It’s all right with me…

The fruits, the ones that were still at the flowering stage here, on my rambutan tree at the back of my house have started to ripen…


This time around, there are quite a lot but they’re somewhat small…probably because I have not bothered to fertilise the plant at all.

My rambutans

Nevertheless, they’re sweet and juicy and the best part would be the fact that the flesh does not stick to the seed.

But wait a minute! What’s going on here?

Someone has been stealing my fruits

It certainly looks like somebody has been climbing up and reaching over the fence to help himself to my fruits.

It’s all right with me really. After all, I am not really crazy about rambutans…and I would end up having to pluck them and giving them to people anyway. I do wish though that they had the courtesy and decency to at least ask whether they could help themselves to the fruits… Tsk! Tsk!