Simon says…

It was my first day in school – Primary One in St. Mary’s (co-ed) here in Sibu so that would be January, 1958, I think, when I had just turned 5 in December the year before. People our time did not go to kindergarten – straight to Primary One…and I was feeling lost and alone. Nope! I did not cry…and he and another boy with him were the first to strike up a conversation with me and that certainly helped to cheer me up. Suddenly, I had friends…and I wasn’t lonely anymore.

We were in the same class right up to Form Five and then we parted ways though we did bump into each other a few times over the years. Well, the other day, he told me via Facebook that he was coming to town so we met for lunch on Wednesday, me and my old buddy, Simon…

Old buddies

…and his wife, Helen. Helen’s a long-time friend of mine too – back in the early 70’s and our party days and Jubilee Hall and all…even before she met Simon and married him. Boy, where did the good times go?

Anyway, I took them out to lunch at this restaurant as I wanted to have this special dish – pork cooked with stout…

MingMeiShi pork cooked with stout

We had that when my NZ friend came to town but the photograph came out blur and I did not bother to include it in my post at the time. Now, doesn’t that make you drool? Yum! Yum!

We also had their sweet and sour fish fillet…

MingMeiShi sweet and sour fish fillet

…and the fried asparagus with prawn balls…

MingMeiShi fried asparagus with prawn balls

…as well as their Foochow-style tofu soup. Perhaps the chef spilt the black vinegar that day and the soup came out tasting more like sea cucumber soup instead. Well, at least, it tasted good so it did not really matter.

Now, anyone who comes to Sibu must eat something that’s authentically Sibu and Simon and Helen were no exception. I ordered this plate of Foochow fried noodles for them…

MingMeiShi Foochow fried noodles

…and though theirs may not be the best in town, the two of them enjoyed it a lot.

The lunch for three inclusive of two rice (they shared) and drinks came up to only RM50.60. Cheap, don’t you think?

It certainly is nice to meet old friends again and renew ties that may have loosened over the years and I certainly look forward to seeing them or any of our long-lost friends again sometime, anytime…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Simon says…”

  1. Gosh you made do math so early in the morning!! :p

    So happy for you to have met such an old friend. Great to retouch with old friends. Usually not many are left in the hometown since all are scattered everywhere and people change. I remembered having ‘bumped’ into an old friend whom I was close to when we were in primary school. decided to end the conversation quickly when I noticed he was not responsive. Sometimes, they are just not enthusiastic of reminiscing the past and I guess I have to respect that!

    What Maths? Counting my age? 59 lah…60 next year. Sooooo old! 😦 Ya…some are not bothered, just pretend they do not know you – never mind, I can do without the likes of those…

  2. It is nice to meet up with old friends..and you both look a bit like brothers!Yup, I remembered the pork cooked with stout…and they were yummy.The rest of the dishes look good too…missing them now.

    Come on, come on… When are you going to come to Sibu again? I miss you all too, all the fun…and taking you all round to eat all the best in town. So much more for you to try… 😉

  3. I went to St. Mary’s too. I had lots of sweet memories there I think that includes the punishments from the principal. Hahahaha..During my time was Margaret. I’m sure not as strict as the nuns in the previous days.

    Yum yum.. All the food looks yummy. I usually prefer hung ang or kueh tiao compared to foochow fried noodles.

    Oh? Like my daughter – she does not eat Foochow friend noodles…would prefer mihun or kway teow. Margaret can’t walk now, I hear – on wheel chair and is attached to the office – Education. No longer headmistress…

  4. I’d like to play a game,
    That is so much fun,
    And it’s not so very hard to do,
    Put your hands in the air..♫

    for Simon…haha.

    Boleh mabuk kah after eating the stout pork? lolz

    Drink my missus’ Foochow red wine chicken soup – itu baru mabuk. LOL!!!

  5. wow…the food looks so good and so so cheap! STP, u have so many friends coming by to visit you… guess I have to make appointment months before I go, huh..
    Wonder when Mandy will go.. see can tumpang her sekali or not.. or kathy.. cleff.. who else? It would be great fun to go as a group.. convoy.. hahaha..

    My guest room enough for three only….unless wanna sleep like sardines in a can, ok lah…no problem. All can squeeze. No lah…once in a while somebody drops by – other times, so bored…no visitors.

    1. what what who? Me? Am drooling at the asparagus with prawn. Long time tak makan those

      Oh? Why is everybody missing asparagus? Should be available very easily over there?

