!

    Oh? They have at mamak stalls? The taste is ok…just that if they claim to have three layers, I would expect to see three layers… Tsk! Tsk!

  15. Yeah it certainly looks good from here. I love crab sticks so I could be biased. The only thing I don’t like in that dish is the fishballs. Haha. I don’t like frozen fishballs too. Love pig liver though. 😀

    Yup. same here. Freshly-made fish balls…anytime…like those at the yong tofu places.

    1. Like Huai Bin, I’m okay with crabsticks…but not too much in a dish…the taste can be overwhelming.

      Don’t like the smell…. Nothing like real crab. 😦

  16. I think the sup campur would look nice without the fishball and crabstick….spoilers. How was the soup? Nice? I like the generous amount of spring onions and parsley given…:)

    Definitely. Sup campur elsewhere would not have crabsticks…and meatballs instead of fishballs. Tsk! Tsk!

  17. Hmmmmm…i don’t take intestines , but i eat liver, that’s why my husband said me weird, he eat all the intestines but not liver!! AHHAHAHAH He see me eat liver he said “yuck” how can you swallow that thing. I said you eat pig stomach and those intestines is more yucky.

    I love three layer tea and the other day i read somewhere the three layer tea actually is from Sarawak? I remember Sibu one, the three layer tea, the bottom layer they put wheat grass and here in KL they put gula melaka. I think i still prefer wheat grass version.

    Your last mixed soup look very good, i like. Can add some foo chow red wine, more tasty! Now i have to look for something in soup for my lunch! Awwwww!!

    Yes, I heard from my student sometime ago that he cannot get the three-layer tea in West Malaysia – looks like now they have already. Nah! The soup only looked nice – the taste was very disappointing. I think we can get a lot nicer ones at many other places in Sibu – don’t bother with this one, take my word for it. Hahhhh!!! I eat everything, never mind which part…but must control. Cannot eat a lot and once in a blue moon, should not be too bad. 😉

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