More or less…

I think it was not until 1973 when I was in Singapore that I first tried the mee rebus. As a matter of fact, I first tried a lot of things then – the mee siam, sup kambing, lontong, nasi padang, roti pratha (what they call roti canai in the island republic), wantan mee, Singapore Hokkien fried noodles…and so many other things. Perhaps Sibu was very small at the time so it did not have much to offer or perhaps I was not so adventurous way back then and thus, I did not get to eat much else other than the usual stuff like kampua or Foochow fried noodles.

I don’t recall becoming a great fan of mee rebus though – I guess to me, it was o.k. and I would eat whenever I wanted or felt like it…but I think I did not hear of mee bandung (which originates in Muar, Johore and has nothing to do with Bandung in Indonesia) and mee jawa (that I understand is originally an Javanese dish) until very much later and if you ask me, I think all these are more or less the same. However, when I first had mee jawa, I remember the gravy was sort of pinkish orange in colour owing to the sweet potato used but lately, I can’t seem to tell the difference between one and the other.

So what do you think this is? Mee jawa or mee bandung or mee rebus

Mee Jawa @ Bandong

Well, it’s mee jawa

Mee jawa @ Bandong 2

…available in RM1.00 packs at my regular stall in the morning at Bandong here. This only has a few strips of omelette and some tauhu pok (bean curd puffs)…whereas they also have the RM1.50 ones which has one-eight of a hardboiled egg and bits of shredded chicken.

I prefer the cheaper ones as they’re not as sweet and personally, I think they taste a bit better. But if it’s mee jawa that you want, the best that I’ve had so far would be at this coffee shop at Sungai Antu here – the only thing is they open quite late, definitely not before 8.30 or 9.00 a.m. This one is simply…the best!