Something old, something new…

This is new at my regular Bandong stall in the morning…

Nasi lemak cute 1

One of the girls there called it “nasi lemak cute”. Wrapped in plastic instead of the usual brown paper, it is nicely-rounded and shaped like a burger.

Nasi lemak cute 2

Inside, there are thin strips of omelette slices, some kacang (groundnuts) and a salted fish besides the rice and the sambal.

nasi lemak cute 3

There are no ikan bilis (dried anchovies) though but I guess the salted fish is supposed to be the replacement. This is also priced at RM1.50 like the rest and I would say that it tastes more or less the same.

Now, this is something new as well – the muruku


…but do not bother buying as it is bland and hard. I bought one packet at RM1.00 to try and after a bite of two, I threw the rest away.

Moving on from that, the bakwan that I blogged about not too long ago now comes with a little plastic bag of very nice sambal

Bakwan plus sambal

I don’t know what they use to make it but I could sense a little bit of rojak paste and I thought it was very nice.

The Malay food stall at Bandong around lunchtime is certainly getting very popular as I would see lots of people there whenever I drop by. There has not been anything new there though – you may see them alternating between the usual fare that  they sell like this very nice sambal petai, for instance…

Bandong sambal petai

Well, if you’ve never sampled any of the things they sell, do drop by and give it a try. I assure you that you would find most of what they have to be very nice and satisfying…

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27 thoughts on “Something old, something new…”

  1. seriously it is a bad idea reading your post at this hour….the nasi lemak is so cute!! looks so yummy!!

    LOL!!! Time for breakfast! Or perhaps in KL, people don’t start their businesses so early? Hah…7-Eleven got! 😀

  2. Oh I love petai lots, but daren’t eat it sometimes because of the pungent after-effect!

    Never mind! It’s only for a while…and they say it’s good for health. But it’s heaty though…so should not eat too much at one go.

  3. When I saw the title, I thought you went to another wedding. LOL!!!

    No…waiting for yours. Muahahahahaha!!!! I guess you saw that coming? LOL!!! 😀

  4. Real cute nasi lemak can practically count the number of rice..use to joke with the owner my regular buffet economic rice shop..Bananaz wanna small rice just 500 rice will do. My favorite muruku. Often buy with aiya what’s the name of those round round one??How to check your previous post when forgot the name of the food your title. It’s a challenge and risky indeed eating the muruku hahaha.

    Rempeyek… I prefer rempeyek to muruku – light and thin and crisp…

    1. Not rempeyek its vade aiya memory crashed this morning and it came back now think needs defrag haha. Muruku big challenge for my molars, can’t afford to take such big risk though not easy to resist ma favorite but no dice. Hard kacang *unless boiled in soup* & muruku are out of the list nanti gotta sing the song

      ..Lechum Lechum Lechum bo cui ki la.. giginya tingal la la la laaaaaaa..♫

      Ok…burung kakak tua! LOL!!! 😀

  5. At first glance, I thought it is a pair of baby ugg slipper. How silly of me. Really, I have not seen Nasi Lemak packed like this before. I think they should call it Nasi Lemak Baby Ugg… LOL! My Quay Lo loves muruku. We just bought a big tin for RM15.00. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sambal petai!

    Ahhhh!!! You’re my friend then – we can eat…and smell the bad smell together. Muahahahahaha!!!! Ya…I like good muruku – these were not nive unfortunately.

  6. All that plastic. Food looks good but plastic not so good. I prefer them wrapped in paper.

    Ya, I think so too…or banana leaf. Many of the people here as still not environment-conscious… 😦

    1. Actually I was thinking of the health effects of plastics. If you google plastic and estrogen, you’ll see some of the linkages.

      Ya, I’ve heard of that – the hot foods in plastic bags…so I wonder about the tapao-ing kampua, fried stuff e.g. noodles, the hot steamed buns and all that they put in plastic bags – how safe are those. I do wish they would not use plastic…nor polystyrene – the practice is still rampant here. 😦

  7. i think the nasi lemak cute is quite similar to the small banana-leaf wrapped nasi lemak in malaysia, just that this is transparent! still i prefer those in malaysia which are without plastic.

    Ummmm….Sibu, Sarawak is IN Malaysia, East Malaysia to be exact. >.<

  8. Love petai sambal, they are good for cleansing our kidneys? But of course must eat them raw only more effective.. hahaha… Among the above, I love the petai sambal… .hmmm.. it is time to go for my breakfast or…should I say brunch? It is 11am now.. hahahaa… Have a nice weekend!!

    Eyewww…raw? No, thanks. My mum used to eat them jeruk – pickled in salt water – we would not touch that ever….

  9. Nasi lemak looks cute packed in this way. Love muruku but as you say it is bland and hard, then forget about it.The bakwan looks nice but too oily. I would prefer chilli sauce to rojak paste ….and lastly the sambal petai, I have never tasted it before.

    Oh? Come to Sibu…and I can buy for you to try. Nice…

  10. i prefer nasi lemak bungkus banana leaf, sedap 🙂
    no, no, no for muruku…dah taste, sakit gigi 😦
    sambal petai…people said memang sedap, but i just can`t tahan the smell 😀
    but the bakwan..absolutely YES for me !!!

    have a nice weekend !

    Yup…I’m sure it’s nicer in banana leaf – none here, unfortunately.

  11. Was just discussing nasi lemak with a customer just now. Perhaps, I should try to make it one day for dinner 🙂 I never eaten sambal petai before. I wonder what it tastes like.

    Very nice if you can stand the smell. LOL!!! 😀

  12. such a cute nasi lemak! like me also, cute and rounded on the outside, but yummy on the inside 😛

    Cute kah? Ummmmm….no comment. LOL!!! 😀 Rounded? No leh…not like me…and yummy inside? That, have to ask Janice. 😉

  13. The nasi lemak rice is beras hancur…yum, I like! Nowadays ppl just don’t use beras hancur anymore and difficult to find too. Only thing is, I wish they don’t pack it in plastic la. Sibu got so many banana trees all over the place, why can’t they just use the leaves instead?…free somemore!
    Actually kan, bakwan is what? Is it Malaysian food or Indonesian? In my family, bakwan is porkball and some other stuff in it.
    The sambal petai look so good..just had it last Friday. Now my bathroom darn pungent..hahaha!

    Ya, bak wan to me would be meat balls…but the Indonesians call these bakwan – actually, it’s our cucur sayur – no bak in it, and not wan (ball)-shaped either. Oh? You have petai there? You cooked? Didn’t post in your blog? Ya…dunno why they do not want to use banana leaf here – even if can’t get for free, just buy RM1.00, can get a HUGE bundle already. Even the brown paper, I get worried about the waxed inside, what more to say, when they use plastic. 😦

  14. I always enjoy reading your blog, your foods you feature are tempting, and I usually see a new dish (or food) that I’ve never heard of before.

    What’s the last dish? It looks like some type of chili. I haven’t made that in a while, time for me to make some black bean chili. It’s cold here, chili and cold weather go together nicely. 🙂

    They’re stink beans or what we call buah petai here – supposed to be good for health…and they’re cooked in sambal – lots of chilies and dried prawns and belacan (dried prawn paste) and shallots and stuff…

  15. Hey those murukus are actually Indian right?! Made from rice flour, these were introduced to me by my friends from southern India. They used to make it at home, as well as, sell in bakeries…these are very popular snacks there. But I do agree u need to have pretty strong teeth for this.. 😛

    Yes, 100% Indian. I’ve had very nice ones before…just that these that I bought were such a disappointment.

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