Ill wind…

There is an English proverb that says, “It’s an ill wind that never blows anybody any good.”

First, I had some problems with my PC so I sent it to the guy to check. I don’t really understand what the problem was but the hard disk had to be replaced and that cost me over RM300.00.

Then, trouble arose with my broadband connection. “USIM/SIM card is not available or does not exist,” it said. I was on the phone with the people in KL for at least half an hour and eventually, the conclusion was that my external modem was faulty and could not detect the SIM card.

I went to their office in Sibu and they checked for me…and their diagnosis was that my SIM card was faulty. Unfortunately, the account was in my daughter’s name and I was advised to forge a letter of authorisation and produce a photostated copy of my daughter’s identity card. I promptly went home to get that done and rushed back in the hope that I could get everything resolved quickly but when I got there, I was told that their system was down and I had to go back again in an hour or so.

I had not had lunch and it was around 2.00 p.m. by then so in the meantime, I went to this place (where they sell the very nice nasi kerabu on Saturdays) and had their seafood fried rice (RM4.00)…

SriTanjung seafood fried rice 1

…as most of the things were already sold out. Either my mood had been spoilt by all that had transpired or I was too tired from all the running around or it did not taste that great to me…

SriTanjung seafood fried rice 2

I wished they had added ikan bilis (dried anchovies) or udang kering (dried prawns) – the nasi lemak sambal certainly did not seem to help that much.

Then having had my lunch, I went back to the broadband provider’s office. The system was still down and they asked me to go to a shop in the town centre where I could get a new SIM card or a new external modem. I went there – they checked and said that my SIM card was ok…and they tried a new modem that I could buy but it could not detect the SIM card either so they concluded that it was faulty but to get a new one I would have to wait till several days later.

In the end, I simply gave up in frustration and decided to open my own account so here I am back online…FINALLY! As for my daughter’s one, the one I was using previously, I think I will have to wait for her to come home in a few weeks’ time and terminate it…for good!

And then there was a problem with my daughter’s air tickets but I think this is more than enough for one day and I will leave that till another post…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Ill wind…”

  1. Sorry to hear about the ill wind that’s blowing your way. Hope you get everything settled and that a ‘sihat’ wind will blow on you soon.

    Hopefully…hopefully… !!!

  2. oh dear..hope all’s fine with yr girl’s ticket.

    Everything’s ok now, thanks…a blessing in disguise actually. Will blog on it soon…

  3. Ha, for once I thought my good friend Arthur would blog about some technologically speaking topics, so as I scrolled down and down, got nasi goreng pulak, nevertheless,love it juga, don’t worry about Melissa’s ticket prob, I am confident it shall be resolved, you always taught me to leave it to HIM, right?

    have a good week ahead, and it is so nice to know that Melissa will be back to the fold in a few weeks’ time, that’s another good news to ‘dengar”…

    Yes, all’s ok now…and hopefully it stays that way. Ya…and back to SP next year…so I guess you’ll see more of us on transit in Penang when the time comes.

  4. When it rains it pours, eh?
    Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day. Oh by the way, the food looks delicious. I love fried rice. I usually make it every few weeks. 🙂

    Ya, more or less, settled everything now…just a bit of odds and ends to tie up. The fried rice was not that good despite the alluring appearance… Sigh!!! Even the food did not turn out well… 😦

  5. I seem to be having lotsa “ill wind” too, since I had too much spicy food yesterday! Mwahahahaha

    Gosh they actually taught you to forge? That’s bad! Thank heavens you eventually did the right thing to register your own account.

    Eyewwwwwww…..good thing I was nowhere near you yesterday. LOL!!! 😀 Well, sometimes we need to bend a bit depending on how or where the wind is blowing… LOL!!! 😉

  6. Hope everything will be fine and smooth by now….as the Chinese says…”soon soon lee lee”.

    Glad to hear that Melissa will be back for good soon and pray that she will have a nice and pleasant trip back.

    Looks sedapnyaaaaaaa….the fried rice.

    Not nice…all the bad luck, even the food also bad luck! Tsk! Tsk! Ya…hopefully, all that has passed and things will only get better…

    1. Shoo!!!..shoo!!!…..all the bad luck go away and……Cheer up!!!..cheer up!!!…for good luck to come your way.

      Yes, yes…good luck come, come…!!! 😉

  7. Looks like all’s well that ends well with that seafood fried rice.

    Nah!!! The fried rice was not nice – I only ate about half of it… 😦

  8. oh no, so many problems 😦 .. wish that everything gets resolved, and the bright sun comes out shining soon XD

    Thanks for being with me since the very beginning of my blog’s journey. Much appreciated bro!

    Sighhhh!!! What to do? Already jatuh, ditimpa tangga… 😦 Welcome, now it’s such a great honour for me to be associated with a celebrity blogger…. 😉

  9. Aiyo….don’t be superstitious la. Sometimes cannot depends on others, they take days and don’t care. When my p1 is damn slow, I give up contacting their help desk and sign up for another service provider , then buy and configure my own router as that service provider too, said it take a few days…. Alamak…simple job gotta take so long!