  6. Sama sama lah straight to school Std One. My daughter Nikki went to kindergarten at age 2+, all friends & relatives said Bananaz gone crazy. She’s just ‘wasting’ her time at home doing nothing, watching TV etc might well make full use of the time in class. Need to carry her into the school bus the steps were too high for her and she has been a loyal customer from kindy till Upper six using the same school bus driver from mini 12 seater to 44 seater.

    Oh dear…so young already dumped in school! Kesian… But perhaps she had more fun there than being stuck at home with boring papa. LOL!!! 😀

  7. It’s great when friends from the old times want to catch up. I like the look of the stout-pork, and, ahhh, my fav sweet and sour was on the table too. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    Shereen loved the stout pork. It’s ok…quite nice…but I prefer their fatty pork belly dish. Yummmmm!!!!! Can’t have that often so I did not order. So kwai… LOL!!! 😀

  8. It’s great to meet up with old friends. Sure you guys have lots to catch up. The asparagus look good. We seldom have those over here. Quite expensive.

    They’re expensive here too but I like! Have it once in a while…should be ok. Ya…we chatted for so long but I had to go as the PC repairman was going to my house… Got problem that day…ok now.

  9. It’s nice to meet up with an old friends again..I also have one old friend whom we went to same kindie and primary school, and being in the same class too. We parted when she need to relocate with her parents at Johor…I get to meet her back and that was almost 6 years ago….

    What to do? The world’s grown smaller and people go separate ways… 😦 That’s why it is always nice to get the chance to meet again…

  10. WOW! u seriously have good memory! I don’t even remember my first day of school. I dont remember my first friends… in fact, i dont remember much about school! 😦

    An elephant never forgets. I have a memory like an elephant and I look like one too. Muahahahahaha!!!! Your memory so limited space one kah? LOL!!! 😀

    1. Arthur,
      You where got look like an elephant…more like a Teddy Bear…so cuddly..hahaha

      Yes, yes…nice, cute and cuddly. LOL!!! 😀

  11. Hmmm!…certainly it’s always great to meet up with old friends.

    Your post always make me drool!!!…and see today all the yummylicious food again…and the best part is the price…so…so cheap. The asparagus looks good with the succullent prawns.

    It is…especially at our age. So nice to meet old friends who still care to remember. 🙂 Ya…the food’s good – my favourite Chinese restaurant in town…

  12. WOW!!! Friend since kindy time!!! How i wish i still remember my kindy friends, but, no one i can remember. Good that i still keep in touch with this lady, now she is in my FB too, we are friend since standard one till form 5, but from Secondary onwards we are in different class, lost contact for many years till recently found her in FB.

    Ming Mei Shi, ok, i never been to this restaurant, next round should check this place out for the food. The stout pork look really good, i can smell from here!!! All my favourite food. slurp slurp.

    Ya, when you were home, I wanted to take you there but it was closed for a week – the bosses took the employees to KL on a holiday. We’ll go there when you come back this time. Not from kindy lah – we people last time never went to kindy – from Primary 1 to Form 5, all the way in the same class.

  13. His wife, Helen is the one that makes yummy kuih lapis?? Maxwell Cake House previously? Or completely wrong?

    That’s the one – she knows “Sophia” and Puan Sri…her regular customers. 😉

    1. 🙂 Next time will mention your name, tengok ada special discount or not…LOL!

      Yes, go ahead and ask…and while you’re at it, you can also ask if she has a cake she would like to send over to me? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  14. Me too, I still keep in touch with my classmate from kindergarten. She is now residing in Australia but whenever she returns to KL, we will get together and we can talk the whole night long! When I visited her one time, she told every Mat Salleh friend of hers that we are kindy classmates and they all are amazed how we are still in touch over so many years. When she is in KL, all she wants to eat is hawker food! Next time she come, I must try to convince her to take a trip to Sibu just to eat 😀

    Ya, hawker food’s the best! And very cheap too… Chinese restaurants – they have nicer ones there – a bit more expensive perhaps but they can afford it. Ours would probably be more or less the same or not as nice.Yes…yes…come on over to Sibu. I’m sure she and you will not regret it. Sibu’s a world of its own…unique, very pleasant place with great food…and great people. Me! LOL!!!

  15. Did Helen give you any of her very famous layered cakes? Hehe

    No, we were not really sure we could get to meet even…. Hopefully when I go to Kuching, I can get to try. Famous kah?

    1. very famous and ho ciak,. A lot of ppl order from her during festive occasions.

      Oh? Just heard of people buying her cakes, didn’t hear any praises. Hmmm…next time I go to Kuching, must announce I would be going and drop hints. Hehehehehehe!!!

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