    Argh….your nasi kerabu…..fat!

    Not kerabu lah…goreng!!! Chesh!!! Didn’t read properly… Adoi…your comment, so technical…old man cannot understand… How to expect me to do all that? Terpaksa send to technician…and korek pocket for money to pay lor… Poor me! Sobsssss!!!!! 😦

  10. It’s just a bad day. Am sure tomorrow will be a very lovely day for you!

    More or less ok now, thanks. Hope things will get better and better after this…

  11. The sambal – did it taste good coz I like the look of it. Somehow the so called Malaysian cafes/restaurants here still can’t come up with authentic sambals.

    You back to being a happy chap today?

    Ok lah…life goes on! The sambal’s not as nice as what I would get in those nasi lemak packets that I would buy at the roadside stall in the morning…and the fried rice was not great – my missus’ or even mine would be better…anytime!

  12. Chilly winds may blow; chilly winds they come and they go.
    Chilly winds may blow, oh, oh, oh and I don’t know..♫


    I am…relaxed, taking things in stride. No use getting upset and what not – will not solve the problems. Everything should be fine now…more or less.

  13. Melissa’s air ticket will be alright..don’t worry be happy..

    Hakuna matata..Hakuna matata
    And everything is gonna be alright..Everything is gonna be alright..Everything is gonna be alright. ♫

    It’s all right now. I’ve gone and settled that… You can read all about it in an upcoming post.

  14. oh what an unlucky day!! but hey, at least you still enjoy your lunch over that nice fried rice!! haha, you just really know how to pamper yourself yeah?? anyway, expect that’s they way bolenland people work~~ :p

    I did not enjoy the late lunch – did not finish all of it…and yes, that’s the way they work – we will just have to live with it. Gaya memang ada – got style, got class…very sweet, very pleasant…results, none. Everytime they just have to mess things up even though they do it year in, year out…but this actually has got more to do with the air ticket bookings – coming up soon in another post.

  15. If still grumpy, then please take a photo and put that in your next post and we will see if you deserve the title of ‘Grumpy Middle-Aged Man’ (not yet old mah, so cannot label ‘grumpy old man’). Smile lah 🙂

    Wah!!! Panday you tripod…not old man, you say! Old lah! As old as the hills dah… Old, grumpy and cranky! 😦 LOL!!! 😀

  16. Sorry to hear all about the issues that was laid on you all at once – it’s so funny how that happens sometimes. But seeing that your daughter will be home pretty soon, look toward that for some awesome times to come 🙂

    Certainly looking forward to better days ahead, thanks… 🙂

  17. sigh.. guess it is one of those days that things do not seem right… I have experienced this “ill wind” many times… and managed to survive through it all with some nice food in the end… hahaha…
    Talking about modem, mine is also external one but on and off disconnect at times… then i will fiddle fiddle with the wire.. and it gets connected back… guess it is time to change too…

    Maybe it’s the USB port… Sometimes the wire inside the CPU may come loose from all the poking into the hole…(Hey! Shereen! I’m talking about the computer lah! What are you thinking? Muahahahahahahaha!!!!) Just get a technician to come and have a look… Sigh!!! What to do? Life is like that! Some days, we’re up…and some days, we’re down! 😦

    1. Arthur,
      What were you thinking?…muahahaha…I very innocent one..only like to be!

      You innocent? am I! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  18. Kesian..sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga.Better mandi bunga after this..hahaha. It is always like that, right..when it rains, it does really pours. Hopefully, all is well now…computer, internet line and Mel’s ticket..kesian your pocket…and your!

    All’s ok…but really, kesian my pocket. Now I’m wondering whether I should go back and teach again next year…. 😦

  19. lu ho liao, lu steady, lu SOOOI. always sure mentioned of food in the all the articles.

    Got problems, also had to eat mah…so post on the food lor… 😉

  20. Sorry to hear about all this stuff that’s happened. God bless. And here’s hoping things start looking up for you

    Thanks, Joanna. One of those days…but as they say, behind every cloud, there’s a silver lining. The sun will come shining through… 🙂

  21. Start counting down to Mel’s return? Another three weeks!! Yuhooo!!
    Fried rice look good, but you said taste not nice, maybe you’re not in the mood? Tired and sad? Sometimes mood can affect the food taste too. 🙂
    Finally now all over, go go go away ill wind, don’t come back again.

    Perhaps it was my mood or I was hot and tired… Yes, hope that good luck will come, after this… Can’t always be bad like this, I’m sure. Yes, looking forward to the day… Then I’ve company to go out and eat… 😉

  22. What a coincidence, I just had ill-wind on Monday too. If you go to my FB, you will know what it is. Don’t you hate computers and internet somedays? I hope your daughter’s air ticket is in order now. I am sure you are very eager to have her home.

    Oh? Didn’t see it on my News Feed. Must drop by your wall to look-see…#kaypo mode! LOL!!!! 😀 Yup…so far so good – will be in Thursday’s post.

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